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July 22, 2016
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October 27, 2022
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This is a network. Signing up gives you access to all of these sites: 21 Erotic Anal, 21 Foot Art, 21 Naturals Originals
This network is part of the larger Adult Time network. Signing up 21 Naturals gives access to the whole larger network.


Sensual sex with natural beauties from Europe. Network of 3 sites with over 1000 exclusive scenes. New ones in 4K UHD. Part of the larger Adult Time network.

Review by Wayne Gregory


  • Large collection with over 1000 exclusive scenes
  • "Artcore" scenes with a lot of eroticism
  • Gorgeous A-list Eastern European models
  • High quality 4K UHD videos and gorgeous photo galleries
  • Gives full access to the Adult Time mega network (including 21 Sextury and 21 Sextreme)


  • Only 2 updates per month
  • No new scenes in the 21 Foot Art channel lately
  • No dialogues, no real stories as part of the scene setup

Artcore, heartcore or just couples porn – no matter what label you prefer to use, you'll find it here at 21 Naturals. It is from the same European studio that created 21 Sextury and 21 Sextreme. They cover a broad range of porn and 21 Naturals is where you'll find the romance.

I'll admit that the porn offered here isn't what I normally watch or subscribe to as I prefer scenes with a harder edge but I've been a member here before and found that I really like what they have to offer. Now that I've rejoined I'm still impressed.

While I find the sex itself to be hot, what really makes this site for me are the models. Most models are all natural with no enhanced bodies or many tattoos. I don't collect a lot of scenes with Eastern European models but there are some who I collect anything I can find with them in it. Models such as Alexis Crystal, Veronica Leal, Amirah Adara and Gina Gerson, to name a few, have multiple scenes here. But it's fair to say that if you have some favorite European models you'll find them here too. And if you don't have any favorites, don't worry – all of the models here are stunningly beautiful so you'll likely have some favorites after joining. One potential downside is that a vast majority of the models are Caucasian though there is a little variety here. Also, body type tends to the petite side of the spectrum too.

The scenes have minimal setup which is unusual for this genre of porn. This genre of artcore lends itself well to a bit of a storyline but you won't find much of that here. My suspicion is that many of the models have limited or no English language skills and since so much porn is targeted at the American market that dialogue with subtitles might not go over well. But the good news is that without a storyline we do get to the sex sooner!

The sex itself is all, well, natural. You won't find hardcore deepthroating with gagging and rough penetration. Here the emphasis is on mutual pleasure with lots of foreplay. Interestingly, while many other artcore sites tend to have the guy pull out and ejaculate on the woman's back or stomach, a lot of the cumshots here are still the more common facial and some swallowing. I guess facials can be romantic too.

21Naturals is a mini-network that consists of three sites: 21 Naturals Originals, 21 Erotic Anal, and 21 Foot Art. They act more like channels now that 21 Naturals has been fully merged into Adult Time—but more about that later. The important thing is, you still get access to all of them (and a lot more).

  1. 21 Naturals Originals is the core channel, with beautiful girls in passionate sex, with over 560 exclusive scenes. Currently adding one new scene per month.
  2. 21 Erotic Anal has over 250 sensual anal scenes, with a new one added every month. I'm a big fan of anal sex scenes and this channel focuses exclusively on that. Here you'll find 249 scenes with a relative rarity in porn – romantic anal sex. I collect a lot of anal scenes and most of it focuses on hard, deep anal penetration and usually some gaping too. While you will see some deep penetration and the odd gape here the focus is again on mutual pleasure. To be honest, this is a great change in what I'm used to seeing in anal scenes.
  3. 21 Foot Art, as the name implies, the focus is on the female foot during sex. You'll see a lot of female feet being caressed, licked and sucked. Many of the scenes have the woman giving the guy a footjob as part of foreplay and in many of the scenes the guy finishes by ejaculating on his partner's feet. There are 194 scenes on this channel. 21FootArt stopped getting new updates in 2020—I'm not sure if they will resume.
    (Small note here, Footsie Babes which is in the sister network 21 Sextury, is still updating. You get full access to that one as well.)

Regardless of which channel you're watching, you can expect to see high production values. The 21st Network is known for beautiful models in some of the best produced scenes in the business. The lighting, the sound and the editing are all top-tier. You know you're dealing with real professionals when even the outdoor scenes look great and aren't washed out in the sun.

21 Naturals is now part of the Adult Time mega network. I've joined in the past when the company had stand-alone sites and found them to be a great value then. But now that a membership to any of the 21 network sites gets you access to the entire Adult Time network, the value proposition is now probably the best available on the internet. Having access to over 56,000 scenes across almost 300 channels – with the core part of it exclusive – is an amazing value.

Getting full access to Adult Time gives a subscriber an opportunity to explore other genres. I've never joined a site that focuses on feet before and because 21 Footart is available here there was no downside to me downloading and watching some of the scenes. I'm glad I did because these scenes are really great. Likewise with some of the G/G channels – while I don't join G/G sites I was able to explore these risk-free on the Adult Time network.

So after you log in with your pass, you get the full Adult Time experience. The layout is logical and easy to use on all devices. There are lots of search tools, and you can narrow down the results with the help of many category and model filters. My favorite way to browse is going through the Videos menu, and selecting 21 Naturals from the channels. If you scroll down further, you can add more filters, such as keywords and models.

Scenes at 21 Naturals and all across the Adult Time network are available for streaming and downloads (unless you choose a cheaper streaming-only membership). They offer many video resolutions from low-res to high definition. There's something suitable for every device and internet connection.
For those who collect 4K only, those started being added in November 2018 and there are currently 176 scenes with the 4K option. All new updates include the 4K option.

I found both streaming and downloads to work well. I didn't encounter any stuttering in the streamed videos and scrubbing forward in a streaming video didn't cause a long delay. Then again, your internet connection may be different. As for downloads, Adult Time, like the rest of the Gamma Entertainment sites, have fast, stable downloads. I had no issue with downloads being slow or timing out. There is a 300GB per day download limit, though you'd have to work pretty hard to hit that. A last note on downloads is that download managers are supported here and I had no problem using one.

Photos have always been important at this studio, and 21 Naturals is no exception. Every update comes with a great UHQ photo gallery. All of the photosets are large and some are huge. The photos can be downloaded as singles or zips, and even with the older photosets there are two resolutions available.

If you're looking for sensual sex with beautiful models, 21 Naturals is an amazing choice. It is a big site, the models are stunningly beautiful, the scenes are well shot and the sex is hot. What more could you ask for. I also found that the slower, softer focus of the sex and the mutual pleasure made for a very erotic viewing experience.
Updates have slowed down to 2 new scenes per month, and the 21 Foot Art channel hasn't been getting any updates since 2020. However 21 Naturals is now part of Adult Time, which is likely the largest adult network available today, you'll be very happy to get full access to it. It also means that you get full access to both sister networks, 21 Sextury and 21 Sextreme, because they are also part of Adult Time.


1007 scenes (on May 31, 2021)
Avg. length
24 mins
type resolution bitrate info
mp4 3840 x 2160 px 4K 15100 kbps
mpeg-ts 3840 x 2160 px 4K 15100 kbps
mp4 1920 x 1080 px FULLHD 5000 kbps
mpeg-ts 1920 x 1080 px FULLHD 4500 kbps
mp4 1280 x 720 px HD 3600 kbps
mpeg-ts 1280 x 720 px HD 2200 kbps
mpeg-ts 1024 x 576 px 1800 kbps
mp4 960 x 544 px 2300 kbps
mpeg-ts 768 x 432 px 1200 kbps
mp4 720 x 400 px 1400 kbps
mp4 640 x 356 px 1200 kbps
mpeg-ts 512 x 288 px 550 kbps
mp4 480 x 270 px 820 kbps
mp4 320 x 178 px 500 kbps
200 GB / day download limit for the download memberships. (This is a very high limit.)


1006 (on May 31, 2021)
Photos / gallery
resolution zip files
5760 x 3840 px UHQ
1920 x 1280 px HQ


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One year $143.40 $119.40 rebills at $143.40 $119.40 / year
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