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July 2020 (estimated)
November 27, 2023
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November 28, 2023
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This site is also available in the (aka Legal Porno) network. Signing up NRX Studio does NOT give you full network access. To get access to all sites in the network, sign up through (aka Legal Porno).


Extreme anal sex, gangbangs, and watersports. Beautiful 18-22 years old European and Russian girls fucked by multiple guys with huge dicks. Part of AnalVids and PornBox.

Review by Wayne Gregory


  • Unique extreme content with hard anal sex, gangbangs, and watersports
  • Beautiful Russian and Eastern European models
  • Regular updates
  • High 4K UHD quality
  • Both monthly subscriptions and pay-per-scene option available


  • Subscriptions are limited to 30 downloads per month
  • Accessing using ticket purchases (pay-per-scene) can be expensive
  • Download speeds vary depending on your location

NRX-Studio is one of the three signature studios of Anal Vids, which used to be called Legal Porno. NRX-Studio and Anal Vids are both part of the huge PornBox platform, which is home to hundreds of other studios as well.

People who have read my review of AnalVids and PornBox may wonder why I’m now writing a review of a specific studio that is part of PornBox. I can report that there are two reasons for this separate review. First, NRX-Studio has original niche content, it is one of the main studios in AnalVids/LegalPorno. Second, studios within the PornBox network are most frequently accessed through the unique system of buying tickets which can then be traded for scenes. This review will include information on the other option: subscribing to the entire studio’s library.

I don’t think there would be much disagreement with my statement that those familiar with Legal Porno / Anal Vids / PornBox will think of scenes by three specific studios as representative of what’s available here. These three studios are, Giorgio Grandi and NRX-Studio. There is a lot of similarity between scenes produced by these three studios, though all three continue to have their own unique personality. However, all three, including NRX-Studio, are known for producing some of the most extreme non-BDSM porn available today. All three studios feature primarily rough anal sex involving a model or models who are usually outnumbered by the number of men in the scene. The scenes feature acts like rough oral, double penetration, double anal penetration, double vaginal penetration, occasionally triple anal penetration, watersports, and other extreme acts. It’s fair to say that this is not couples’ porn for the average couple.

For readers who have not read my review of PornBox, I recommend doing so as it provides a description of the ticket system most used to purchase scenes anywhere on the PornBox network. I’ve yet to see a review or detailed description of the all-access subscription option available for many of the studios at PornBox, so my goal is to give some information for readers interested in accessing the scenes through a subscription rather than purchasing tickets.

To give a bit of background, I’ve been a regular purchaser of tickets at Legal Porno / Anal Vids / PornBox for approximately 10 years. My collection includes close to 1000 scenes, mostly from the three signature studios. Recently, I became intrigued at the option of subscribing to individual studios and I took the plunge and subscribed to NRX-Studio.

A reader may question why I opted to subscribe to NRX-Studio rather than or Giorgio Grandi, and the answer is quite simple. Of those three signature studios, NRX-Studio is the only one of the three leading studios that has a subscription option. Given that I wanted to try joining through a subscription model, and I wanted to join one of the three signature sites on the network, it was the only option to join NRX-Studio. I don’t want to leave readers with the sense that I “settled” on subscribing to NRX-Studio, because I am very happy with my choice.

As I briefly noted in my PornBox review, only some of its studios — including NRX Studio — offer subscriptions. IMPORTANT: If you want to buy this “classic” subscription, click the “NRX-Studio all access membership” button at the top after following this link.
Subscriptions will be familiar to any regular porn subscriber. Your access to the studio is active if your subscription is maintained. A reader and prospective subscribers should note that each studio at PornBox sets its own rules regarding subscriptions. That individual information is easily accessed on each of the studio sites by clicking a small “information” icon on the upper right of the screen, next to the “all access membership“ button. You should click this information icon and check the current terms before buying a subscription.

When it comes to using the monthly subscription to NRX-Studio, a potential downside for many is that you get unlimited access to the entire studio for streaming, but you are limited to 30 downloads per month for the duration of your subscription. While I realize that this will be a deal-breaker for some, so many viewers prefer streaming these days that it likely won’t be a major negative for them.

The other option is buying TKTs (tickets), which can be used to unlock / buy individual scenes. Unlocked scenes don’t expire, they will be available in your account forever. TKTs can be purchased in ticket packages, as well as recurring ticket subscriptions which are cheaper and provide some extra perks. Our Analvids/Legalporno review has detailed information on recurring TKT memberships.

In this review, I wanted to test the NRX-Studio all-acess membership, and tell you about it. You may also choose to unlock single scenes using TKTs.

When it comes to NRX-Studio itself, and what they have to offer, I noted above some of the extreme sex acts that are you’ll find at this studio. NRX-Studio is the newest of these three signature studios, having begun in July 2020. When the studio began, there was a higher proportion of more mainstream hardcore scenes, namely B/G scenes featuring only vaginal sex. This didn’t last long though. My hypothesis is that the NRX-Studio owners realized that the two other signature studios at Legal Porno had tapped into a specific niche and were doing well financially, and NRX-Studio wanted in on this action, so they started producing harder scenes. For at least the past 12 to 18 months, the scenes at NRX-Studio are largely indistinguishable from the other two signature studios in that they feature young, 18-22, Russian and Eastern European models in some extreme sex scenes. While I won’t say this for certain, I’m reasonably certain when I say that NRX-Studio has not uploaded a non-anal scene in many, many months. What’s offered here will not appeal to someone who does not enjoy watching anal sex scenes, but for fans of anal scenes, you will like what you see.

NRX-Studio manages to recruit beautiful 18-22 years old petite young women, and they get paired with one, two, three, or even more, of some of the biggest dicks in Europe. What’s more, even though these men are well-endowed, many of the scenes feature these petite young women taking two of these extra-large penises at the same time, in their mouths (double blowjob), vaginas (double vaginal) or asses (double anal).

While I’m no expert on Russian and Eastern European models, it does appear that NRX-Studio does have a steady supply of fresh faces wanting to work with them. Ordinarily, I find a language barrier will detract from scenes, but when the scenes are like these – gonzo and rough from beginning to end – dialogue and language doesn’t really matter. While this is an entirely subjective assessment, I find most of the models appearing at NRX-Studio to be exceptionally good-looking.

Since the scenes at NRX-Studio are heavily anal-themed, anal toy play (especially when a scene opens with G/G play) and gaping are also frequent.

For fans of watersports, you’ll find a lot to like here as well. A rough estimate is that watersports is used in roughly 25% of the scenes available here at NRX-Studio.

Currently, NRX-Studio has approximately 650 scenes available. It may be slightly less than that. The reason for my inability to give a concrete number is that many of the scenes are available in two different versions. When a scene features watersports, NRX-Studio usually makes those available in a “wet” and “dry” version. In most cases, the scene name is the same but the wet versus dry determination can be made on scene length. The wet version is going to be a bit longer than the dry version. In some cases, the scenes are specifically labelled as being wet or dry. It is easy to determine which is which.

The update schedule it NRX-Studio is somewhat erratic, but it’s fair to say that there is a new scene uploaded every three or four days. Occasionally, it’s more frequent, and occasionally that gap is a bit longer, but NRX-Studio is still an active studio and still uploading scenes regularly.

NRX Studio members will be be browsing the scenes on the PornBox platform. It is a modern platform that’s optimized for all devices, with lots of options for browsing and searching. If you go to the NRX Studio studio page, you can add category and model filters, and choose your preferred sort option. The platform is great, but there could be further improvements—for instance I missed the ability to filter by studio on the model pages.

Whether you are streaming or downloading, there are five resolutions available for all scenes, up to and including 4K. I’ve listed those resolutions and the available in the Videos section.

I don’t recommend NRX Studio to photo fans. The scenes I checked only had screenshots that were automatically generated from the video, not real photos. The screenshot galleries have a big amount of pictures available, and they can be viewed online, as well as downloaded in ZIP files.

While I didn’t find this to be a significant impediment with the scenes I streamed (and the handful I downloaded) PornBox generally, and NRX-Studio specifically as it is part of that network, has lower speeds than I’m used to seeing, even from other European-based sites. If I had no experience with other European-based sites, I’d likely chalk the lower speeds up to the distance between Europe and North America, but that isn’t the case. However, as I said, I didn’t notice any significant delays when streaming, even when scrubbing forward in a scene. There is some delay, but it’s not unreasonable. We also did a test from Europe, downloads and streaming are very fast there.

As someone who prefers to download and collect scenes rather than stream them, I still found subscribing using the traditional subscription model to be a good value. Streaming is unlimited, and they currently they allow you to download 30 scenes per month with the all-access subscription, which is reasonable. And having access to approximately 650 uniquely hardcore scenes, at $22.22 USD per month, is a great deal.

Is NRX Studio safe? Any porn subscriber, whether it’s someone with years of experience or someone new to subscribing, will want to have confidence in the payment processor. Legal Porno / Anal Vids / PornBox, and NRX-Studio as part of the network, use an in-house biller, GTFCharge, and have done so for many years. As I stated above, and in my PornBox review, I’ve been a regular ticket buyer here for approximately 10 years and have never experienced a problem with the in-house biller. My credit card information has never been compromised or misused and changing or cancelling my ticket purchases have always been quick and easy. When it comes time for me to cancel my current NRX-Studio subscription, it’s as easy as clicking a button.It’s my experience that anyone buying from or subscribing to sites on this network can do so with confidence. In addition to credit/debit cards, you can also pay using PayPal.

While the scenes at NRX-Studio won’t be of interest to everyone, their success indicates that there is a wide audience who do have an interest in this kind of rough anal and gangbang porn. An advantage that any prospective subscriber has, whether it’s NRX-Studio itself or any other site on the PornBox network, is that trailers are available for every scene. I’ve viewed many trailers over the years, and I’ve never encountered a circumstance where my trailer access is cut off, as happens with many other sites. Given the unique product offered on this network, and at NRX-Studio specifically, this is a good idea. Prospective buyers and subscribers can go in with their eyes open, knowing what they will be purchasing.

I’m going to give NRX-Studio a qualified recommendation. The qualifier is that this is not porn that will appeal to everyone. Anyone considering buying tickets at NRX-Studio or subscribing using either of the two subscription options should view a few samples to make sure that they know what they’re getting and that they have an interest in it. For those who do decide that purchasing tickets or subscribing to NRX-Studio is something they’re interested in, they will have access to a unique collection of scenes featuring young (18-22) petite models taking on one, and usually multiple, well-endowed men in scenes featuring deep, hard anal sex and other extreme sex acts.

There may be sites that try to copy the three signature sites here, including NRX-Studio, but none of them hit the target like NRX-Studio and its older sibling sites. For me, I like what NRX-Studio has to offer and the subscription offer is a great deal compared to buying individual scenes. If you like this style of porn, I’m confident that you’ll be very happy with your subscription.

TIP: How to get the NRX-Studio all-access subscription?

  1. click this link
  2. find the “NRX-Studio all access membership” button near the top


757 scenes (on Nov 28, 2023)
Avg. length
50 mins
type resolution bitrate info
mp4 3840 x 2160 px 4K 32200 kbps
mp4 1920 x 1080 px FULLHD 12300 kbps
mp4 1280 x 720 px HD 4700 kbps
mp4 848 x 480 px 2650 kbps
mp4 432 x 240 px 860 kbps
About 100-200 scenes have two versions: one with watersports included and one without. So the real amount without duplicates is about 650 scenes.
"NRX-Studio all access memberships" are limited to 30 downloads per month, streaming is unlimited. No limits for scenes unlocked with TKTs.


757 (on Nov 28, 2023)
Photos / gallery
resolution zip files
2592 x 1458 px HQ
1024 x 576 px
Only screenshots generated from the videos, no real photography.


No webcams on this site

Prices & Billing

Recurring Memberships:
1st period price rebills access
One month $22.22 rebills at $22.22 / month
2 months $38.00 rebills at $38.00 / 2 months
3 months $44.00 rebills at $44.00 / 3 months
One year $222.00 rebills at $222.00 / year
There are two options for access. 1. All access membership - recurring fee with unlimited streaming and 30 monthly downloads. 2. Buying individual scenes using TKTs (tickets). Scenes bought with TKTs remain yours forever. (Recurring TKT memberships give you a recurring supply of TKTs at a discounted rate and other perks.)

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This site is also available in the (aka Legal Porno) network. Signing up NRX Studio does NOT give you full network access. To get access to all sites in the network, sign up through (aka Legal Porno).

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