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Review by John Woole, May 6, 2016


One of the best porn networks on the net, with lots of big tits. American porn stars, MILFs, and teens. 6600+ original scenes, 2 new ones every day, Full HD quality, and 100.000+ bonus scenes.


  • The best American porn stars with big tits
  • Fun exciting stories with lots of hardcore sex
  • Superb looking 1080p Full HD movies (downloadable)
  • 6600+ scenes (and 75% of them is available in Full HD)
  • A very good deal with the current discount


  • No 4K resolution yet
  • Streaming videos are "only" 720P HD, you need to download them for 1080P
  • The mobile version is streaming-only, no HD and no downloads on mobile
  • The online image viewer doesn't have a full-screen mode
  • Photo ZIPs are only available on the desktop site (not on mobile & tablet)

Probably everyone thinks that the Brazzers Network is one of the best paid porn sites out there. But exactly how good is it? And what are the weak points? We've got a members' area password, done a thorough investigation, and are about to tell you.

The Brazzers Network is famous for their busty American pornstars, and their hardcore movies that often have an entertaining story. These are simple stories that you don't have to take too seriously. It's all in the name of fun, perfect to unwind. They advertise that you get 30 sites with your membership. In fact it's a little more than that. It is true however that some of their old sites don't update or don't have that much content online anymore.
Rest assured though, there are no slowdowns here. The network adds 2 new Full HD scenes 7 days a week, and as of today, their library has 6617 scenes to choose from.

After watching numerous of their latest scenes, I have to say I'm very satisfied. They still have the little stories and scenarios. Monique Alexander, the big titty goddess is in the bath. She is about to shave her pussy for her husband, because he hates seeing a little hair down there. That's when one of the family friends walks in. Nat is looking for the husband, when he notices the nude majestic body of Monique in the bathroom. She has her legs spread apart, and is just about to start shaving her pussy, when she catches Nat spying on her. Apparently, Nat likes the bush…

The hardcore action is hot and wild, and the camerawork is great. The Full HD videos look perfect. I should note that only the downloaded files are really 1080p Full HD. The highest quality option for the streaming videos (which they call "Truelife HD") is only a high-bitrate 720p HD stream. It looks nice for sure, but it's not Full HD.

When I review a site that has been around for a while, I always check the older scenes too. I was happy to see that you can find perfect quality Full HD scenes even if you go back to 2009. About 75% of their 6600+ scenes are available in Full HD, which is impressive.
And it is worth browsing these parts of the library too, not just the newest scenes. For instance the top top rated scene is from 2009, with Rachel Roxxx. She works in an office, and she always wears low cut dresses, revealing a lot of her big tits. There's one coworker she keeps fighting with, and she had a particularly big argument with him at this meeting. After that, her coworker decides to resolve this conflict, by fucking Rachel in the elevator… in the butt! This is supposedly the first ever anal scene of Rachel Roxxx too.

There are pics for each set too, HQ galleries with real photos. They start with the model posing, then they have the dirty hardcore action too. The image quality and the resolution is nice. Personally I find the 800-900 photo galleries overwhelming, but I'm sure that some of you will disagree. The photos are downloadable as ZIP files too.

The members' area is done very nicely, it's logical, fast, and easy to use. I get 30 mbyte/s (=240 mbit) on the downloads, and the streaming player reacts instantly to fast forwarding. The player also has a great feature, "Jump To Action". The Brazzers crew marks many parts of the movie, such as the Blowjob, Ass Worship, Anal, or the Facial, so that you can jump to them with a single click. There is an awesome model index and scene search page, where you can use multiple criteria to find what you're looking for, eg. "Big Tits" plus "Big Ass" plus "Anal".

I also tested the site on a smartphone and a tablet. One one hand, the site is optimized and very easy to use on them. My issue is that the mobile site is limited to online playback, and the only resolution it offers is 640x368. (The tablet site is the same.) People with HD smartphones and tablets would certainly appreciate a higher quality. There is an icon that looks like a download link, but it redirected me to some garbage mobile app offer. I won't install an extra app for this, downloads should work out of the browser. The photo ZIPs are also only linked on the desktop site, not on the mobile one.
Overall most people with mobiles will be satisfied though, the site is fast and smooth as I said.

It would take a while to describe every site in the network, but I can tell you the main topics. Pretty much all the scenes have hardcore sex, 1-on-1, threesomes, or group sex. The main focuses are Big Tits, Big Butts, Big Dicks, Porn Stars, MILFs, Teens, Wives, Massages, Office & School stories, Doctors, Nurses, and Uniforms. I want to mention the ZZ Series site separately. Brazzers frequently does parodies & story driven movies for that site. There is a Game of Thrones porn parody, and The Whore of Wall Street for instance. They've also just released a Star Wars parody called Star Whores. (Although that one is under the site Brazzers Exxtra, not ZZ Series.)

The Brazzers Network is really big, but they give you an even bigger bonus library. I think you couldn't get to the end of the 128.000 standalone bonus scenes and the 14.700 bonus DVDs, even if you watched porn 24/7. Of course most of this is older stuff, but I was happy to see that there's tons of HD content, and you can even download the scenes. You can also filter by Studio, Series, Model, and Keywords, that's very cool. Some featured channels on there are Mr. Skin scenes (celebs), Vivid, and Party Hardcore.
There are no exclusive live cams on Brazzers currently. The Live Cams link opens Brazzers' whitelabel of Streamate (one of the biggest webcam sites). In the other section, Live Shows, there were actually exclusive hardcore live shows, with their top porn stars, such as Lisa Ann and Ava Addams. It seems like they stopped doing these in 2014-2015. The past ones are still available for download, if you're willing to pay for them.

To conclude things, I can safely say that the Brazzers Network is still a top choice in 2016. They have thousands of top notch Full HD hardcore flicks, all exclusive, and they add two new ones every day. It's only the mobile site that could use some changes, although most people will be very satisfied with that one too. I can say that Brazzers is easily worth the $17.95 discounted price that we have at the moment. If you've only been visiting free sites & tubes so far, you'll be blown away by the quality that the members get. And if you're a MILF, Pornstar, or Big Tits lover, then you simply can't skip it. :-)

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6617 scenes
Avg. length
37 mins
type resolution bitrate info
mp4 1920 x 1080 px FULLHD 12200 kbps
mp4 1280 x 720 px HD 8075 kbps
mp4 1280 x 720 px HD 3900 kbps
mp4 1280 x 720 px HD 2700 kbps
mp4 854 x 480 px 2100 kbps
mp4 854 x 480 px 1100 kbps
mp4 640 x 368 px 875 kbps
mp4 640 x 360 px 530 kbps
mp4 480 x 272 px 780 kbps


Photos / gallery
resolution zip files
2495 x 1663 px HQ
798 x 532 px


Taken from Streamate

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