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February 2021
January 20, 2022
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Fashion model looks in beautiful nude art. Nude photos & erotic videos with music, shot by Chris Hunt.

Review by Wayne Gregory


  • Stunningly beautiful models
  • Most models are fully natural (a few have tattoos)
  • True softcore (posing only, no penetration or masturbation)
  • Amazing vids, basically erotic music videos
  • Great variety of content—professional vids, self-shot selfie vids, casting vids, photos


  • This is a newer site, so it's smaller than the major softcore sites
  • Updates are frequent but slower than before
  • Not all videos are available in 4K (but even those will be upgraded in the future supposedly)
  • 25 scenes per month download limit (streaming is unlimited)
  • Search link missing on mobile, it only shows on the desktop version

Superbe Models is a relatively new site featuring the photography and videography of the long-established photographer, Chris Hunt, with the oldest videos and photo sets dating back to December 2020. Hunt began his career as a photojournalist but then moved into fashion and advertising photography with projects around the world. Given that Superbe Models is entirely softcore, high-quality, and featuring strikingly beautiful women, it's not much of a stretch for him to move in this direction.

It's worth noting, though not part of this review, that Superbe Models is part of a media family that includes a subscription-based premium social media platform and a magazine.

Superbe Models offers a good mix of media types including videos, photos, screencaps and selfies. I don't think many readers would disagree with me when I say that a site like this is really all about the models. The models are primarily from Ukraine and Russia with a handful thrown in from other countries such as Belarus, Poland and at least one model of Ukrainian descent who was born in Italy.

The models here could all be fashion models, and, in fact, some of them have fashion portfolios. They all fall between 20 and 25 years old and all of them are natural, with no obvious enhanced breasts to be found. There are no models of colour here which I'd like to see rectified as the site grows but I recognize that the population that Mr. Hunt is drawing on for models is primarily Caucasian.

Most of the models either have no tattoos or have tattoos that are so small that they aren't really obtrusive. There are a couple of models with larger tattoos for those who enjoy and appreciate that.

While I can't say this with absolute certainty as my knowledge of Eastern European and Russian models is less extensive than my knowledge of American models, I don't recognize any of the 65 models currently on the site who have done anything other than softcore. If you are looking for your favourite hardcore porn stars, you will have to look elsewhere. The models here are completely softcore.

One model who serves a specific mention goes by the name Amelie Lou here at Superbe Models. She more frequently goes by Clarice at other softcore sites like Met Art, and Wow Girls. Here at Superbe Models she has 17 videos, 12 photo sets and 22 selfie videos, easily making her the most prominent model on the site. Amelie/Clarice is very popular (for obvious reasons as she is very beautiful) and has videos and photos on many other softcore adult sites. For her fans, a membership at Superbe Models is a good opportunity to see more of her.

The site offers three distinct kinds of videos. Many of the models have a casting video which is simply them in a studio answering some questions and posing in various sexy outfits and eventually posing nude. It's worth noting that most of the models here speak English though not all of them do. There are currently 49 casting videos on the site.

The second category of videos are those that are specifically shot as glamour softcore videos. There are currently 103 of these on the site. While a most of these are shot in a studio, approximately 15 of those currently available are shot outdoors. All of them are approximately 20 minutes in length and look great whether they are shot indoors or outdoors. As I've said, these videos are completely softcore. They are basically erotic music videos, with nice music playing and the models teasing you in various sexy positions. While there are many sites that offer models who pose and eventually masturbate or use toys on themselves, Superbe Models is not like that. The models may touch themselves while they are nude, and the poses are certainly sexually explicit, but there is no penetration or masturbation.

The third category of videos is something that surprised me, and I mean good way. There are currently 376 selfie videos uploaded to the site. The models record themselves showering, dressing or undressing, or otherwise dancing and posing for their cell phone cameras. Given the advent of high-quality cameras in cell phones, I really appreciated seeing these short candid videos. I certainly wouldn't want to see them displace high-quality, professionally shot videos but these self-shot vertical vids do have an allure of their own.

Given that there are three distinct categories videos, including some shot vertically on mobile phones, there is a wide range of resolutions available. Everything is at least Full HD, and 4K videos started to be added in July 2021. Since then all but a handful of the videos uploaded are available in that resolution. We here at x3guide have been informed that the site intends to upgrade many of their scenes dating back to the beginning to 4K.

Superbe Models caters to people who collect photos too. There are currently 107 photo sets uploaded with many of them having a corresponding video. The photos are great. While not all of them are at the level of the top photo sites like Watch4Beauty or Met Art, they are close.
All the videos also offer screen caps too, even the selfie videos have screencaps available. All photos and screencaps are available as singles or zips. As with the videos, there is a wide range of resolutions available which we listed in our photos table.

The average number of photos per set is approximately 80 but the reader should note that the number varies widely. I saw sets with 30 photos and I also saw sets with 150 or more photos.

The site itself is very easy to use on all devices. You can browse by models, films, photos, selfies, and casting videos. Many of these are interconnected in that going to a specific model's page will give you links to the videos and photos that model has on the site. If you click the Advanced Search link at the top you get to a search page where you can filter using categories and many tags. Unfortunately this Advanced Search link only shows on desktop, it's hidden on mobile.

All parts of the site to continue to update though the update schedule has slowed considerably over the past few months. In the past, there were weekly video updates and, on occasion, even more frequently than that. Photo set updates were even more frequent. Over the past few months, however, video updates have reduced to two per month while photos are updated with the addition of a new set each week. Hopefully this is a temporary setback and they will go back to the original schedule.
The casting videos add one scene per month. The selfies are updated more frequently with a new video being added every few days.

The site doesn't really have any major negatives but there is an odd circumstance that when clicking on some of the original model pages that date back to December 2020, there is nothing there. There are no videos, no screencaps and no photo sets. I am new to Superbe Models so I don't know whether this is just a short-term error or whether it's always been this way.

I found downloads to be fast and stable, though given that the file sizes are relatively small, this shouldn't be a concern even to members with slower internet connections. Likewise, streaming playback was stable and I didn't experience any stuttering even when scrubbing forward.

An unusual feature of Superbe Models, though it makes sense on a site like this, is that there is an option for members to arrange for custom photo or video shoots. This isn't a feature I explored, but it may be of interest to prospective subscribers.

I definitely recommend checking out Superbe Models. It's the site that offers a variety of media featuring some strikingly beautiful models in softcore shoots. The videos are stunning and original, the photos are nice, and the addition of casting videos and selfies adds to the site by allowing the model's personalities to come through. If you have an interest in beautiful models in softcore sets, Superbe Models is for you.


528 scenes (on Mar 24, 2022)
Avg. length
20 mins
type resolution bitrate info
mp4 3840 x 2160 px 4K 7000 kbps
mp4 1920 x 1080 px FULLHD 2500 kbps
mp4 1280 x 720 px HD 1350 kbps
mp4 854 x 480 px 800 kbps
103 professional glamour vids, 376 short self-shot selfie vids, and 49 casting videos. The avg. length and resolutions apply to the full videos. The selfie vids are shorter (1-3 mins) and Full HD quality.
Unlimited streaming. Download limit is 25 scenes per month.


107 (on Mar 24, 2022)
Photos / gallery
resolution zip files
5000 x 3333 px UHQ


No webcams on this site

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