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November 24, 2016
November 24, 2016
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January 9, 2017
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Review by John Woole, January 9, 2017


Alt porn, from a female perspective. Films with natural women and men, that focus a lot on the female pleasure. From intimate sex to light BDSM and genderplay.


  • Porn produced by women
  • Lots of kissing and erotica
  • Explores many naughty fetishes & alternative lifestyles
  • A good collection of the Petra Joy's, Maria Beatty's, and Shine Louise Houston's work
  • Good amount of backstage stuff


  • You can only watch the videos online, they're not downloadable
  • Most movies were recorded years ago, and they're mediocre quality
  • No regular updates
  • User interface could use some improvements
  • Mobile videos are quite big, so you may need to watch them on Wifi

Cinema Joy features art-house pornography, produced by female directors. Some call it feminist porn. The main director is Petra Joy, a German woman who lives in England. The site has movies by the directors Maria Beatty and Shine Louise Houston (the creator of the CrashPad series) as well.

This is not your usual kind of porn. CinemaJoy has sex-positive films meant for women, for men, and for couples who're looking for something more different. It is not softcore, the films have real sex, with penetration and oral sex. In fact there's quite some experimenting, too. But there is also kissing and caressing, and they focus a lot on pleasuring the female.

Most of the movies are straight sex scenes, but the performers are not the usual porn stars either. They are amateurs with natural bodies—except for the tattoos, that many of them have. There are feminine girls, but there are also confident women with short hair who like to control the men, butch lesbians, cross-dressers, and blurred genders. Some movies even have some bisexual men in bi action.

The site two sections, Films and Scenes.
- Films has 30 movies currently. These are feature films, over an hour long each.
- Scenes has 5 behind the scenes videos, and 15 interviews / footage from various events. (This section also has 103 regular scenes, but it seems like that those are just shortcuts to the scenes that are included in the 30 full movies.)

An important thing to mention is that this site is streaming-only. This means that you can only watch their movies on the website, you cannot download them. The newest few movies are good quality, just a little below HD resolution. The bigger part of the library was recorded between 2000 and 2011 though. Those look good enough to enjoy, but they are not high quality.

I've enjoyed the movies. You can't really say that it's all light stuff. While most have an erotic atmosphere, many of the videos include some wilder stuff, various fetish, domination and strap-ons. There are also a fair amount of lesbian scenes with real lesbian women. Each movie is unique, the directors explore many aspects of the sexuality.

There are some picture galleries too on the site, but they aren't too impressive. Most of them only have a few pictures. They're often just backstage photos, or captures from one of the movies.

The site's user interface is nothing special. Movie playback is fast, that part is good. There are no advanced search features, no keywords, and the Movies vs. Scenes organization is confusing. Also, sometimes trailers played for me instead of the full movies. The biggest con of course is not being able to download the movies.

The site works on mobile. The play button of the videos looks messed up, but you can play the videos properly if you tap on it. The mobile version of the vids are not that small though, so it's best to watch them on a Wifi connection.

Cinema Joy is not a conventional porn site, so it should not be regarded as one, I suppose. While there are some vanilla, erotic sex videos, I mainly I recommend it to women and men who are interested in exploring the many flavors of alternative sexuality and erotica. It's also a great place to discover the female produced porn genre. The upsides are the unique content, and all the background info & behind the scenes stuff. The downsides are the lack of downloads, the infrequent updates, and the medium video quality.

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