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February 15, 2016
April 15, 2016
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September 28, 2016
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Review by John Woole, September 28, 2016


American girls tease you, first in clothes, then nude. Sexy fashion shoots and girl next door sets. The stars of the site are Ashley Doll, Aspen Martin, Catie Minx, and Michelle Jean. Mainly photos, some videos.


  • Unique content
  • Very sexy young American girls that you get to know a bit
  • Great style with sexy fashion shoots that lead to full nudity
  • The crew talks and listens to the members
  • Nice looking HQ photos


  • Not a huge library yet
  • Could update more
  • Some of the sets are from the girls' old sites
  • No keywords / categories

The fans of softcore nudes & teasing aren't exactly flooded with new sites these days, so we were happy to hear about the opening of This Year's Model. It is a promising site. Not only is it unique, they have also signed a number of the popular softcore girls.
We wanted to wait a few months with the review until the site is more established. Let's take a look now!

TYM uses beautiful, natural teens, and creates tasteful teasing content. Like a mixture of fashion shoots, and nude erotica. They add some videos now and then, but the main profile of the site is clearly photography.

You probably want to know how explicit the content is. It varies set by set, but in general, you'll get to see everything. The sets start with teasing and stripping. Some have a girl next door style, but my favorites are the ones that look like sexy fashion shoots. Except that things progress further here. There are many topless and full nude shots in the second half of the galleries. Most series also have many pussy shots. They give you a good view, sometimes even spread their legs. These images still feel tasteful and erotic, never raunchy.

I can't emphasize how beautiful the models are. They have a thing for school girls, 18+ teens that go to college. There are four feature models currently—Ashley Doll, Aspen Martin, Catie Minx, and the gorgeous Michelle Jean. They also have updates with Dawson Miller, Destiny Moody, Ellie Jane, Mindy Corin, Rylee Marks, Trinity Moore, and Jewel.
Some of these girls have their own sites (,,, and As I understand, some of those sites also belong to This Year's Model now. The girls' new content will appear on This Year's Model now.

Photo quality is nice. Each set is available in one UHQ resolution to download. It varies a bit, there are 5760px, 4750px, and 3900px ones, but all of those resolutions are great. You can also view the images on the site. That resolution is lower, but still nice looking.

As I said there are some videos too, as a secondary thing. Some are nude teasing vids, there are candid vids, girls dancing nude to music. There's a hot one where Destiny Moody welcomes the pizza guy butt naked and even spreads her legs for him… so hot! I've seen some light masturbation vids too. The quality of the clips varies a lot, some look good, some don't. Even if everything is in HD resolution (some of them Full HD), video quality is medium on average.

I like the friendly and personable approach of the site. They have a little story to go with each update, and they tell us about the girls on the model pages too. You can comment on the sets, and Amy the webmistress often replies. Sometimes even the girls reply too, I've seen a number of comments from Michelle Jean. There is also a private forum for the members, and the website has a blog that's updated regularly. There are no webcams yet, but there is a menu entry with a "coming soon" sign. Should be interesting!

Let's talk about the navigation and usability. In short, the the site is comfortable to use on all devices from desktops to smartphones. In addition to online viewing, there are download options for both the photo galleries and the movies. They could add alternative, lower resolutions as an option. Most people won't have any problems with the current formats though, as most ZIPs and videos are just a few hundred megabytes in size. The downloads are fast. One thing they could add though are keywords / categories.

The site adds 2 updates per week on average. They're usually photo sets, sometimes one of them is a video.

This Year's Model has beautiful young girls, great content, and a refreshing approach. There are many nude photography sites, but most of them are cold and distant. This Year's Model is personable and fun, you feel a bit closer to their girls than the usual, and you can discuss things with the crew. The price is a bit high for the site's current size, but if you're looking to be part of something special, it's a good place to be. The billing is handled by CCBILL, so it's easy to cancel the subscription whenever you want.

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25 scenes
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7 mins
type resolution bitrate info
mp4 1280 x 720 px HD 3150 kbps


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4750 x 3170 px UHQ
1920 x 1280 px HQ


No webcams on this site

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