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October 2016
October 20, 2016
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December 13, 2022
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This network is part of the larger Adult Prime network. Signing up Submissed gives access to the whole larger network.


BDSM network with 8 subsites and over 740 scenes. Maledom, Femdom, and Lezdom with various subniches. Includes the sites/channels: Struggling Babes, Machine Dom, Bound Men Wanked, Ball Gagger, HogtiedUp, Sub Amateur, FemDum, Pegging 4K.

Review by Wayne Gregory


  • Big library of original BDSM content
  • 8 sub-channels with various sub-niches
  • Pretty European models
  • Weekly updates (4K UHD quality video + photo gallery)
  • Comes with full access to the huge Adult Prime network


  • Not all sub-channels update actively
  • Photo sets not always as professional as the videos
  • Older vids not available in 4K
  • Can't filter by sub-channel on small screens
  • No video format available for very slow internet connections

Submissed is a mini-network within Adult Prime, a collection of eight European BDSM-themed sub-channels. These sub-channels were independent, stand-alone paysites until recently being brought under the umbrella of the Submissed site/channel at Adult Prime.

As Submissed is part of the huge European network, Adult Prime, the membership gives you full access across the big network. Adult Prime offers 68 unique sites / channels and is quickly approaching 26,000 scenes available.

Submissed offers around 750 BDSM videos, and the same amount of photo galleries, covering a broad range of niches within this genre. The channel continues to update with a new video and photo set each week. A reader should note that the update is on the primary channel, Submissed, and does not mean that each of the sub-channels adds a new video weekly.

While Submissed is made up of eight different sub-channels and produced by different people, there is a consistency of quality across the sub-channels. For the most part, and I will note that when describing the individual sub-channels, this is professionally-produced BDSM porn and the scenes reflect that professionalism. How the scenes are structured, lit and shot reflect this professionalism. Likewise, the implements and toys used in the scenes are all top quality.

The people performing in the scenes are all European or Russian models. You'll come across with some popular models such as Cindy Shine, Blanche Bradburry, Sweet Cat, and Nicole Love. There are also lots of lesser known or amateur girls. The models, both women and men are good-looking and many are experienced in the arts of BDSM.

A proper review of Submissed has to dive into each of the sub-channels to do it justice (and I will do that), but a reader should note that since these sub-channels are formerly stand-alone sites, there isn't always a clear distinction between each of them. While some of them focus on a specific niche within BDSM, that doesn't mean a subscriber won't also find scenes in that same niche on other sub-channels. For a subscriber who is looking for specific things in videos, it's worth looking in all of the sub-channels for what you like, or, alternatively, you can stick with the main channel, Submissed, and see everything. Because I have specific interests, I found using the sub-channels to be an effective first level of sorting the scenes to find what I like.

Submissed has almost 750 videos and is regularly updated. The oldest videos date from 2016 so video quality is always going to be decent. In a vast majority of scenes, multiple video resolutions are available, though some videos are only available in one resolution, usually 720p. Keep in mind, however, that these single-option videos are quite rare. In most cases, a subscriber will have a minimum of three video resolution options, including 1080P Full HD. Given that there is some variability between the sub-channels because these were independent, stand-alone sites up until recently, our listed resolutions and bitrates are representative of all the videos across Submissed though a subscriber will find some variation.

4K videos are available on most of the sub-channels though they only started to be added recently—so a majority of scenes don't offer 4K. I'll give more information on 4K availability in the description of each sub-channel.

All the videos on Submissed are available for downloading or streaming as part of the subscription. In most instances, the resolutions and bitrates for the streaming videos are identical to those available for the downloads. Please see our Video details table for further specifications. Also, the same caveat with downloads applies to streaming – the listed resolutions and bitrates are representative of what is available, but you will find some variation.

Regardless of whether I was downloading a scene, streaming it, or downloading a photo set, I found those to be fast and stable. Obviously, your own Internet connection will be a factor here though I didn't experience downloads stopping or stuttering during streaming.

As I noted above, I enjoy and collect BDSM videos but my experience is largely with American sites, and particularly those part of the family. For readers familiar with scenes at Kink, the same level of intensity is on display here at Submissed. One distinct difference, however, is that the scenes here at Submissed tend to be much shorter than those available at Kink.
It's not unusual to find a scene here with a run time of less than 10 minutes though the average scene time is slightly longer than that. Part of this difference in duration is that most of the scenes at Submissed immediately jump into the BDSM action where many American-based sites include lengthy interviews with the performers.
I am only mentioning this to provide as much detail as possible to a perspective subscriber. I don't view these shorter-duration scenes as being a significant negative.

Photos are also available on Submissed, with 769 photo sets currently available. As with the videos, a new photo set is added weekly. Most videos have a related photo set, while there are some photo sets that don't have an associated video. There is some variation in the photo resolutions as well, from 2000px to 6000px. Even the lower resolutions are still pretty high.
The photos are generally high quality, but they are often taken quickly during the action, rather than carefully set up, so many galleries have an semi-amateur vibe. That being said, they are worth viewing for sure, if you like BDSM photos.
As with many sites, there is a large variance in the number of photos available in each set. I've put the average at 120 photos per set, but readers should note that there are photo sets here with a dozen photos and photo sets with hundreds of photos.

So what are these eight different sub-channels inside Submissed? They are:

  1. Ball Gagger – there are currently 129 videos on this sub-channel and it regularly updates with up to two videos per month. While, as the sub-channel name indicates, the focus is on the use of ball gags and those appear in every scene, the bondage and other implements used aren't just limited to those. In most instances the scenes involve a male Dom and a female submissive, though there are some scenes that substitute a Domme. This sub-channel has evolved from its original roots as a traditional BDSM site focused primarily on bondage and forced orgasms using toys, to one that now includes oral, vaginal and occasional anal sex as part of the scenes. 4K video started to be added in January 2020, and most videos available after that date have this option. A photo set is available for each scene.
  2. Bound Men Wanked – there are 44 videos available. 4K videos have been available over the past couple of months, with the first ones being added in October 2022. The sub-channel had been dormant from 2019 until early 2022, and since that time it has been adding one new scene each month. As the name implies, the scenes involve a submissive male with a dominant female. The male is in bondage and is brought to orgasm. A reader should note that only about half the scenes have the male model being exclusively masturbated to orgasm by the female. The remaining videos feature sexual contact that is usually oral sex but occasionally also includes vaginal sex. A photo set is available for each scene.
  3. FemDum – this sub-channel has 18 videos with most of them being shot and uploaded in 2017. One video was uploaded in 2021 and there have been no updates since then. While, as the sub-channel name indicates, there is Femdom in all the scenes, there is also a mix of fetishes throughout, such as Playtex, pegging and bondage. Obviously, given the title, the scenes also involve a Domme with a male submissive. A photo set is available for each scene.
  4. HogTiedUp – there are 39 videos available on the sub-channel and while there are occasional updates, they are rare. Sometimes there can be months between updates. 4K video is available for scenes uploaded since 2019 and there are currently 17 videos offering that resolution. The scenes mostly feature a male Dom with a female sub but there are some scenes with a female Domme. The scenes feature bondage, with hogties in each, though hogties aren't the only bondage positions used. The scenes have forced orgasms through toys but on rare occasions, there is sex. There are photo sets for every scene.
  5. Machine Dom – there are 59 scenes available and this sub-channel had been updating regularly until January 2022, but updates are rare now. There have only been two updates since January 2022. 4K resolution has been available since April 2020, with a total of 18 scenes offering 4K. All scenes feature a male Dom and a female sub with various fucking machines being used on the submissives to bring them to a forced orgasm. There are 55 photo sets available here.
  6. Pegging 4K – 16 videos are available here with the last update being added in February 2022. Given the sub-channel's title, all videos feature a female Domme with a male sub and all have pegging as the primary theme. Bondage is used in most videos. All videos here are available in 4K. 15 photo sets are available.
  7. Struggling Babes – this is the largest sub-channel on Submissed with 439 videos available. This sub-channel updates twice per month, but occasionally there is a slightly longer gap between updates. Struggling Babes offers an eclectic mix of BDSM and offers scenes with male Doms and with female Dommes putting a female submissive through her paces. All scenes have some form of bondage and some have sex. You'll find lots of toy use, including fucking machines, for bringing the female submissives to a forced orgasm. If you are looking for a specific BDSM niche, you're apt to find it here, such as rope bondage, device bondage, latex, leather and impact play. 4K video started to be added in March 2020 but 4K is relatively rare. The last dozen videos have had 4K offered. There are 395 photo sets.
  8. Sub Amateur – this sub-channel is a bit of an outlier on Submissed because it is the smallest, having only two videos, and it is the only sub-channel featuring an amateur. Both videos are only solo. One of the videos has the model posing nude with the exception of stockings, and focuses a lot of attention on her feet. The second video has her wearing a ball gag which might be the reason why this sub-channel is included at Submissed. For some reason, there are 86 unrelated bondage photo sets in this sub-channel.

The site has great usability. It works well on all devices, and has many options to search and filter. After you log in with your pass, you arrive in the main members area of the gigantic AdultPrime. You can either browse all network updates, or go to Submissed by selecting it from the Studios menu. On the Submissed studio's page, you can go further and filter for a specific sub-channel such as Struggling Babes — just use "Series" filter near the top if you're on a big screen. Unfortunately it seems like this is not possible yet on small mobile screens.
The only other usability issue is that even the lowest video quality option is 2Mbit/s, which is not super low. This won't be an issue for 99% of the visitors, but if you have a really bad internet connection, it can be.

Overall, the combination of all of the sub-channels at Submissed make for a great channel with a broad range of niches likely to satisfy any BDSM interests. While this review of Submissed is intended to be focused on this channel only, it would be incomplete without mentioning that Submissed is part of a huge network called Adult Prime. Adult Prime offers close to 26,000 videos across 68 different themed channels.
You'll also get some other BDSM sites which are included in AdultPrime, for example Fetish Prime, Bondagettes, The Pain Files, and Distorded. Plus even if BDSM is your primary interest, you are very likely to find some other themes, channels, and videos to enjoy in the network.

The bottom line for me is that, without hesitation, I highly recommend a subscription to Submissed and the Adult Prime network. The network itself is huge, offering a vast amount of European-based porn covering just about every mainstream porn niche, and Submissed focuses on exclusive, well-produced BDSM scenes. Potential subscribers should use the link here on our page as it will automatically take you to a discounted subscription rate. I don't often make this kind of recommendation, but with the amount of porn available at Adult Prime, including Submissed, I recommend that any potential subscriber consider a multi-month subscription. There is no way that most porn collectors could get through the entire collection in one month.


746 scenes (on Dec 13, 2022)
Avg. length
16 mins
type resolution bitrate info
mp4 3840 x 2160 px 4K 30200 kbps
mp4 1920 x 1080 px FULLHD 10000 kbps
mp4 1280 x 720 px HD 6100 kbps
mp4 960 x 540 px 2200 kbps


769 (on Dec 13, 2022)
Photos / gallery
resolution zip files
6000 x 4000 px UHQ
Resolution varies from 2000px to 6000px, depending on the sub-channel and the release date.


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