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December 2011 (estimated)
August 2, 2015
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March 9, 2016
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CFNM content with 18-20 year old English school girls and school boys. The girls get the guys to strip, dominate them, and give them handjobs.

Review by John Woole


  • Exciting content
  • A good amount of nice CFNM scenes
  • Many scenes have lots of girls and multiple guys
  • Works on mobiles


  • Archive site, not updated anymore
  • Basically all of this content is available on CFNM TV &
  • Below average quality
  • Most images are screen caps from videos
  • No ZIPs for photo sets

CFNM College is from the same people who run and CFNM TV. They have naked-guy-clothed-girl videos and photos from England. CFNM College is not updated anymore, the last update was in June 2012. It does have a nice archive of the studio's schoolgirls vs. schoolboys and teachers CFNM content though. The most notable are the St. Dunstan's series and the CFNM Academy series.

If you're already familiar with the two other two sites mentioned above, you should know that most of CFNM College's content overlaps with those two site's.

CFNM College vs. CFNM TV's videos: CFNM College has 1 video series that CFNM TV doesn't seem to have. It is a six-episode series with mixed gender swimming at a St. Dunstan's school trip.

CFNM College vs.'s pictures: There are about 8 photo series on CFNM College that you won't find on

CFNM College vs. TV: If you already have a membership to both the photostory site and CFNM TV, CFNM College won't have much content that's not available to you already. There is the swimming video series mentioned above, plus maybe 1-2 picture series. (Most of the picture series on CFNM College that are not on are actually included on CFNM TV with the videos.)

Let me describe the content for those that aren't familiar with the sites. CFNM College has quite unique stories, mostly in a school environment. The school girls are interested in seeing the guys naked. In some scenes a group of girls stroke the guys' naked bodies, and give them handjobs until they come. Sometimes they give them blowjobs too. The school trip series is like that. However there are quite many scenes with some serious femdom action and some mild humilation too. The girls will spank the guys, finger their asses, insert dildos and other stuff into their assholes. I even saw a scene in which a girl fucked a guy with a strapon.

The video resolutions and bitrates vary. While there are some scenes that have a higher bitrate (3mbps), HD resolutions are not available at all here. The best looking scenes are basically DVD quality. Most of the scenes are a bit worse looking, but as the content is rare and unique, they're still enjoyable and worth watching.

Many of the images are screen caps from videos. Quality is not very good. The good thing about them is that for many images there is text too, basically creating an exciting CFNM storybook or photo story. (Like on—or in fact, the same ones.)

The user interface is very simplistic & dated. The photos can't be downloaded in ZIP files. As the site is very basic, it can be browsed on mobiles pretty nicely if you're ok with downloading the vids. (The video player on the website requires Flash which mobiles don't support.)

CFNM College has many disadvantages like quality, and the lack of updates. Noone can deny that their CFNM content is original and exciting though. If you want to see their scenes I'd rather recommend you to subscribe, CFNM TV, or both of those. Those sites have basically all the stuff here, plus new updates in better quality. I'd only choose CFNM College if I really wanted to get access to that mixed-gender swimming CFNM video series. :-)


58 scenes (on Mar 9, 2016)
Avg. length
6 mins
type resolution bitrate info
wmv 640 x 360 px 1800 kbps
flv 640 x 360 px 975 kbps
wmv 320 x 180 px 700 kbps


366 (on Mar 9, 2016)
Photos / gallery
resolution zip files
1100 x 619 px
800 x 600 px


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