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November 16, 2015
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September 30, 2022
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Beautiful European models expose their natural bodies indoors and outdoors. A high quality photos-only site, updated 5 days a week.

Review by Anne McDonald


  • Beautiful models, young & natural
  • HQ photography (even the old sets look great)
  • Big amount of galleries, all-exclusive
  • Nice backdrop and outdoor locations


  • No videos
  • Not much information about the girls
  • Tags/keywords are scarce, so the keyword search is not great yet

Goddess Nudes is a nude photography site. It is strictly photos-only, with fully nude sets that don't hide any part of the body, yet remain tasteful at the same time. It opened back in the day as the sister site of DOMAI. Later on it grew and became a standalone membership site. It was taken over & revamped by the Met-Art team just recently, so we're getting a feel of the new & improved Goddess Nudes.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I tend to agree, especially when it comes to a site such as Goddess Nudes. In this case you’ll be flooded with a rush of verbs, adjectives and pronouns! Yes, your high school Grammar teacher would be proud of your abundance of knowledge in a descriptive nature. Feel free to be an exhibitionist of knowledge, you’ll be whispering words such as, breathtaking, beautiful, seductive, alluring and oh so arousing. Anyone can take a picture, but when someone has, “the eye” for capturing what’s inside of a person and not just their external being, well, that is what makes them a photographer. Since this site is all about images, no videos to busy ourselves with, they’ve certainly done well with introduction and exposure.

The eyes begin our journey, every hue of sultriness resides within. Whether it’s baby blue, enticing green, or beautiful brown, they all seemingly hold a sparkle that says in a non-verbal manner they enjoy stripping, posing and proving just how stunning the female body is, along with a hint of mystery, leaving us yearning to know more about them. Yes, art is alive and well from what the camera offers.

To extract a morsel from the definition of goddess, it states a goddess is believed to be worshiped by people. I concur. When you go through the many galleries offered, dating back 6 years in time, you will feel as though they need to be revered and appreciated. The majority of sets depict the desire through complete nudity, where expressions and body language shows an almost nonchalant type of aura, where it’s the most natural thing in the world to be bare and beautiful. Clothing will come into play throughout, as in sexy lingerie in a state of semi-undress, enhancing and framing parts of the female body that serves to add a bit more luster to the...lust.

The bottom-line for this site is the fact it’s softcore. You’ll view more than an abundance of nipples and palm sized breasts, slender shoulders and shapely thighs, as well as labia in nearly every size and shape, all of which carry the same warm hue of pink that will have you breathing hard. If you enjoy your females shaved in those nether-region-areas, you’re in luck, many will be, along with closely trimmed and even a few that keep it a bit more on the all-natural side. It’s erotic and exotic all wrapped up in one bundle of grace filled loveliness.

Maneuvering your way throughout these outdoor and indoor shots will not be an issue, a model index will give you what “the one that caught your eye” has to offer, as well as beginning your travels after clicking on photos and then slowly scrolling your way from beginning to end. With tattoos and tan lines, corsets and stockings, the females here all hold personality oozing from their every orifice as the camera falls in lust with them, as a voyeur will as well. Their intro promises held up nicely, with updates happening on a Monday through Friday schedule, giving you something to look forward to throughout the weekend. They plunge into softcore seduction and come out of it as a winner.

The site's new interface is very nice to use on both desktop computers and mobile devices. Just press the right arrow or tap the screen, and you'll be taken to the next picture in the series you're viewing. Or download the ZIP galleries, your choice.

Goddess Nudes' new skin is great, it's easy to browse. You get such a big library of beautiful sets. Any lover of natural, erotic nudes with young women will enjoy it. Check out their free tour. If you like their samples, you won't be disappointed by the members area either. :-)


No videos on this site


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