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February 7, 2011
November 27, 2015
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October 11, 2016
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This site is part of the Reality Kings network. Signing up Happy Tugs gives access to the whole network.

Review by Anne McDonald, May 3, 2016


Voyeur sex videos taken at an Asian massage parlor. Handjobs, blowjobs, fucking, and even threesomes. Part of the Reality Kings network.


  • Exclusive, original videos
  • Hot Asian chicks
  • A good library of hot voyeur massage parlor sex videos
  • Superb bonus sites, network access to the full Reality Kings network
  • Low special price currently


  • Very slow updating (but the other RK sites update a lot)
  • No HD. Streaming is close to HD, but downloadable vids are just above DVD quality.
  • Pictures are just low-res screen caps from the videos
  • Ads in the members area

Some days you feel like a jerk, other days you feel like you need one! The lovely ladies of Happy Tugs will assure you, finding their site, in some ways will be a stroke of luck! If every muscle but the right one is feeling a bit too tight and a relaxing massage has been on your mind all day, by all means, bring your stiffness to these stunning, Asian seductresses, they're happy to lend a hand.

In other words, Happy Tugs has videos of erotic massages with happy endings and sex, recorded in an Asian massage parlor (AMP). This site is part of the Reality Kings network, the memberships gives access to all of their sites.

I think reviews are much like first-aid tactics, we have the ability of making webmasters and members happy with our findings, or, we can bring misery and pain to both sides as well. Personally, I've always believed honesty is the best pornographic policy, so do brace yourself while I rip the band-aid off quickly! The updating practice for this site is neglectful! There now… doesn't that feel better?!
While Happy Tugs has only added a few new scenes every year, Reality Kings network is always pumping out fresh stuff. With 2 exclusive updates a day, you won't get bored.

With the most painful facet of this site now being expressed, it's time to move onto the pleasure, and believe me, these hot Asian babes know how to make you feel good all over. With a towel draped over their mid-section, they come in for the tender touch of beauty, rubbing away the tightness of stress and leaving them rejuvenated, however, they get more than they bargained for.

A little oil and a lot of smiling, A bit of coyness and then the stripping. Before you know it, that mid-section towel begins to rise and relaxation is the last thing on their mind suddenly. With the title Happy Tugs, a Reality Kings member would assume there's a lot of jacking off to be had, and, that wouldn't be a completely inaccurate assumption. But, just so you know, things will take a turn towards hardcore action as well. The men still are left in lying position while these beautiful Oriental females mount for the meat!

Reverse cowgirl is the most popular position, as they ride off into the saturated sunset, there will be a happy ending for all. The petite-ness of their fingers grip the shaft, give a little squeeze with each onset and offset while permitting and enticing growth, taking the erections to the, “no turning back now,” stage of seduction and then it's whatever it takes to coax the ball juice to the surface.

Let's discuss the video quality. This site is rare in the aspect that the streaming videos are better than the downloadable ones. The streaming videos look good at an almost HD, 1024x576 resolution. The downloadable vids are only available in up to 768x432 resolution. They look decent, but I wish that they added real HD vids like on their other sites. Otherwise the streaming and the video downloads are fast and smooth.

The pictures for the sets are pretty weak. They are low resolution images captured automatically from the videos.

If you log in with your password, you're redirected to the full Reality Kings members' area. You can choose to view only the HappyTugs updates, or all new scenes from all of their sites. The user interface is logical, fast, and easy to use. I particularly like their search features. You can narrow down their updates by selecting keywords such as "Asian" and "Blowjob". This is very helpful, as the complete Reality Kings library consists of almost 10.000 original scenes. The only things I didn't like about the members' area is that they have some ads in there.

Mobile & tablet users will be happy to hear that the site works very nicely on such devices.

Happy Tugs has been around for many years, but it hasn't grown really big. I guess that the RK crew only considers it as an additional site in the Reality Kings network. While I missed the real HD quality, I still enjoyed their videos very much. If happy endings massages and sex with Asian massage parlor girls turn you on, or you have a voyeur gene, you'll love their vids. The ladies know their way around jacking off and blowjobs, not to mention squatting and bouncing.
The current $17.95 special would probably be worth it to put their vids in your collection, but with the full 40+ site Reality Kings access, it's a nice deal for sure.

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61 scenes
Avg. length
35 mins
type resolution bitrate info
mp4 1024 x 576 px 3040 kbps
wmv 768 x 432 px 1590 kbps
mp4 768 x 432 px 1540 kbps
mp4 768 x 432 px 840 kbps
mp4 480 x 270 px 840 kbps
mp4 320 x 180 px 330 kbps
The new download limit in 2015 is maximum 50 big scenes per day. (Or 100 smaller clips, or 300 one-minute clips.)


Photos / gallery
resolution zip files
864 x 486 px


Taken from Streamate

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