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Final Score: 91/100

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December 2009 (estimated)
June 15, 2015
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August 10, 2018
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Review by John Woole, July 13, 2015


Dark, ambient, raw erotica with beautiful European girls showing their bodies and masturbating. You'll see it all in the raw, almost as if you were watching amateur porn.


  • Beautiful girls
  • Raw erotica that feels real, real orgasms
  • Large archives, great value for your money
  • Updates every day, some days twice
  • Works great on desktops, tablets, and mobiles


  • Some of the content's picture is a bit blurry or grainy
  • We don't get to know the girls
  • A bit too many ads of their other sites

The Life Erotic is a site under the Met-Art site umbrella, and its tagline is "The Art of Orgasm". It has artistic nudes and masturbation scenes, and it's specialty is its recurrent the dark, sexy, mysterious theme. It has the good navigation and large amount of HQ content like other Met content, so I was happy to jump in and review it in depth!

The girls are beautiful, they have a great library with 765 models. There are a lot of Russian & Ukrainian girls, as well as popular Czech and Hungarian models, and some girls from other European countries. The members' highest rated girls currently are Sabrina A, Melena A (aka Melena Tara), and Conny Carter. I'm pretty sure you'll be satisfied with the lineup too. ;)

The photos are taken professionally, but they have a raw amateur feel to them, I don't think they change the images much after taking them. The dark, ambient atmosphere makes things hot. You'll get a full look at the girls' bodies, this site does not shy away from showing an pussy, or real pussy licking in case of the lesbian scenes. Quality is generally quite good, the picture resolution options are great. You do come across some unfocused pictures now and then, but of course it's also harder to take sharp images of dark scenes.

While the movies also have an artistic quality to them (background music, special scenery), they're even more honest, raw, and unabridged. While nudity is more in focus in the photos, masturbation is more important in the videos. The dark apartments and the raw videos gave me a feeling that I was watching amateur girls who got horny at night and decided to relieve themselves. There are many real orgasms too. Really enjoyable stuff!
The scenes are Full HD, quality is nice of course. Some sites out there have a sharper video image, so it's not 10/10. Quality stays quite stable even if you go back in their library. Only the oldest scene look a bit worse, but even those are decent.

The interface is nice, playback and browsing is smooth on all devices. You can also save the best sets to your favorites, and comment on the sets. If you click on the search icon, you can look look up models based on various criteria, for example hair color, breast size, weight, and nationality. The tags (keywords) for the sets are quite rich, as users can also add tags. Hopefully an advanced tag-search feature will come later too. The only thing I really missed is more personal information about the girls, although there are some behind the scenes & interview scenes.

The site updates every day, and some days they even add two sets.

The Life Erotic is a nice site in my opinion. It all comes down to style—if you like the dark, ambient, lustful atmosphere, and raw artistic erotica, you'll love the content here. People who love amateur porn will enjoy these masturbation scenes also, as they're not too far from them in a sense. Go and see for yourself!

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mp4 640 x 360 px 1600 kbps
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