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October 2009 (estimated)
November 16, 2015
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October 24, 2019
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This site is part of the Reality Kings network. Signing up Dare Dorm gives access to the whole network.


American college girls & boys party, play games, and have orgies in their dorm rooms. Gives access to the whole Reality Kings network.

Review by Anne McDonald


  • Original group sex content that you won't find anywhere else
  • Great atmosphere, fun, naked games, and laughter
  • Long 40-70 minute scenes with many girls & guys
  • Access to the whole GF Leaks Network
  • Current discounted price is quite good


  • Can only watch movies online, no video downloads
  • No HD, videos are a bit above DVD quality
  • Amateur camerawork with lots of movement
  • They mix nice photos and poor video screencaps in the image galleries
  • Ads in the members' area

Buy them books, send them to school, hoping they'll feed upon the knowledge, but instead they eat each other! Browse through the intro section for, Dare Dorm, and you'll want to sign up for night classes at your local college. Dare Dorm has truly unique content, with college parties & dorm room group sex content. It is part of the GF Leaks network, you get a bunch of sites with your membership. All of them have amateur stuff, mostly GF & college content.

It's a big world out there, but when you're a hot babe with a yearning and burning in the area of the loins, there will always be a place to find comfort…and satisfaction. When opening the main membership area to this installment filled with hardcore, kinky co-ed action, it will possibly bring back memories of your own frat fornication, or, it may make you insist your daughter goes to a local college…where she remains living at home… chained to her bedpost… doing nothing but homework… under the watchful eye of a nanny-cam. Let's get back to Dare Dorm rather anyhow.

They'll dress up in costumes, which will include brown paper bags over their heads, bearing a striking resemblance to the unknown comic, for those old enough to recall that character, or as nurses, cheerleaders and football players, to name a few. They use paper plates as masks when dicks are dished up as the main course, giving a fetish twist to oral sex and foreplay excitement.

Studying for finals will have to wait—right now, they have the need for experiencing erotica in its finest form, which will include laughter, foreplay…and a slip and slide. Yes, these college kids know how to have a good time, and it's all fun and games until someone loses their bra, and then there's no turning back! Throughout the blue jeans, dresses, short skirts and cotton panties, it will eventually lead to partial if not full nudity. When the butts are bare they're then lifted into the air for doggy style penetration, group sex, lesbian pussy-licking pyjama parties, and just the good ol' fashioned, devil-may-care masturbation!

They've found a fine manner for blending knee socks and nookie, hard nipples and knobs, where pre-cum drips freely and tongues are easy to lap up the lusciousness. It's all in the spirit of be-cumming a full fledged adult, where they'll graduate with a degree but not before they pass the pornographic grade of gooeyness. Yes, cumshots will certainly make an appearance in the orgy-style action of Dare Dorm.

The site has a nice amount of original content, as the episodes are over 40-50-60 minutes long, plus there are pictures too. (That's just this site of course, your pass will also work on the other GF Leaks sites as I said.) This is exclusive content with amateur action and hot amateur college girls & guys. Sometimes a porn star makes an appearance, Ashley Adams visits the dorm room in one of the latest videos. ;)
The amateur action is very exciting and fun. With videos recorded by partying amateurs comes jumping around with the camera. I find all the camera movement quite annoying. I know that not everyone minds though, Dare Dorm has a big fanbase for sure.

It pains me greatly to report that the Videos are streaming only, there's no option of saving them to your hard drive. The other bad thing is that there is no real HD here. Quality is good but not great, it's somewhere above DVD quality. It's unfortunate since it's clear from the screencaps that they shoot movies in HD—so they should upload them in HD too. The good news is that the older scenes are good quality too.

When it comes to the Picture Galleries, these are large in count, coming in at, 300+ shots per folder, but they'll be real photos and screen caps mixed together…quite annoying if you ask me, especially since the screen caps include some blurry images. The real photos look pretty good though in the recent updates.

When you log in, you get taken to the GF Leaks member area. It has a nice structure, the updates (including Dare Dorm's) are easy to browse, no matter if you use a computer or a mobile. The main downside to mention here is the lack of movie downloads. The online player has scene previews for jumping to the interesting parts at least. Some features are missing, there is no model library, no search page, no keywords or tags.

The site is active and adds 2 updates a month, sometimes 3. It's good considering how rare this kind of content is, and the length of the vids. If you add up all the updates that the network gives you, there are 2-3 new scenes every week.

Dare Dorm sits in the center of a network, with great bonus sites, and a very appealing discounted price. If you want to see naked games & hardcore action in the dorm room, and don't mind watching the videos online, Dare Dorm is a good choice for sure.

Update, late 2016: Now all movies are downloadable, new ones in Full HD.

Update, October 2019: This site is now part of Reality Kings. (Because GF Leaks has been merged into Reality Kings.)


140 scenes (on Feb 9, 2016)
Avg. length
50 mins
type resolution bitrate info
mp4 768 x 432 px 1540 kbps
mp4 480 x 270 px 840 kbps
mp4 320 x 180 px 330 kbps
The new download limit in 2015 is maximum 50 big scenes per day. (Or 100 smaller clips, or 300 one-minute clips.)


140 (on Feb 9, 2016)
Photos / gallery
resolution zip files
1800 x 1200 px
900 x 506 px


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