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May 2004
November 28, 2015
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October 11, 2016
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This site is part of the Reality Kings network. Signing up Mike In Brazil gives access to the whole network.


Sandy beaches, blue water, and hot babes in bikinis! The Brazilian babes are always ready for some hardcore sex, and they offer their big butts for anal sex.

Review by Anne McDonald


  • Exclusive content straight from Brazil
  • Sharp Full HD videos
  • Lots of anal sex
  • Full access to all Reality Kings sites (9800+ scenes, 2 updates a day)
  • Nice special price currently


  • Condoms
  • No subtitles for the Portuguese speech
  • Only 2 Mike In Brazil updates per month
  • Photos before 2015 are low resolution
  • Full-HD is download-only, the online player doesn't have real HD

For a gonad-get-away, pack your bag and enjoy the junk in the trunk the ladies are bringing as well! Tan lines, puffy labia, rounded rumps, big smiles and raging hormones, all the necessities of lust are being shown from, Mike In Brazil. The Reality Kings Network is tugging on your heart strings and giving a good yank to your libido as well. As with their other sites, the Mike In Brazil password gives the members full access to the entire Reality Kings network.

I would be hard pressed to report the main focal niche for this site, there are so many different desires mixed throughout. One thing is for sure though, you'll get tons of hardcore fucking and lots of anal. The Brazilian women are breathtaking, each one holding so much personality, it spills from their panties. Big butts and tan brown bodies are a given, and they often have white tanlines on their big fake tits. Not everyone is busty, you'll see all kinds of women, but there are definitely a good amount of busty MILFs on the site. Many ladies on Mike In Brazil are also quite muscular, if that's your thing, you'll love them.

At first I thought of Mike In Brazil as a reality porn site, but I had to realize that it's rather gonzo than reality. There are reality elements such as some street pickups—don't expect long conversations or elaborate seductions though. And even when there is a conversation, you'll often not understand it, as there are no English subtitles for the Portuguese speech.

The majority of the sets will be featuring outdoor sex, big butts, pool side pornography where condom clad cocks and bareback boners will be featured. I’m finding hardcore excitement, big butts, bikinis, lingerie, high heels, tattoos, big butts, anal sex, lap dances, dildo masturbation shows, oiled bodies, doggy style penetration, oral sex, and huge erections, and did I mention big butts? Just to name a few enticements.

Video quality is nice. I was very impressed to see that they have 1080p Full HD going back to 2010. The picture of the vids is sharp. I only gave 8/10 for video quality because the camera is often a bit shaky for my taste.
If you venture to the oldest 35% of their scenes, the quality will drop to just below the quality of a DVD. You'll have to decide whether those are also enjoyable for you today, or not.

If you’re a fan of photos, you'll enjoy the galleries they've been adding lately. The new resolution is 1800x1200, which is decent. With hundreds of images filling the galleries, they carry not only screen caps, but high resolution ZIPs as well. The bodies are displayed in a delicious manner and the facial cumshots will tell you everyone is going home from Brazil happy! A ZIP download allows you to save, and a slideshow permits you to do…well, to do other things with your hands.
Unfortunately I can't say the same about the galleries added before 2015. Those older photo sets have a 900x600 resolution, which doesn't do justice on HD monitors.

When you use your password to log in to Mike in Brazil, you get taken to the full Reality Kings network's members' area. You're free to browse the content of any of their sites. The library is well-organized, and the site is fast. The network works very smoothly on mobiles & tablets too, not just on desktop computers.

I really like the search features. You can just click the "Big Ass" plus the "Anal" keywords, and it will spit out all the scenes which have both. These good search features come handy, as you're getting access to the huge Reality Kings library, with over 9800 scenes.
The only thing that I see as a usability drawback is that their online video player doesn't have a real HD resolution. So if you want the best quality, you need to download the movies.

If you're into hot latinas with golden skin, sparking eyes, bikinis stretching to cover the ample asses and busting busts, and lots of hardcore & anal sex, Mike in Brazil is a great site. The cons are the bi-weekly updates, the condom use, and the lack of English subtitles. However there are some things that will surely balance those out—full access to the whole Reality Kings network, and the great special price.


552 scenes (on Apr 7, 2016)
Avg. length
33 mins
type resolution bitrate info
mp4 1920 x 1080 px FULLHD 10200 kbps
mp4 1024 x 576 px 3550 kbps
wmv 768 x 432 px 1600 kbps
mp4 768 x 432 px 1550 kbps
mp4 768 x 432 px 850 kbps
mp4 480 x 270 px 850 kbps
mp4 320 x 180 px 330 kbps
The new download limit in 2015 is maximum 50 big scenes per day. (Or 100 smaller clips, or 300 one-minute clips.)


552 (on Apr 7, 2016)
Photos / gallery
resolution zip files
1800 x 1200 px
900 x 600 px


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