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December 2005 (estimated)
October 27, 2015
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September 5, 2018
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Review by John Woole, November 3, 2015


A new young American amateur gets banged in the hotel room every week. ExCoGi is great at picking horny college girls. 60-minute long movies with fingering, vibrators, POV blowjobs, wild humping and facials. Also some anal, face fucking, and ass licking.


  • Great girls: young, American, pretty, and horny
  • Superb action with sex toys, sloppy blowjobs and wild fucking
  • Large collection of long scenes
  • Good video quality and great camerawork
  • Nice bonus sites also with amateurs


  • No search features at all
  • No 1080p Full HD (but their 60fps 720p HD scenes look very good)
  • No HD streaming, HD files are download-only
  • Images are screencaps from the vids

Exploited College Girls or ExCoGi is one of the legendary amateur porn sites on the internet. The premise is pretty simple—get an amateur college girl in the hotel room, and fuck her while multiple cameras are recording. The site is actually one of my personal favorites, so I was glad to review it. :-)

One of the strengths of Exploited College Girls are the girls. The crew not only manages to find new young American girls all the time, they're also pretty and horny. I don't know how they do it, but it's definitely a killer combination. The scenes are recorded in a hotel room mostly. While the girl is getting ready in the bathroom there's a short interview with them before the action. The text next to each update tells you about the girl and how the shoots went too, I appreciate that.

The naked part starts with the guy exploring the girl's body. He touches her breasts and her pussy. Then he gets her horny by fingering her and pleasuring her with a vibrator. He makes them come in many videos too!
The girl sucks the guy's dick before the fucking him. You'll love it if you're into wilder blowjobs. There's often saliva, ball licking, sometimes even some mild face fucking. The cameraman is clearly into getting his ass licked too, and he gets quite many of these pretty girls to do it. If you're into that thing, this site is gold. The fucking part is nice too, the guy fucks the girls pretty good, in many positions. There's a good amount of anal scenes as well. At the end the guy likes to finish the scenes by cumming onto the girls' faces, but there are many creampies as well.

I really like the camera work on Exploited College Girls. The girls may be amateurs, but the crew is clearly not. They record each scene from multiple angles, and you'll always see the action from the best angle. There are medium shots as well as closeups. There's a good amount of POV footage in the vids too, for instance the BJ parts tend to be POV. In some cases they even show the action from two angles at the same time in the video. I love it when they show the girl's face while she's getting fucked. All in all there's a good balance between the angles, making the vids really enjoyable.

Video quality is good. It would be nice to have 1080p Full HD instead of 720p HD now. They still look nice though, the bitrate is high and they're 60fps. As this is an old site, quality will decrease as you go back further and further in their archives. Overall I was satisfied though, most of their videos look good, only the oldest are bad quality.

As for the pictures, the site has only added screen caps from the videos since 2012. The older half of the library has some okay amateur photo sets.

The navigation and user-interface could really use an upgrade. It's very basic. If you're an old member it's pretty easy to log in and just download or watch the latest full movie. However if you're looking for something specific like anal or creampies, you'll have to go through their whole library manually as there are no search features or clickable keywords.
On mobiles the small links are a bit hard to tap, but otherwise the movies play well. The images are easy to view a tap on the screen takes you to the next one.

As for the updates, there's a new girl every week. Video length is impressive, a lot of the updates are over an hour long.

If you're into amateur hardcore porn with young pretty chicks, I absolutely recommend Exploited College Girls. The website could be improved a bit, but the important part is the content. And the content is just really good. Membership is a pretty sweet deal, as the bonus sites you get are similar to ExCoGi. You're very likely to enjoy those sites too!

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407 scenes
Avg. length
60 mins
type resolution bitrate info
mp4 1280 x 720 px HD 8000 kbps
mp4 768 x 432 px 2600 kbps


Photos / gallery
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1280 x 720 px


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One month $24.95 rebills at $24.95 / month
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3 months $75.00 no rebills
You can access bonus sites by logging in Exploited College Girls first, then clicking their special links to go to the other sites' member area.

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