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December 23, 2015
January 4, 2016
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April 4, 2017
Mobile & Tablet
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Review by John Woole, March 18, 2016


A small VR porn site from Spain. Immersive, long scenes in many genres—POV sex, lesbian sex, masturbation, JOI, and cuckolding.


  • Original content that explores various niches/fetishes
  • Long movies (30-40 mins)
  • Good tech specs, 180° 3D @ 50fps
  • Free samples for all videos, and free photo galleries
  • Inexpensive


  • Low amount of scenes
  • No strict update schedule (about two scenes per month so far)

Virtual Taboo is a promising virtual reality porn site from Spain. Their library is not too big yet, but they have some real hotties and POV scenes that are quite long too.

The site supports all the available VR devices, Oculus Rift, iPhone and Android VR headsets. I was glad to see that all of their releases had a file optimized for Samsung Gear VR too. (If all of this doesn't make sense to you yet, I recommend reading our VR Porn FAQ.

As I said they don't have many scenes yet, I counted 8 of them. The upside is that many are 30-40 minutes long. Their content is a mixture of niches, they have POV fucking (VR sex recorded from your perspective), blowjobs, a lesbian scene with both voyeur and female POV shots, and a masturbation vid. I'm glad to see that they're also experimenting with some less common niches/fetishes. There is a virtual cuckold experience in which a guy is fucking your wife in front of you, and a JOI (jerk off instructions) video as well.

After watching a few scenes, I have to say I'm very satisfied with their content. They understand the power of close shots, which, coupled together with the 3D, makes for great immersion. The quality is nice too. (Tip: if you're using a powerful smartphone, you should give the higher res Oculus or GearVR files a try, they worked flawlessly when I tested them on mine.)

A photo gallery comes with each scene too. This is teaser content, you can view all photos for free without any kind of registration.

The user interface is nothing special, but it's clean and simple. It works great on mobile phones too. It doesn't have any advanced features like keywords for the scenes, a search system, or a central model index. These things are not a problem until the site grows bigger though. Download speeds are fast now, we tested from both USA and Europe. There are support pages with step-by-step instruction for playing their videos on all platforms. Many people will appreciate them.

The site doesn't seem to follow a strict update schedule, but based on the past, you can expect about 2 scenes per month.

One thing I wanted to mention, is that in my experience, the Virtual Taboo crew actually listens to their members. If you get in touch with them, they'll answer, and they're open to producing different kinds of VR porn. So if you have an idea, don't be shy, and email them. They might consider your request for the upcoming scenes. :-)

Virtual Taboo is not a super high budget production like some other VR porn sites. The site is still small, but the content they have, I loved. It's not dry at all, they are creative, exciting videos with closeups. They're very enjoyable with a VR headset. Check out their free samples. If you like them, the site is probably worth subscribing to, as it is not expensive.

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8 scenes
Avg. length
33 mins
type resolution bitrate info
mp4 2880 x 1440 px FULLHD 14000 kbps
mp4 2880 x 1440 px FULLHD 12000 kbps
mp4 1920 x 960 px HD 7500 kbps


Photos / gallery
resolution zip files
1600 x 1067 px


No webcams on this site

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