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New mega porn network from Europe. Over 21,000 videos from 58 sites (plus 35 bonus studios). Many exclusive paysites such as Club Sweethearts, Young Busty, Elegant Raw, Daring Sex HD, Sinful XXX, Jim Slip, Granddadz, Grandmams, Submissed, and many others. Full download & streaming access to all of it.

Review by Wayne Gregory


  • Enormous network – over 21,000 videos
  • Photo sets – over 23,000 of them
  • Broad range of porn niches from original paysites
  • Great video quality, many in 4K UHD resolution
  • Four new scenes each day on average


  • Some studios don't update anymore
  • Some content overlap between the sub-sites
  • Old parts of the archives are lower quality
  • Navigation & search could be further improved

The only realistic way to classify Adult Prime is as a “Mega” network. With more than 21,000 scenes spread over 58 studios (sites) and with multiple videos being uploaded each day, it really deserves that label. Apart from being large, Adult Prime is also very diverse and offers studios that cater to various niches.

Readers should note that there are also 35 bonus studios with non-exclusive scenes from other paysites. I'm not trying to sell Adult Prime short, but this review is only intended to cover the 58 proprietary studios that make up the site. I'm not reviewing the bonus content here, but you will have access to it with your membership.

I've been an active porn subscriber for over 30 years now and there are very few sites that are a direct comparison to Adult Prime. The one similar site that I can think of is Adult Time, which is a mega network run by the Gamma Entertainment Group.
While some may see Adult Prime and Adult Time as being in competition, I see them as complementary. For one thing, there is no direct content overlap. For another Adult Prime focuses primarily on European models where Adult Time focuses primarily on American models. Both are exceptionally good values and for porn collectors I would highly recommend memberships at each of these sites.

Before I dive into this review, please note a few things. With over 21,000 scenes available and a production range from as recent as this month all the way back to some classic movies from the 8 mm era that have been digitized, there is a lot of variability in resolution and video quality. For example, 4K video started to be offered on some scenes starting in 2018 but please don't take that to mean that a digitized VHS movie from 1990 will be offered in high resolution. Further, some scenes are shared across different studio channels on the network so the numbers listed for each of those channels won't add up to the total number of scenes on the entire network. Either way, Adult Prime has such an extensive collection of new and classic porn and offers it at such a great price that the value is unbeatable.

Adult Prime is a collection of previously stand-alone, popular European sites from Sansyl. In the beginning, the company started giving bonus access to other studios in those paysites through an "XXX Portal" tab. That became Adult Prime later, a full-blown moden porn network, the one we're reviewing here. If you subscribe to any of the paysites/studios included, you will get access to the AdultPrime network portal, with full access to the content of every single studio in it.
Of course another option is to go straight to the source and sign up at Adult Prime directly, you'll also have access to all studios this way. I recommend this method actually, as you'll get the x3guide discount offered to our readers.

Many of the studios featured here will be well known to readers. Studios such as Club Sweethearts, Daring Sex HD, Elegant Raw, Granddadz and Young Busty are here. In addition to those well-known studios, Adult Prime has been on a bit of a site buying spree. Collectors like you and me are the winners in this. We get access to an amazing amount of great porn for a low price.

There is no shortage of updates at Adult Prime. Most days there are four videos added to the site. Keep in mind, however, that this is four updates over all the active studios. Most of the individual studios update with one or two scenes per month.

The way to do an adequate review of Adult Prime without turning this into an encyclopedia is to categorize most of the 58 sites (studios) into broader categories. Keep in mind, however, that many of the studios have multiple genres, so this is just my rough cut to keep this review readable. Here's how I have categorized the sites into niches:

What may or may not be evident from the list above is that there are three categories that are particularly well served here: 18-23, Old-Young, and Vintage. But, please don't read that as me suggesting that the other categories are under-served, because they aren't.

In the 18-23 niche, Club Sweethearts is a legendary site by itself, and it's the biggest in the network with over 7400 scenes.

In the categories of Old/Young and Classics, AdultPrime really leads the class. European studios cater more to the old/young niche than American studios and Adult Prime has one of the best old/young scene collections today.

As for Classics, Adult Prime has an amazing number of vintage movies available here. These range from what appear to be 8mm films through to some of the classics of the VHS era. As someone who took up watching porn as a hobby in the 1980s and really started collecting in the 1990s, I can say that this is a veritable treasure trove.

Adult Prime shouldn't seen as just a site for those three genres at all. There are so many genres here. But if you are into old/young or vintage porn, then Adult Prime is a site you definitely have to join.

Another thing that may stand out in my studio categorization above is that Adult Prime offers a lot of specific porn from some individual countries. Here you will find porn from the UK, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Japan (uncesored, without pixels), and others. In most instances porn from specific nationalities is usually only offered in stand-alone sites so Adult Prime offers a great opportunity to watch and download some of this under the umbrella of one site.

One thing to note is that while most of the studios are active, several of them are not. In some instances, studios have not updated for several months and then began updating again. However, most studios are updating and even those that aren't have their original catalogue of videos still available.

With the videos there are usually multiple options to either stream or download. As I noted above, with a site as large as Adult Prime offering videos that are digitized versions from decades ago up to scenes shot recently, there is a wide array of resolutions offered. See our Videos section for details, but some of the oldest videos are only available in 240p while starting in 2018, many videos are now offered in 4K. Obviously, Adult Prime can't take a remastered 8 mm loop from 1965 and turn it into a crisp 4K offering. I should note, however, that Adult Prime does go out of its way to make it the best resolution available for each scene. In many instances, even with older scenes, there is a 1080p resolution available.

Regarding 4K videos, many that I downloaded had a bitrate of 30,000 kb/s. That's very high, and it shows, the videos look great. Of course you also get 1080P Full HD and 720P HD as an option for the video downloads and streaming.
The lowest quality setting on the newest video update is 540P @ 2200kb/s, with the movies being 400MB each. For the lowest quality option that's a bit higher than the usual. I don't recommend the site to those with super slow connections, but 99% of the people will have no issues.

I found downloads and streaming to be fast and stable. I use a download manager and had no issue doing so here. On the first weekend I had access to Adult Prime I discovered their huge collection of classics and probably downloaded enough that would have triggered a download limit if one existed. I think it's fair to say that there are no download limits here.

Adult Prime could also be seen as a photo site because it has over 23,000 photo sets available with more being added daily. All recent photo sets are high resolution (4000px) and nice looking. Many video scenes have an associated photo set.
Digital Desire and Club Sweethearts have more photo galleries than videos actually. Those studios have awesome photo galleries. Some other studios have bland photography, even if the quality is good.
Overall if you like photos, you'll find a lot to like here. As with videos, however, given that Adult Prime draws on material over such a span of time, the photo resolutions for the oldest photos on the site are understandably low. Photos are available both as singles and downloadable ZIP files.

The members area looks good, and works well on all devices from desktop to mobile. It is quite easy to use with a dropdown menu to jump to the Video updates, Photo updates, or to a specific Studio. You can add the best updates to your own favorites.
There are flaws, though those are small. Given how huge this site is it could do with a better search function. Don't get me wrong, you can filter by studio and keyword, but some other big portals give you more options.
One thing I was surprised to find missing is a model index. You can search models by name, or click on a model's name on a scene page, but there is no model index. I'm usually able to find someone I quite like who is new to me. With Adult Prime I'm left searching for the models I know I like, unless I find someone new randomly. The other thing that's missing is the ability to rate scenes and sort by user rating.

Another issue that would be much bigger if there wasn't a simple workaround is that advancing pages within the network can be very slow. For example, if you list all scenes there are over 900 pages of them. You can go to the first or last page with one click but otherwise you are left clicking forward page by page. However, if you look in the address bar of your browser the page number appears there—you can simply edit that and type in which page you want to go to. Otherwise, it could take you an hour to get into the middle of the list.

This is only apt to be a concern for people who like classic porn. The studios that feature this here at Adult Prime sometimes have a full movie up with the title but, more often, it happens to be a scene given a relatively generic name such as “blonde has sex on the beach.” I'm a big fan of this genre of porn and would love to have better file names to add to my collection.

So in conclusion, who should consider a membership at Adult Prime? It has so much to offer that for the low price asked, it really offers great value for just about anyone. For someone who is just starting to collect porn, Adult Prime is a treasure trove of scenes, with lots of original, unique content.
For those who are interested in a specific niche, you are likely to find at least one studio that caters to your tastes. If you have Eastern European and Russian models you are a fan of, you'll likely find more of her scenes here. Whether you prefer videos, photos or both, Adult Prime has enough here to keep everyone happy.
If you are mainly just interested in mainstream porn from the US and looking for a megapass, Adult Time might suit you better. Or you could visit the other popular networks such as Brazzers Network, Naughty America, BangBros Network, Reality Kings, or Team Skeet.

Perhaps a group of people who would also be interested in AdultPrime are those who have relied on the “tube” sites. For those people who want to come in out of the cold and pay for their porn (which everyone should do) sites like Adult Prime offer a safe, inexpensive and easy way to support the industry. After all, if we aren't paying for our porn, then we can't expect new scenes to be shot. Plus, you'll be getting the full version of every scene always, in the best possible quality.

Adult Prime has so much to offer that it's easy for me to say that anyone with an interest in porn should check it out. It's easy to spend hours browsing its 58 studios, 21,000+ videos, and 23,000+ photo galleries. Even people joining with a relatively narrow interest are likely to find Adult Prime to be a great value. If you are like me and have multiple interests, and like to explore niches that I otherwise wouldn't have access to, Adult Prime becomes an excellent value.

While Adult Prime is easily one of the best porn values available today, if you join through x3guide you get a great discount which makes the membership even more valuable. Given the size and the daily updates, you may want to stay for many months, so it's also worth considering the annual membership option.


21769 scenes (on Feb 3, 2022)
Avg. length
30 mins
type resolution bitrate info
mp4 3840 x 2160 px 4K 30000 kbps
mp4 1920 x 1080 px FULLHD 10000 kbps
mp4 1280 x 720 px HD 6000 kbps
mp4 960 x 540 px 2200 kbps
Big library, oldest updates have lower quality.


23729 (on Feb 3, 2022)
Photos / gallery
resolution zip files
4000 x 2667 px UHQ
Big library, oldest updates have lower quality.


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