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January 2007
December 9, 2015
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October 11, 2016
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This site is part of the Reality Kings network. Signing up Money Talks gives access to the whole network.


Follow the Money Talks crew as they try to convince beach babes in Miami, Florida to flash their titties, give handjobs and blowjobs, have sex & threesomes on camera. Great Full HD video quality & access to all Reality Kings sites.

Review by John Woole


  • Very original hardcore reality porn
  • Fun beach atmosphere and hot amateur girls
  • Many long movies in perfect Full HD quality
  • Gives access to the whole Reality Kings network
  • Awesome deal at the current price


  • Full HD only available if you download the movies
  • Scenes before late 2011 are lower quality
  • Photos for most updates are either screen caps or low resolution
  • Ads in the members' area

I'm very happy that I get to review Money Talks, as it is one of my favorite reality porn sites. The crew cruises the beachside streets of Florida, Miami, convincing amateur girls to do crazy stuff for money—flash their boobs, give handjobs and blowjobs, fuck one of their guys, and even participate in a threesomes on camera. Their videos are presented like a TV Show, each episode has a presenter.

Money Talks has been around for many years now, but it is still exciting and it updates actively. There is a new update every 2 weeks, with a long video (40-50 minute ones are common) and pictures as well. You will get access to their library of 217 scenes. It is a nice number considering that these are long and unique reality porn episodes.

The movies have a fun summer atmosphere, with sunlight, bikinis, and lots of joking around. The presenter of the show is always a sexy cheerful girl, who doesn't mind flashing her own boobies to get the amateur girls to do it too. Sometimes there are sexual games & dares, like having to try a sex toy, or washing a car with tits.
After the outdoor part they usually take things inside, often to a friendly shopkeeper's beachside shop. There they offer even more money to the girls, but they have to get fully naked! And of course if they get that far, the next steps are handjobs, blowjobs, and spreading their legs wide open for a dick to go in. Not all girls do it, but they always find one eventually that does, money does talk after all I guess. Some of them don't mind if one of the girls from the crew joins in for a threesome. :-)

They do a great job recording the sex, the fucking scenes are very hot. Quality is perfect if you choose to download the 1080p Full HD files. Of course there are smaller resolutions too for people with slower connections or older computers/phones. There's even an option to grab the movies in smaller segments. You can watch each episode in their online player as well. It has good picture quality, but it doesn't really play HD, so if you're a quality freak like me, downloads are the best choice.
The site has archives spanning 9 years, so I was ready to experience bad quality on the older scenes. It was a very pleasant surprise to see that they have great looking Full HD movies even in their late 2010 updates. If you go further back, you will find DVD resolution movies, with mediocre to medium quality. You should still check them out though, there is really hot action in them.

Each update has photos too, but I do not find them as entertaining as the videos. The speech, joking around, and the negotiation with the girls are a big part of Money Talks, so the voice is needed to enjoy it fully. Also, only a few of the latest updates have real, high quality photos. The older picture galleries are either screen caps from the videos, or lower resolution images.

Logging in with your password takes you to the members' area of the Reality Kings network. You get to browse, download, and watch the updates of Money Talks, or any other site in the network. Of course you can list updates per site, and sort them by date, rating, or popularity. They also have a nice model library if you want to look up all scenes of a girl. The search function is well done. They carefully add tags (keywords) to all scenes, which you can use to filter the matching updates. For instance if I select "latin girls" and "big ass", I get a list of 1174 Reality Kings scenes currently. Both streaming playback and downloads were fast for me.
I only have two smaller remarks about usability. Number one, their streaming player's resolution is not real HD, so to get the best quality you should download the movies rather. Number two, there are too many ads in the members' area for my taste.

Mobile phone users will be happy with the mobile-optimized version of the site. It is very comfortable to use. The only little thing I didn't like is that you couldn't tap on images to jump to the next, but of course you could just download the complete photo galleries as ZIP files as well.

Money Talks is a truly unique site. Some sites get boring after a while, but Money Talks is still awesome, each episode is different. If you like reality porn with a light, fun atmosphere, street pickups, tan bodies, sunshine and bikinis, you'll love this one. The current discounted price is very nice, especially considering that you get all of the Reality Kings sites. It means a libary of over 9650 original scenes, and 2 new exclusive updates every day. It is much more relaxing to log on to Reality Kings every evening, and browse their superb Full HD scenes, rather than browsing the poor quality selection of a free tube site.


217 scenes (on Jan 25, 2016)
Avg. length
45 mins
type resolution bitrate info
mp4 1920 x 1080 px FULLHD 10200 kbps
mp4 1024 x 576 px 3550 kbps
wmv 768 x 432 px 1600 kbps
mp4 768 x 432 px 1550 kbps
mp4 768 x 432 px 850 kbps
mp4 480 x 270 px 850 kbps
mp4 320 x 180 px 330 kbps
The new download limit in 2015 is maximum 50 big scenes per day. (Or 100 smaller clips, or 300 one-minute clips.)


217 (on Jan 25, 2016)
Photos / gallery
resolution zip files
1800 x 1013 px
900 x 500 px


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