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Final Score: 72/100

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December 2009 (estimated)
August 2, 2015
Data Revised
August 19, 2015
Mobile & Tablet
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Never (stopped updating)
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Review by John Woole, August 19, 2015


Guys with small dicks getting laughed at by English babes. Then they get touchy and often wank off or suck the small dick. Sometimes they even have sex with it!


  • Very hot stories with talking & banter
  • Most scenes have multiple girls
  • A lot of scenes for the genre
  • Good navigation & fast downloads
  • Great bonus sites with Full HD updates


  • Rotates content, no brand new updates lately
  • Only half of the videos are HD
  • Photos are low resolution
  • Photos are not viewable on the mobile version of the site

Hey Little Dick has a pretty funny theme, it's a small penis humiliation CFNM site. Basically a girl or a group of girls get a guy to show his penis, and they laugh and make fun of him if it's small. Things often go a bit further, and handjobs / blowjobs ensue, and occasionally they even fuck the guy. The site is part of the Pure CFNM Network, which means that you get a bunch of other CFNM sites for free with your Hey Little Dick membership.

As I said this is mainly a CFNM site, but the girls often tease the guy a bit by showing him their tits or panties. The stories are really original and exciting, and the British actresses are great at this banter & mocking the guy! They're usually pretty amateurs in their 20s, but there are MILFs and mature models too to mix things up. Some examples for the stories: the girls get angry when they catch a voyeur peeking through the window, but once they see his tiny penis sticking out of this pants, they burst into laughter, and get him inside to humiliate him. In another one a group of girls is on a camping trip when their male friend accidentally flashes his dick while reaching up to get something out of the overhead locker. This gets the girls curious and they insist that the guy to shows them his little willy. In a third scene, the girls are drunk at a party and they make the guys have a cock competition so that they can compare sizes.
There are even some POV-style videos in which the girl talks directly to you, humiliating you for your small cock, but teasing and flashing you at the same time. It's hot stuff!

Hey Little Dick has a nice amount of scenes, each one with a video, photos, and screen caps as well. The bad news is that there are no real updates anymore—they just recycle old sets and add it as new. This also explains why the best quality here is regular HD, and why newer updates often come in resolutions lower than HD. All in all I'd say about half of the videos in here are HD, other half is DVD quality. I found those to be enjoyable too. The photo sets do a good job of telling the stories, but they are too low resolution for me to really appreciate.

Hey Little Dick is not perfect, resolutions could be higher, and it does not add new scenes at the moment. However the most important thing is that there is amazing small penis humiliation content in here that's original, good quality and very exciting. If you're into the genre, this site is a must see, and the price is totally worth if for all these great scenes. And you won't be left without updates either, as the other sites in the network still add fresh CFNM scenes in Full HD every week.

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134 scenes
Avg. length
12 mins
type resolution bitrate info
mp4 1280 x 720 px HD 3150 kbps
mp4 854 x 480 px 3100 kbps


Photos / gallery
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800 x 533 px


Taken from Live Jasmin

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