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April 2009 (estimated)
December 17, 2015
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December 15, 2017
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This site is part of the Mental Pass network. Signing up Bitch Stop gives access to the whole network.


Amateur girls get picked up ton the Czech streets, and banged in an apartment or in the great outdoors. Gives access to all Mental Pass sites.

Review by John Woole


  • Amateur reality porn with new girls
  • A good number of scenes
  • Great Full HD quality, 50 fps smooth niceness
  • Nice bonus sites via Mental Pass, also in the reality and amateur genres


  • Speech is in Czech, but there are subtitles (except for the oldest few vids)
  • Only HD available for recent scenes, no SD (can be an issue for slow connections)
  • Some of the oldest vids are not HD
  • Some links are a bit small on mobile (but you can zoom in)
  • No advanced search features

Bitch Stop is a reality porn site from Europe. A man drives around on Czech streets, looking for hot young things to seduce and fuck. Or an attractive mature women will do too, he's not that picky. The site is part of the Mental Pass network, and you get a bunch of other amateur and reality sites featuring Czech girls too.

Unlike some other reality sites, the videos have quite an amateur feel to them. I'm not saying that as a bad thing, I love amateur porn. Apparently Czech girls are the easiest in the World. Sometimes the guy just straight up asks a girl on the street if she wants to go up to his apartment and fuck! In other videos the pickup is bit more elaborate, he offers them a ride, invites them for a coffee, and so on. The final location is not always an apartment. I'd say at least half of the sex scenes are recorded outdoors in the nature. Definitely a plus for the public sex lovers. The videos have hot amateur fucking with great long blowjob parts. The camera angles are mostly good. Not 100% of the time, but that kind of comes with the amateur porn genre.

I was very happy with the video quality here. Not only can you download all recent movies in Full HD, they're 50 fps too, meaning that you get super smooth movement. What I miss are some more video formats though. The only available resolutions are 720p HD and 1080p Full HD. It will be fine for most people. However if your internet can't handle HD streaming or downloading 500-600 megabytes per episode, the newer episodes will be trouble for you. Their streaming player only plays 720p HD movies, which also look nice, but it would be even better if one could watch the Full HD ones streamed too, not just download them.
A quick note about older videos: about half of the library is available in Full HD, most of the others are available in 720P HD, only the oldest few are SD.

Let's talk a bit about the navigation. When you log in, you get taken to the Mental Pass network portal, where you can browse all sites that you get access to. The layout is simple, and it's easy to use. You can browse all updates together, or list the updates of only Bitch Stop (or any other site), using the Select Site box at the top right. As I said you can both download episodes and watch them online. Bitch Stop is a video-only site, but the other sites' photo sets can be viewed online and downloaded as ZIP files.
There is a model library which can be helpful, since many girls appear on more than one of their sites, and you can look up the girls that you like. The search features could be improved. Only some basic keywords are added to each set, you can click those to find similar sets, but there is no dedicated search page.

The site and the network weren't designed for mobiles. The thing is that they're quite simple though, so if you don't mind zooming in a bit now and then, to click a small link, they're not hard to use on mobile. All content can be downloaded and viewed online on smartphones. (On Chrome Mobile the streaming vids didn't play for me, could be some small bug, because they played perfectly using Firefox Mobile.)

The site had been adding a new scene every week up until January. In January there were only 2 scenes, but hopefully it's just a temporary slowdown. Either way, you'll get new updates every week since multiple sites are included with the membership.

Bitch Stop is a nice site if you want to watch pickups with amateurs, and amateur sex. The girls are all fresh faces, and you get all kinds of girls. There are 18 year old teens who are very pretty, average looking girls, attractive chubby young girls. There are also some attractive mature amateurs in their late 30s and 40s. I've enjoyed the stuff here, the quality is good. With the bonus sites that you get with the Mental Pass, it's a pretty good deal in my opinion. They use CCBILL as their biller so you definitely will be able to cancel the membership easily.


132 scenes (on Feb 6, 2016)
Avg. length
28 mins
type resolution bitrate info
mp4 1920 x 1080 px FULLHD 8175 kbps
mp4 1280 x 720 px HD 2640 kbps


No full photo galleries on this site


No webcams on this site

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