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Review by John Woole, March 9, 2017


Big network, almost 10.000 HD full-length scenes. Movies from big German, Spanish, Portuguese, and British studios. Also some English websites with content produced exclusively for Stiffia. Lots of hardcore sex, amateur porn, and arthouse / alt / intimate sex.


  • Great place to explore local porn from many European countries
  • Huge library of great, unique, full-length content
  • Almost everything is in Full HD
  • Unlimited downloads and streaming playback
  • Amazing value for the price


  • Confusing navigation
  • Main update log is useless because it's filled with short promo vids from third party sites, so you have to browse the channels to browse only the full videos
  • No proper network-wide search or model index (I only want to see the full scenes)
  • Good quality photos are only available for some of those studios
  • Big libraries of many studios, but not their complete collection of works

Stiffia is a huge porn network, that's for sure. But what does it have exactly? It's not easy to find out, but this review will give you the details.

The Stiffia guys make exclusive internet deals with many porn studios. They get to make the content available online, in HD. We're talking about European porn studios mainly, German, Spanish, Austrian, Portuguese, and British. Some of these studios are big ones that have released hundreds of DVDs in the past. They have Magmafilm, Purzel, FunMovies, Inflagranti, Leche 69, and West Coast Productions from the U.S. for instance.
They make many of these libraries available as both standalone websites, and on the Stiffia network. The Stiffia Premium membership is a lot better deal, since you get tons of other sites too, at the same price.

We're talking about a huge library here, with almost 10.000 sceness. The majority of the movies are hardcore (as in male-female sex scenes). The prevailing categories are amateurs, wilder hardcore, extreme, sensual sex, and lesbian. Stiffia also has a wonderful selection of sensual porn from alt / feminist / arthouse directors, mainly from Spain.

Let me give you a list of the sites included in the Stiffia membership. On, they are called channels, and I counted 28 at the moment. They keep opening new sites all the time though, so the number will grow even further. Many of these sites fit in multiple categories. I listed each of them only once, to keep it simple. Current number of full videos also included.

  • German (Hardcore/Amateur): MMV Films (692 video scenes), Magmafilm (936), Inflagranti (192), (612), Paradise Films (590), Herzog Videos (433), Purzel Videos (400)
  • British Hardcore: Pure XXX Films (374)
  • Spanish: Leche 69 (1320), Lara Tinelli (23)
  • Portuguese: HotGold (399)
  • Arthouse / Alt: Lucie Makes Porn (30), Estudios Cima (all lesbian) (76), Verso Cinema (24), Cinema Joy (127), Studio Darkness (15)
  • Interracial, Black on Black: WCP Club (West Coast Productions) (1073) (UPDATE, December 2019: not anymore), The Undercover Lover (36)
  • Sensual / Story-based: JoyBear (156), Harmony Vision (799), Gentle Desire (84), Thagson (100)
  • Sports: Butt Formation (41)
  • Cosplay: Cosplay Babes (137)
  • Japanese: Japan HD (338)
  • Extreme: PornXN (487), Filthy And Fisting (196)
  • POV: POV Angels (28)

Some of these sites represent porn studios with a lot of series. Stiffia has "sub-sites" inside the studio channels for many of these. I cannot possibly list them all, but here are some of the more significant ones.

  • Leche 69: includes Iniciando Parejas, Mi Debut Porno, Somos La Leche, Lesbico Extremo, Mamadas Locas, Aprobadas Pornoxtremo, Mi Printer Anal, Mi Primera Vez Con Nacho, Caza Guiris, Masajes: Final Feliz, Caza Inocentes, Follando X El Mundo, Pornostar: Un Dia Con Ella, Famosos De La Tele
  • Magmafilm: includes Dark Dreams
  • Harmony Vision: includes Young Harlots

You're probably interested in the video quality. Almost everything is available in Full HD, and many of the videos are super sharp. Of course with content from so many studios, there will be some movies that don't look as good. But overall I was quite satisfied. I was also happy to see that all 4 video resolutions are available for both watching online and downloading, so you can even stream in Full HD.

Photos are secondary to the videos here, and the photo quality varies a lot. There are thousands of photo galleries, but many of them only have a few images, are screen caps from the videos, or simply aren't high quality. Some channels have good looking photo galleries though, like Japan HD and Harmony Vision. As with the videos, Profile > My Channels is the only proper way to browse the galleries. Overall this is not a place for the true photography fans who're only interested in UHQ images, but you can find many nice galleries if you look.

The user interface is the weak part of the network. It can be quite confusing at first. After you log in, you get to a page that looks like the hybrid of a free tube video site and a social network. The real issue is that it's full of short promo videos from third party porn sites that they want to upsell. If I'm subscribing a porn paysite, I want an easy way to see their full videos, and only those. Luckily there is a solution for that. Instead of browsing the main pages, go to Profile > My Channels. Those channels mostly represent a single studio (those listed above), and they all have full scenes. The downside is that this way you'll have to browse each channel separately.
The main page categories, search, and the model library functions are not very useful either. They'll list all the short promo videos too, so you'll have a hard time finding the full ones between them. At least you can use the keyword search on the studio pages too. There also are some smaller glitches I came across too, such as the same channels listed multiple times on my profile page.
There are no issues with the most important aspect of usability though. Both the downloads and the online playback work good.

The site works okay on mobile devices. Just like with the desktop site, the user interface could be improved, but there are no issues with the downloads and the playback. You may have to zoom out sometimes, eg. on the channels page. I missed the ability to change the online playback video resolution on mobile, it will always play the 584P SD one. All resolutions are available for download though.

Like with the number of videos, I'll also count only the full videos in the update schedule—I don't consider the shorter samples from other websites as updates. Don't worry though, the situation is still pretty nice. They add at least one new full video per day, but sometimes you get 2-3 even. There are probably a few photo galleries added each week too, but those are hard to check.

If you get past the navigation issues, and get used to browsing the studio channels instead of the main update log, Stiffia Premium is a real gem. I don't know if there are any other places that covers so many of European porn studios, including normal hardcore scenes, raw amateur porn, and artistic, alt, sensual sex. Those interested in German and Spanish porn will be particularly happy with it. Plus there are the great new English sites such as POV Angels, and Buttformation, which cast porn stars, and are produced exclusively for Stiffia I think.
At our current discounted price, the network is absolutely worth subscribing. You might even end up staying for a longer period. There are multiple payment providers, including the trusted Epoch, which also allows PayPal payments in many countries (look for the PayPal logo).

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9718 scenes
Avg. length
21 mins
type resolution bitrate info
mp4 1920 x 1080 px FULLHD 6300 kbps
mp4 1040 x 584 px 4200 kbps
mp4 720 x 404 px 2150 kbps
mp4 480 x 270 px 900 kbps


Photos / gallery
resolution zip files
4000 x 2667 px UHQ
800 x 450 px


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