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May 2, 2017
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June 23, 2017
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Probably the biggest amateur / teen porn site. Solo nudes and masturbation, but also many hardcore and lesbian sets. Take a look at every inch of young American girls. Also known as AMKingdom and ATKingdom.

Review by John Woole


  • Insane size (28.000+ photo sets, 11.000+ videos)
  • 7 photo sets or 7 videos added every day
  • The girls are pretty amateurs from America mostly
  • Nice quality in general, sharp HQ photos and HD vids
  • Great value (even more so at the x3guide discounted price)


  • The design is a bit aged, and there are some bugs
  • The content can feel repetitive after a while
  • Not all newly added videos are great looking
  • Only solo updates as of late, no hardcore & lesbian
  • Mobile usability is not that great (see workarounds in the review)

ATK Galleria (also known as AMKingdom and ATKingdom) is the flagship site of ATK. ATK stands for Amateur & Teen Kingdom. They were one of the first major sites on the net with such content. They're still alive and kicking, and I believe they're the biggest site in the genre. They have over 28.000 photo sets, over 11.000 videos, and 2986 models online.

The site is still true to its original name. The models are 18-23 year old girls. Mostly from America, and mostly amateurs. Both thin, and busty. You'll come across some young porn stars too. Just to give you a few examples, they have Ashley Adams, Zoe Parker, Chloe Couture, Liza Rowe, Alexa Grace, and Pepper XO. It's often their early appearances. And if not, they're still in normal clothes, in amateur style shoots, so you'll see another side of them. The site has about 600 interview vids. They're fun and casual, better than what you find on most porn sites. Those are also an opportunity to get to know the girls.

The main topics here are solo nudes and masturbation. Some teasing ones, but even more that include many explicit shots and closeups. In the past year, pretty much all updates have been solo. However, if you look at the whole library, there are also a big amount of lesbian and hardcore (male-female) sex scenes.

Here's a breakdown of the content. (The numbers are estimates, as the keywords aren't always complete for the early stuff.)

  • Solo Nudes plus Masturbation: My estimate is 20.000 photo sets, and 7000 videos.
  • Hardcore (male-female): 1879 photo sets, 1809 videos
  • Lesbian: 1425 photo sets, 1143 videos

Some more specific, less common niches are also present. Foot Fetish is a big one, with about 2979 photo sets, 83 videos. There's barefoot stuff, toe licking, and all that jazz. There are well over a thousand Coeds In Uniforms updates. The Nudism category is misleading in my opinion, I would rather call them outdoor nudes. They're nice though, it's refreshing to see the girls in different scenery, and there are about 2000 of them. Searching for Pregnant gives you over 500 photo set matches and 100 videos. There are even 700+ photo galleries and 180+ videos with Watersports.

The scenes are somewhere between amateur and pro content. The girls are often in casual sexy clothes, in everyday settings like in the bedroom or the kitchen. In the photo updates there are sexy teasing sets, with sexy lingerie and nudes. But there also lots of raw, amateur sets which lead to the girls spreading their legs and stretching their pussies and asses. Or bending over and doing the same, giving you some nice gapes. You'll see every little detail of the girls' pussies and asses on the sharp photos—it's better than an anatomy class! Most photos have no retouching, so they have that naughty, raw amateur look.

Most movies I've watched are amateur masturbations. The girls are on the bed, and they use their fingers and various sex toys to get off. They're hot vids, with many close shots, you'll definitely get a good look.

ATK Galleria used to do 1 hour long live webcam shows with nudity and masturbation. They were discontinued in 2015, but the 66 shows are available to watch and download to every member.

Let's talk about the quality. Pics are the primary thing on this site. They're sharp and nice looking. The videos are available in Full HD. Now there are tons of videos that look great, but you'll also get some newly added ones that are just decent. The ATK guys get their videos produced by various crews, and the quality varies too.

The design of the site might frighten you at first. It's not a modern look. Luckily the functionality is pretty good. You can browse the Photos, Videos, Models by date or rating. The site is fast—the website, the downloads, and the online video playback too. They have a search engine with many options, and lots of keywords, it works quite well. You'll find some bugs here and there, and the tags/keywords are not complete for the early scenes I believe. But the overall usability is good (on computers), and that's more important.
(Tip: if you want to find the hardcore sets, go the the Advanced Search page, and select 'action' in the Subjects dropdown.)

Some words about mobile device usability. If you're just browsing the newest sets, there are no issues. Their online video player wouldn't start in Mobile Chrome for me, but I just tapped on the downloadable vids and selected "open in Chrome", and then they streamed nicely. If you're also planning to use their search features, I'd recommend to open your mobile browser's menu, and select "Request desktop site". Some links will be a little bit smaller, and you'll have to zoom in sometimes. But you'll get full functionality that way, including the advanced search.

The updates aspect of this site is great. Every day they add a batch of updates, which is either 7 photo sets or 7 videos.

Only a few sites come close to the sheer size of this collection. Mostly other ATK sites come to mind, and If you like solo amateur teens, you need to check it out at least once. The price is definitely awesome for this collection. It's so big, it will take a while for you to explore. The only downside is that the sets can get a bit repetitive after a while. The payments are handled by the ever reliable CCBILL, so you'll have no issues with cancellation when the time comes.


11876 scenes (on Jun 21, 2017)
Avg. length
14 mins
type resolution bitrate info
mp4 1920 x 1080 px FULLHD 6125 kbps
mp4 852 x 480 px 2130 kbps
mp4 852 x 480 px 735 kbps


28814 (on Jun 21, 2017)
Photos / gallery
resolution zip files
3000 x 2000 px HQ
1600 x 1064 px
1024 x 682 px


No webcams on this site

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Also known as AMKingdom and ATKingdom

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This site is also available in the ATKingdom Network network. Signing up ATK Galleria does NOT give you full network access. To get access to all sites in the network, sign up through ATKingdom Network.

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