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November 2019 (estimated)
January 18, 2022
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May 25, 2022
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Horny ladies and girls. They are fully clothed with their naked & helpless boytoy. They grab, stroke, and suck on his dick as they wish. Girls with model looks, but also a lot of older women and BBWs.

Review by Wayne Gregory


  • Unique take on an under-served niche
  • Diversity in model look, age and body type (pro/con depending what you like)
  • Additional fetishes mixed in (old/young, BDSM, femdom, facesitting, rimming)
  • Great looking 4K videos and HQ photos
  • Membership gives full access to the huge Adult Prime network


  • Videos are all action—no plot, no setup, no conversation
  • Diversity in model look, age and body type (pro/con depending what you like)
  • Only handjobs and blowjobs, penetration is rare
  • Only one new scene per month (but the network updates every day)
  • No low bitrate videos available for super slow connections

4K CFNM is a sub-site that is part of the large Adult Prime network. For those unfamiliar with the CFNM niche, it stands for “clothed female, nude male” and this site precisely delivers that.

The underlying theme of all the scenes on this site are that the men are naked while the women remain clothed. While CFNM isn't a widely served niche, there are multiple sites available that offer it, though for people who collect the scenes, having more available will always be a good thing.

While I would not consider myself an expert in the CFNM niche, I have been a member at several sites that feature it and I do enjoy it. There appears to be two distinct differences between what is offered at 4KCFNM and what I've seen available at most other CFNM paysites.

One difference between 4KCFNM and other CFNM sites is that many of the other sites have plots or setups that explain why the women keep their clothes on and the men are naked. Let's face it, most sex occurs with both parties being naked so there should be a reason why one of them keeps their clothes on. Some of the obvious setups used in other sites are bachelorette parties, women at strip clubs and similar scenarios. With these scenarios, there is an obvious and easy explanation for why the woman remains clothed while the man is naked. He's a stripper and she is part of a group of friends out for an evening.

At 4KCFNM, none of the scenes I watched had any kind of a plot or set up that explained the circumstances. I don't think that this lack of set up detracts much from the scene though for some viewers, myself included, it does make the scene a bit absurd. Why is a naked man sweeping the floor and why does a clothed woman come in and give him oral sex? With 4KCFNM, we will never know!

Part of the reason why 4KCFNM may not spend any time with a scene set up is because all the models are Eastern European and Russian and I don't recognize any of them as models who speak English well enough to carry on a conversation in a scene. Without using words, it's difficult to set up a plot so it appears that 4KCFNM has simply forgone that and jumps directly into the sex. That being said, they could at least add some teasing parts rather than getting right into it.

Perhaps the biggest difference between 4KCFNM and other CFNM sites I've visited is that only about one quarter of the models on the site are what most would consider “traditional” porn models. The traditional porn model tends to be younger, between 18 and 25 years old, and is generally fit and petite. Here, most of the scenes feature women who are much older than the popular porn models, with some women being in their 50s or even 60s.
Likewise, there is a much broader representation of different body types with many of the scenes featuring heavier models and some who could be described as BBW models.

At 4K CFNM the sex is mostly oral and handjobs. There are maybe 1-2 scenes with penetration. This is not uncommon for CFNM sites, but if you're looking to see fucking, this is not the site for you. On the other hand, many kinky fetishes make an appearance in the scenes. Femdom and light BDSM is pretty common for the genre, but the site also has old/young scenes, facesitting, ball kicking, and rimming.

The site is relatively small with 45 scenes being available at the time of the review. There is one new scene added each month. The oldest scene on the site dates from March 2019.

All the scenes are professionally shot and edited. While many of these models are amateurs, 4KCFNM is anything but an amateur site. The production values are professional and the scenes look good.

Every scene is available in streaming or as a download. Both of those options are available in four different resolutions. I've listed details on the resolutions in the Videos table. As can be determined by the site's name, 4K resolution is available across the site in all scenes and in both streaming and downloads. Collectors of 4K scenes will certainly find a lot to like here, the vids are great quality.

I found download speeds and streaming to be fast and stable. I had no issues with stuttering streams or failed downloads. I use a download manager to help and had no problems using one on this site. For streaming videos a decent internet connection is required, as even the lowest quality setting is 2MBit/s. For 99% of the people that won't be a problem. If your connection is super slow, you might have to opt for the downloads.

4KCFNM also has a lot to offer photo collectors, with 43 HQ photo sets currently being available. (The website's count shows a few more, but there are some duplicates between the older photo galleries, which we didn't include in our count.)
A new photo set is being uploaded every month and those correlate with the newest video as well. The photos are available as singles or as zips and, in one high resolution, 4000x2667, and they look great. On average, the photo sets have approximately 80 photos each though it isn't hard to find sets with 30 photos and sets with 120 photos either.

The members area works great on all devices. In fact it's the Adult Prime members area. You can browse, watch, and download all of the network's content from over 60 studios, or select 4K CFNM from the Studios dropdown to only display the videos and photos from this site. There are many filters you can use to search. The only thing missing is a full model index. However if you click on a model's name, you'll get to her model profile page with all of her updates listed.

4KCFNM has a unique take on CFNM, which can be interesting for CFNM lovers. It has additional fetishes, broader model ages and body types who perform in the scenes. If you enjoy full-figured women, and older women in contrast to what the norm is in porn, then this site deserves a look. The downside is that the scenes are pretty much all action, without stories or conversations.
If you're a CFNM fan who has seen most of the stuff out there, a 4KCFNM membership is well worth considering. If you're new to the genre, you should look around our CFNM site reviews first, you might find something more interesting there.

While 4KCFNM is the specific subject of this review, you should consider tha 4K CFNM gives access to whole Adult Prime network. It is one of the largest porn networks operating today with 24,000+ videos and 25,000+ photo galleries. We have a review of the network available and I recommend that anyone interested in any of the Adult Prime sub-sites read the full network review too. Even if you join just to add to your CFNM collection, I'm confident you'll find lots more that interests you on the rest of the Adult Prime network.


45 scenes (on May 25, 2022)
Avg. length
11 mins
type resolution bitrate info
mp4 3840 x 2160 px 4K 30300 kbps
mp4 1920 x 1080 px FULLHD 10200 kbps
mp4 1280 x 720 px HD 6150 kbps
mp4 960 x 540 px 2200 kbps


43 (on May 25, 2022)
Photos / gallery
resolution zip files
4000 x 2667 px UHQ


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