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July 2007 (estimated)
September 19, 2016
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April 26, 2018
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Review by Peter Hall, September 19, 2016


Girls go through 4 days of slave training. The masters put them through bondage, suspension, face fucking, intensive orgasms, rough anal and vaginal sex. Beautiful American starlets and porn stars, many of them BDSM rookies. Part of the Kink Network.


  • Original concept, exclusive content
  • Realistic BDSM and hard sex
  • Beautiful girls and American porn stars who are new to BDSM
  • Over 500 long scenes, all of them long and HD quality
  • Full access to all the other Kink sites as well (10 network updates per week)


  • The latest episodes are standalone, they don't follow the original four day concept
  • Members' area navigation should be improved
  • No 1080P HD, only 720P HD (looks nice though)
  • No photos, just videos
  • More expensive than most sites (but also more valuable)

If you are serious about BDSM, you probably know "The Story of O", Pauline Reage's influential and controversial erotic novel. Then you also understand why this site is called "The Training Of O".

The Training Of O is not a collection of random scenes. It follows the story of each model, who receive 4 days of intense and brutal slave training, with bondage and hardcore sex.
Of course all BDSM here is consensual, but it's very intensive and harsh nevertheless. You should not expect vanilla bondage here, they dominate the girls hard. Did I mention that the slaves are carefully picked, first class beauties? These girls' strengths and weaknesses are fully documented, and the brutal BDSM masters train them according to their abilities. You get follow along their 4 day quest.

The Training Of O subscription gives you full access to every single site in the Kink portfolio. That means over 20 exclusive websites with thousands of exclusive videos. It is pretty much accepted that they are the rulers of online BDSM porn. The Training Of O is actually one of the smaller sites in the network. That's because it is also one of their newest, launched in June 2007. With that said, is still a big site in the BDSM world. At the time of the review, it had 514 exclusive scenes—and each scene is an hour long on average!

They record the The Training of O footage inside the world-famous Kink castle in San Francisco. They have various dungeons and all kinds of torture tools at their disposal, and they always think of something new. But there is one more thing that makes things exciting. For many of these sexy sluts, this is the very first BDSM experience. There are lots of girls on the site. There isn't enough space in this review to tell you who was tortured in the Kink dungeons, but I can mention some names. Kira Noir, April Brookes, Alexa Nova, Kendra Cole, Kacy Lane, Roxxane Rae, Ashley Adams, Kate England, and the essential Sabrina Banks.

To get a better idea of the content here, let's take a look at the training of the sexy redhead MILF pornstar, Syren De Mer. The day one shoot starts with an interview. She tells us about herelf, her limits (there is not much), and they agree on her safewords. And then her training begins.
Syren De Mer learns to process pain while she is being pleasured at the same time. Big sex toys stretch the submissive MILF's tight asshole, and hard nipple clamps twist her excited nipples. A huge dick pumps her plump, curvy ass. MILF Slave Syren begs for cane strokes. A big, thick dick is shoved down her throat and the butt plug stretches her tight slave ass. Bondage ropes dig into her ass, opening her gaping hole for all to see.
Does this sound brutal enough? Well, believe me, there are harder things inside. I can't describe everything here, it would be a long read. And watching it is more entertaining anyway, so you should check out the free samples on their website.

The scenes are well presented and much of the action is improvised. This gives that fine real life touch to all of the videos. All of the content is HD quality here, even the old scenes. It's just 720P HD, 1080P HD is not available. Still, because the crew is very professional, their 720P HD videos look better than many BDSM sites' 1080P footage. You will see all of the details, from sperm and sweat to saliva and vaginal juices.
HD video files can be downloaded. Plus multiple lower resolution versions too, for those with slower connections. In their online video player, there is only one SD resolution on desktop, and one on mobile, you don't get to choose.

The site usually updates once a week. It has been a bit slower in the past two months, not sure if it was because of the summer, or it's a permanent change. There have been 3 updates per month nevertheless, and the Kink network has still been adding lots of updates every week.
One other thing that's not clear to me is if they will still follow the original format. The new updates miss the Day 1 - Day 2 - Day 3 - Day4 format, and seem to be standalone episodes. They are great videos, but still, it would be bad if the site strayed away from the concept that made it so unique.

Let's discuss the usability of the member area. It is nice that the Kink network has a combined network member portal, where you can view and download the newest scenes from all of their sites. You can also select a single site like TheTrainingOfO, and list only those scenes.
The newest scenes are comfortable to view. If you want to browse their older stuff, you'll realize that there is room for improvements. It's annoying always having to click the "more" button to see more of the older scenes. The model index and the keyword system are not perfect either. The model index misses an A-Z sorting function. The full keyword list is not available anywhere, you have to find a keyword on a scene page to be able to click on it.
The site also has a mobile version, which is comfortable to use on smartphones.

The Training Of O is a BDSM site that takes the topic seriously. It's refreshing and original, definitely a must see for any BDSM fan. The scenes have intense action with all types of bondage and suspensions, ball gags, corporal punishment, fisting, hardcore sex, anal, face fucking, big orgasms, and much more. It might even give you some kinky ideas that you haven't thought of before.
The downside is that they seem to be straying away from the original format. There are now standalone episodes being added instead of the four day trainings. Still, their library has hundreds of hours of the original concept. Plus you also get the whole Kink network, which is huge, all exclusive, and updates 10 times a week. The price may be a bit steep, but the Kink network access is comparable to buying multiple other subscriptions. Plus we have a TheTrainingOfO discount here on x3guide, which makes it better.

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514 scenes
Avg. length
60 mins
type resolution bitrate info
mp4 1280 x 720 px HD 5125 kbps
wmv 1280 x 720 px HD 3140 kbps
wmv 960 x 540 px 3000 kbps
mp4 960 x 540 px 1530 kbps
mp4 640 x 360 px 1000 kbps
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