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August 2009 (estimated)
May 26, 2015
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September 5, 2018
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Review by John Woole, July 30, 2015


The Nebraska Coeds crew has drunken parties with amateur girls. Home videos with drinking, nudity, masturbation, blowjobs, lesbian action, and fucking.


  • Genuine amateur, uncensored sex parties
  • Quite some long videos
  • Free acess to the Nebraska Coeds Network


  • Video quality is not always great due to the amateur nature
  • Design could use a revamp
  • Downloads can be slow at times

After Hours Exposed is a site in the Nebraska Coeds Network with a bit harder content. You see, on Nebraska Coeds or South Beach Coeds most of the vids are about partying and flashing. By contrast, After Hours Exposed mostly records what happened AFTER these outdoor parties at the hotel, with wild drunken sex and masturbation. The site has really exciting genuine amateur content, and you also get free access to all sites of the network.

Some of the girls are strippers, but that doesn't make the content less attractive, they're still young girls who are enjoying these parties. There's a total home sex video feel to the videos. There is drinking, partying, fingering, masturbation, lesbian action, drunken blowjobs, and fucking. Most of the scenes are recorded in hotel rooms, but there are a few that are shot at boat parties too. All updates have a video, and most have photos as well. The videos really vary in length, some are only a few minutes long, the majority of them are 10-30 minutes, but there are some hour long scenes too. The same goes for the photos—some updates have 20 photos, many have hundreds or even thousands.

Let's discuss quality. The technical side is nice the site uses a really high bitrate for the videos—in fact you can download the original, uncompressed Full HD vids. On the other hand, these are real amateur shots taken during parties, often without proper lighting or fixed cameras. So in the end you get good quality, but not perfect. The same goes for photos. I'd say this is absolutely acceptable if you're looking for genuine amateur content.

The user interface has all the basic features, but it could use a more modern design. It's not really optimized for mobiles & tablets, but everything works if you don't mind that it's a bit inconvenient to navigate. Download speeds were a bit slow for me, don't know if that's a usual thing or I was just unlucky. Also I missed the option to view the highest resolution videos in the site's web video player.

The site adds about 2 updates every month, they always have a video, and often photos too.

There is really hot amateur content on After Hours Exposed. If you're into these naked & uncensored party home videos like I am, it's absolutely worth the money—especially with the bonus network sites!

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78 scenes
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30 mins
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mp4 1920 x 1080 px FULLHD 18000 kbps
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mp4 864 x 486 px 1340 kbps


Photos / gallery
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1600 x 1200 px


No webcams on this site

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