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December 21, 2017
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October 15, 2021
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A porn site created by women. Get to know amateur girls and lesbian couples from Germany and the UK, and watch them in masturbation & sex scenes. Big site with over 1700 action videos and over 700 interview videos.

Review by John Woole


  • Unique site with real amateurs
  • You can get to know everyone in the interviews
  • Big collection (1700+ action vids, 700+ interview vids, 700+ photo galleries)
  • Updated every day
  • Free cam shows three times a week


  • Older German updates don't have subtitles (they are working on adding them)
  • Higher than average price tag (but the longer memberships are good deals)

Ersties is a porn site based in Germany, produced by women. They call themselves an amateur community, and their mission is to record real people.

The girls on their site really are amateurs. Solo college students and lesbian couples in their 20s and 30s, mainly from Germany and the UK.

The site mainly features amateur masturbation and girl-girl sex. There are a small amount of male-female couples, but it's really not the focus here. If you're looking for straight amateur couples, you should take a look at their sister site, Lustery.

There is a huge site behind the humble design of Ersties. In our 2021 review we counted over 1700 videos with action, over 700 interview videos, and over 700 photo galleries. Those are big numbers considering that this is all exclusive content with real amateurs. All of it is recorded for Ersties, in high quality.

There are two important changes that happened since our last review. All new videos are added in 1080P Full HD now, and all of them include subtitles. That's English subs for the German speaking videos, and German subs for the English speaking videos.

Ersties works differently from most sites, you can actually get to know the girls and couples here. Each one of them get their own little page with several updates, including a photo set, an interview, and some explicit videos with masturbation or girl-girl sex. You'll be getting something new from that package every day. After the package is fully released, they introduce a new girl or lesbian couple.

I watched many videos, and I was very pleased with what I saw. If you're looking for real sex and pleasure, they're great. It seems to me that some of the scenes are actually recorded by the girls themselves, without a crew. Those are even more intimate.

All videos look good, it's great news that they are available in Full HD now. You can both download them and watch them online. In addition to Full HD, there are many lower resolutions to choose from, you'll have no issues even if your internet connection is slow.
As I mentioned the videos also have subtitles, so you'll understand the German conversations too. Both the streaming player and the downloaded video include the subtitles. You can enable & disable them freely. In the streaming player find the "CC" button. If you are having trouble enabling the subs for the downloaded videos, I recommend the VLC Media Player app which supports subtitles.

The interview videos have friendly conversations, the girls are relaxed, you get to know them. Of course sex is often discussed too.

Masturbation videos are one of the main things. The girls pleasure themselves with their fingers and sex toys. This is one of the sites where you'll see real orgasms. I've seen a number of scenes recorded outside in the nature too.

Lesbian videos are the other big thing. They use girls who are really into girls, so you'll get real girl-girl sex, not glammed up videos. The site has many girls with an alt look—with tattoos, piercings, etc. Not all girls are shaved either, there are many with some hair down there.

There are sex videos with male-female couples too. Those are only 4% of the scenes though, 68 videos at the time of this review.

As I mentioned there is a photo set for each girl/couple package too. I found them great, these are also "real". Hot amateur pics with nudity and sometimes sex. In general they're nice quality. Of course there's some variation as they're amateur sets.

Ersties Playdates are exclusive cam shows, a newer feature here. There are three shows each week—on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. You can watch these for free as a member. However there are also paid private shows available.
Ersties Playdates is not to be confused with Ersties Cams. Playdates are exclusive cam shows from Ersties, while Esties Cams come from a larger cam site,

The site's design is unique. I understand how the friendly look fits the site. You get used to it and it works well. It's nice on both computers and mobile devices. It has all the important features and a great video search page. The downloads and the streaming playback are fast, and I didn't come across any download limits. Having said all that, the design could still use an upgrade.

The bottom line is that Ersties is a truly unique site. There are not many like this out there. You get to know real girls, and see them pleasure themselves and their partners. Yes it costs more than some other sites, but it's also exceptional, and if you love German speaking girls or British girls, even more so! Those who are looking for male-female sex will find a smaller amount of great scenes here, but the sister site Lustery could be a better choice for them.

Several payment options are available including credit cards, direct debit, and also PayPal through Epoch in many countries, with easy cancellations.


1747 scenes (on Oct 15, 2021)
Avg. length
20 mins
type resolution bitrate info
mp4 1920 x 1080 px FULLHD 3100 kbps
mpeg-ts 1920 x 1080 px FULLHD 3100 kbps
mp4 1280 x 720 px HD 1700 kbps
mpeg-ts 1280 x 720 px HD 1700 kbps
mp4 854 x 480 px 1100 kbps
mpeg-ts 854 x 480 px 1100 kbps
mp4 640 x 360 px 730 kbps
mpeg-ts 640 x 360 px 730 kbps
mp4 426 x 240 px 430 kbps
mpeg-ts 426 x 240 px 430 kbps
mp4 284 x 160 px 280 kbps
mpeg-ts 284 x 160 px 280 kbps
Plus 718 Interview videos and 12 BTS videos.


776 (on Oct 15, 2021)
Photos / gallery
resolution zip files
6720 x 4480 px UHQ
1620 x 1080 px


All models
Live models
1 (on Oct 14, 2021)
Ersties Playdates are exclusive cams. Three shows per week, on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. These shows are free to members, but there are also paid private shows available.

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One month $35.00 $14.95 rebills at $35.00 / month
3 months $45.00 rebills at $45.00 / 3 months
6 months $84.00 rebills at $84.00 / 6 months
One year $132.00 rebills at $132.00 / year

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