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February 8, 2017
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An erotic portal for women. Not just videos and photos. Also text stories, novels, and audio stories that you can listen to in bed. Couples, girl-girl, light BDSM, and solo men content, and a lot of sex ed articles and sex tips.

Review by John Woole


  • Truly created for women
  • Not just photos and videos, also a lot of text and audio sex stories
  • Covers straight couples, girl-girl, solo men, and light BDSM
  • Sex education and sex tips, many articles and videos
  • The new videos look nice


  • No dates, the site doesn't seem to update too often
  • Much of the content is not theirs, but licensed from various studios
  • Many of the videos and photos are old and not that great looking
  • Content needs to be viewed online, no download links
  • Navigation could be improved, especially on mobile is a paid porn site for women, operated by women. Unlike most premium porn sites, isn't only about the movies and photos. It's more of a lifestyle erotic portal. It does have sex movies and photos, but it also has articles, novels and text sex stories, audio stories, sex tips, and educational stuff.

I'll start with the movies. Their stuff is sorted into these categories:
- Couples TV: Men-women sex. This is porn, but more of the sensual, artistic style. The movies mostly have a plot/story. (90 videos)
- Discover TV: Sex-ed videos about sex positions, stripping, blowjobs, vibrators, and the g-spot. (39 videos)
- Kink Cinema: Light BDSM videos, with restraints, bondage, and domination. (30 videos)
- The Man Channel: Some old looking party videos from the UK with male strippers. (7 videos)
- The Girlfriend Channel: Sensual girl-girl videos with lesbian sex. (12 videos)
- Talk TV: Interviews and discussions with female pornographers and female porn directors, and one with James Deen. (39 videos)
- History TV: Vintage porn, one from 1910-1920, one from the 30s, one from the 40s, and one from the 50s. (4 videos)
- Premium Channels: The free VOD channel only has 4 videos. The other 2 links only have videos that you have to pay for.

The recent videos are nice, Full HD quality. There are many lower quality ones between the older ones. Quite some of the newer updates are not produced by Sssh, but licensed from directors who create the kind of porn that women might like. There is stuff from Michael Ninn, Playgirl, Dane Jones, and Massage Rooms. So is kind of like a curated collection of porn that women might like.

Let's go through the other features of the site. All About You has a lot of articles, with masturbation techniques for women, vibrator tips, masturbation stories (text), and a few masturbation galleries.

Couple Galleries has erotic men-women sex galleries. It's nice to see that they add a little story next to each gallery too, not just the photos. The photos themselves seem to be from years back though. They are enjoyable for sure, but the quality could be better.
There are a lot of text sex stories and sex novels to be read. Sssh for Guys has some tips for men on how to treat women properly, should they sign up.

Girl To Girl has lesbian sex stories, photo galleries, and some articles about the topic. The Girlfriend Channel is also linked from here.

The Erotic Radio is quite unique, it has sex stories read out loud, which will be awesome to listen to in bed.

The World of Kink section has some BDSM related stories, galleries, articles. Also some links to the movies in Kink Cinema, which I already mentioned.

The Man Menu has the Man of the Month section. Each month it's supposed to add a long article about a man with some sexy photos included.

Health & Sexual Fitness has some more articles, and the Advice column has more sex ed articles, and the Ask A Man section.

The site has a nice looking design, the organization could be a bit better though. What really bothered me is that there are no dates anywhere, so it's impossible to tell how often the site adds new stuff. From the looks of it, not too often. The site looks the best on larger screens, so on a computer or a tablet. Everything will work on a mobile too, but the text will be small, so you may have to zoom in sometimes. really is a portal for women, with a lot of content. If you're only looking for sensual porn videos, there are better choices out there. Sssh should refresh its library with more new and high quality videos and photos.
However, if you're also interested in learning more about the different flavors of sex, reading the kinky articles, the text sex stories, novels, and listening to the great audio sex stories, this site has good value. You could probably find similar articles and stories around the web, but does a great job of producing and curating explicit films for a female audience. It could provide entertainment for a long time.


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