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May 2, 2017
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June 23, 2017
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The world's biggest archives of hairy amateur girls. From 18 to 50, all women have a natural look, and hairy pussies. And sometimes it's not just the pussy that's hairy.

Review by John Woole


  • Incredibly big archives
  • All genres, solo, lesbian, and hardcore
  • 5 new photo sets and 2 new movies every day
  • HQ photo resolution and Full HD video resolution
  • Great advanced search & many search keywords


  • The design could use an update
  • Content get repetitive after a while
  • Everything plays on mobile, but you have to zoom in to tap the smaller links

If the hairy pussy turns you on, you've probably come across ATK Natural & Hairy already. Its short name is ATK Hairy, and to my knowledge, it is the biggest site in the genre. They have a huge library of amateur girls who have hairy muffs, and sometimes hair in other places too.

After browsing around for a bit, I had to realize one thing. The size of this site is insane. It has over 25.000 full photo galleries and 8900 videos.
We're talking about an oldschool site here, the early content is low resolution of course. But I was happy to see that they switched to Full HD years ago, and HQ photo resolution has also been available for a long time. So there's a large amount of content here, even if we don't count the early, lower resolution stuff.

The site is all about natural amateurs. They come in all shapes and sizes. There are 18 year old cuties with perky tits, as well as mature women with big natural breasts. All of them have hairy pussies, but the amount of hair varies…from a patch of pussy hair, to fully grown pussy forests.
There are many models with hairy armpits too. But it doesn't stop there. The real fans of hairy women will even get their dose of hairy female legs, hairy nipples, and hairy asses. They may be less common, but their big archives have lots of them too.

There are all kinds of photos and videos—solo, lesbian, and hardcore. The solo nudes & masturbation categories carry the biggest amount of updates, but there is a lot of everything. It's also worth noting that the site also has a big section called Hairy Exotics, with hairy latinas from Argentina, Asian girls, and some black models. Thumbs up for that!

The photos are important on this site, I loved their nude sets. Most pics are clear, detailed, and you get a lot of closeups of the hairy body parts. The girls are amateurs, but the photos are hiqh quality and sharp. The Hairy Action and Hairy Lesbians categories make it easy to find those sets as well. You can view the photos online and also download the ZIPs in three resolutions.

In the videos, the girls pose, and reveal their nude natural bodies. They have fun with their fingers and sex toys. There are vids that start with a little interview. They also talk about why they choose not to shave. Lesbian and amateur hairy hardcore videos also get added, just less frequently.
The videos come in three formats. The highest one is Full HD. The lowest one is an SD one meant for slower connections and older mobiles. The Full HD vids look pretty good, and I was happy to see that all three formats can be viewed online and downloaded as well.

The design of the site looks aged, no doubt about it. It is fast and feature-rich though. They have categories, user ratings, favorites, and a good advanced search. There is a nice keyword/tag library, so you can simply click tags like "red head", "small tits", "big tits", "panties", "hairy pits", "hairy forearms", "hairy legs", and less common keywords like "lick armpits", "watersports, "spandex". You can even combine multiple keywords in your searches. The site's user interface is not only available in English, but also in German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and Korean.
Overall if you don't mind the raw look, the site's usability is nice on desktop computers and larger screens. After you get familiar with the site, it's not too bad on mobile either. Everything plays properly. If you want to use the advanced features on mobile, you'll have to zoom in.

The update factor is great. They add 5 new photo sets and 2 new movies every single day.

ATK Hairy has an incredible amount of content. And a good portion of it is good quality, too. If you're a fan of natural amateurs and hairy women, you need to see it at least once. If you decide to subscribe, you'll be happy to hear that the payments are handled by CCBILL, so it's safe to subscribe and easy to cancel. Use our link to get the x3guide discount.


8900 scenes (on May 17, 2017)
Avg. length
10 mins
type resolution bitrate info
mp4 1920 x 1080 px FULLHD 6130 kbps
mp4 852 x 480 px 2130 kbps
mp4 852 x 480 px 735 kbps


25808 (on May 17, 2017)
Photos / gallery
resolution zip files
3000 x 2000 px HQ
1600 x 1064 px
1024 x 682 px


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This site is also available in the ATKingdom Network network. Signing up ATK Hairy does NOT give you full network access. To get access to all sites in the network, sign up through ATKingdom Network.

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