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September 17, 2015
September 17, 2015
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October 10, 2015
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Review by John Woole, October 10, 2015


Art cinema filmmakers from Spain have created their own artistic hipster porn. Sensual, mysterious films with sexual tension, emotions, and hot amateur fucking. Some films with real couples. Part of the Stiffia site family.


  • Truly original indie porn movies
  • Unique stories
  • Sensual yet raw amateur sex
  • Nice Full HD quality videos
  • You get a free Stiffia site for every month you stay a member


  • Small library still
  • User interface can be slow at times
  • Mobile version's user interface is buggy (but movies are watchable)

Verso Cinema is a brand new porn site that opened in September 2015. It is not too often that I see a new porn site that has content that's truly different and original. Verso Cinema is one of them. If I had to give it a real short description, it would be artistic hipster porn from Spain. I mean that in a good way. Some of the creators come from mainstream cinema, such as Julia McDonell, Jean-Pierre Mendoza, Àlex Bosch, and Lucía.

There has been a new wave in porn the last few years, glamcore. We also call it artistic hardcore. To be frank, most of those sites aren't that artistic, their movies are just more sensual and erotic compared to regular hardcore porn. Verso Cinema is different, I can safely call it artistic porn. The little stories and imagery immediately reminded me of art-house films shown at film festivals. All films have interesting images and colors, and one of them is black & white. The films are sensual and they put an emphasis on the characters feelings. They express them with their facial expressions, body language, sometimes they even tell us how they feel. The short movies here have a little story to them, but more sex. It's a good balance.

In one of the short films titled Bluette, we follow a blue-haired girl. She visits a male acquaintance in a big, mysterious house. They had arranged to watch a movie together. Bluette is visibly nervous, and we can hear this in her inner monologue too. She can feel that something is going to happen. This becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. They sit down on the couch to watch the movie. The guy isn't too pushy, he just puts his hand on Bluette's leg after a while. Bluette takes the hand off of her, and the guy understands. But the sexual tension keeps growing. After a while Bluette can't keep it together. She puts her hand on the guy's groin, and starts stroking his cock slowly…

In some other films there's a dark or mysterious theme too. A guy meets a nymph in the forest and has sex with her. Another guy meets a strange girl in a night club and has sex with her. This movie will be continued later on in a second episode, but it sounds like the girl turns out to be a vampire.
There's also a movie with a very hot threesome. The young hot tattooed wife and her hipster husband welcome a third guy in their apartment. The whole situation is a bit awkward for the guys at first. The girl however is super excited that she's finally going to be with two men at once. She eases the two men into the situation. She even has the new guy cum into her mouth while her husband is fucking her from behind.

The actors are often real couples or at least close I think, which makes the feelings and sex intimate. They add their own kinks to the sex. There is lots of kissing and oral sex in the scenes. The girls and guys often have an alt or hipster look, with beards, tattoos, and piercings. Some girls also have some hair on their pussy, embracing the new natural style. :-) In some scenes they talk Spanish and there are subtitles, in others there's English speech, with a little bit of cute Spanish accent. :-) The focus isn't on speech anyhow, but the visuals.

Video quality is nice. The films are available in resolutions up to Full HD. You can watch them both streamed on the website and download them.

The user-interface looks nice, it has good usability on desktops. Sometimes the page loads were a bit slow, but it's pretty easy to download all movies here to your computer, so it's no big deal.
The site is supposed to work on mobiles. It does, and I was able to watch the movies. However I found the design to be a bit broken on mobile, and the movie download links I also couldn't find on mobile. Of course you could always click "request desktop site" in your mobile browser, and then everything will be available.

VCinema is part of the Stiffia site family. One of the nice things about them is that for every month you stay a member, you'll get to pick a free site. From that moment you'll have access to that site as well. And they have many great original sites to pick from, with a lot of scenes.

I loved the films on Verso Cinema. They're sensual, exciting, and truly original. But most importantly, they have real sexual tension.
The only real disadvantage of the site is the amount of content. It has 11 short movies, which you can go through quite quickly. Their update schedule will be one movie per week starting this October.
If you're looking for a lot of porn movies, I don't recommend the site. However if you're looking for something new, for real sensual sex in artistic films, you won't be disappointed.

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11 scenes
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14 mins
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mp4 1920 x 1080 px FULLHD 5100 kbps
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mp4 720 x 404 px 1100 kbps


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