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December 2020
August 20, 2021
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Interracial POV stories with black & white couples, starring American porn stars. High quality 4K UHD videos and UHQ photos.

Review by Wayne Gregory


  • Original, top quality interracial scenes
  • Beautiful American porn stars
  • Great looking 4K UHD videos and UHQ photos
  • Some variation in body type and age
  • Great price


  • Three-video-per-day download limit (but streaming playback is unlimited)
  • Not a huge site yet, but it is growing

She Loves Black is a paysite with premium 4K interracial videos starring American porn stars.

It is a sister site to the well-known site Love Her Feet, which has been around for a while and is likely known to many people reading this review. This studio produces top quality adult videos with some of the top stars in the business today.

Love Her Feet has been around for about three years now and the company is branching out into other popular niches. They recently started a breast-oriented site called Love Her Boobs and a bit before that they started an interracial site, She Loves Black, the subject of this review.

An important thing to note is that while this site doesn't sell itself as ‘interracial,' that's the common term for it in the industry. And further, the term interracial is almost exclusively applied to scenes with Black men and Caucasian women. This is very much what She Loves Black is all about. Readers looking for varied scenes with Asian men and Black women, Black women and white or Asian men will have to look elsewhere. But there are a few scenes with some variation. Alexis Tae and Romy Indy, models who are mixed race but usually billed as Black, have scenes here too.

Active porn buyers know that interracial porn as a theme is very popular these days. Many studios have whole series' dedicated to this niche, such as Jules Jordan and Evil Angel. There are popular sites like and Blacked Raw that are entirely dedicated to it.

Interracial porn can be lumped into two admittedly broad categories: those that feature race play and those that do not. Race play, for the uninitiated, is where the very fact that the performers are different races makes up a key part of the scene. To be blunt, the scene makes something of the fact that a Black man is having sex with a white woman, or vice versa. Interracial scenes where there is no race play are really just conventional porn scenes with a couple (or more) having sex. Race is incidental, if even mentioned at all. Networks like Dogfart Network are known for their race play scenes. Readers of this review should be aware that She Loves Black does not involve race play. The scenes are just hot couples having hot sex, regardless of the fact that he is black and she is white.

The scenes are recorded from the man's perspective in POV, with short seduction scenarios & stories to get them started. Then there are super hot blowjobs and sex. The scenes often finish with cum getting all over the girl's face and in her mouth.

The porn here is mainstream, in the positive sense. It's hot couples having hot sex and what's not to like about that? For some variation, as of this writing there are two B/G/G scenes and four scenes that feature anal sex. (Not to get too pedantic, but one of the B/B/G scenes is also an anal scene.) Otherwise, it's foreplay and sex. Don't come looking for bondage and domination because that isn't what this site is about.
Foot fetish fans will be happy though—an unusually high number of scenes have foot fetish parts and footjobs.

Technically speaking, the scenes are professionally shot, lit and edited. The site has nothing but top-tier production values. Scenes range from around 25 minutes to a bit over an hour, though it's fair to call the average length around 40 minutes.

While there is little variation in the race of the women models on the site there is some variation in body type and age. My preference is for petite models between 18 and 21 and I'm happy with my membership. But fans of big breasts, fuller-figured or more mature women will also find a lot to like here. Also, the models here are top-tier with some of the biggest names in the business having scenes here.

As of this writing the site is just over a year old, having started in September 2020. It currently offers 54 scenes and a new scene is added each week. So if you're reading this review at a later time, the library should be bigger.
A feature used by this site as well as its sister sites is showing the next two upcoming releases. I like the anticipation of knowing a model I like is coming up soon.

I'm a big fan of BTS scenes. I like seeing how scenes are set up and shot, I like seeing the photoshoot that precedes the scenes. For people who share this interest, She Loves Black has a lot to offer. There are currently 25 BTS scenes, and they are adding a new one every week.
Here, even the BTS scenes have the same high production values as the scenes themselves. Cuts of the photoshoot and shooting the scene are interspersed with interview clips. If you're not a big fan of BTS scenes, this could be the site that changes your mind.

The site is very easy to use, no matter if you're using a computer, phone, or a tablet. It's easy to sort and find what interests you and then to stream or download what you like. The scenes can be sorted by date of upload or popularity. There is a search function that works well with all the common search terms in porn. Click the cog icon next to the search to get to the advanced search page, it has lots of keywords/tags. You can search or browse by model too. The site is an exercise in simplicity, and I definitely mean that as a compliment.

Streaming and downloads are available. Downloads have four options while streaming has three. There's good news for people who like 4K – 4K downloads are offered on every scene. Please note that 4K is not offered for streaming. See our Videos table for the specs.

I found downloads to be fast and stable, but obviously that depends as much on your connection as it does on the server. I use a download manager for acceleration and had no issues doing so.

I can't wrap up this review without mentioning something that might be a deal-breaker for those who prefer downloading scenes. There is a low download limit of just three scenes per day. I've personally confirmed that this does not apply to streaming and it doesn't apply to downloading photo zips either. The limit isn't capped buy the amount of data so you can download three 4K scenes with no issues, but once you download your allotted three scenes you'll be blocked from downloading more for 24 hours. I'm not a fan of download limits, though I can accept reasonable ones. I'll leave it to you, the reader, to determine if you feel this is reasonable and make your own decisions. I should also note that the sister sites to She Loves Black also have this limit.

There is a photo set available with every scene. The galleries are amazing and high quality, there are not many hardcore sites that have such great photos. They are available as singles or zips in three resolutions up to 4800px.

I like to think about the value of a site. I started collecting porn before many readers were born and I often had to spend $20-$30 on a VHS tape or DVD with just three or four scenes. I'm really happy with sites like She Loves Black that are reasonably priced. That price for 54 high quality videos & photo sets on a growing site is something the younger me could only dream about.

She Loves Black is an new premium interracial paysite that is set to become a competitor to It has amazing scenes with gorgeous women in super high quality. If you like POV scenes and natural interracial sex that doesn't portray it as taboo, you'll love the videos and photos here.
The only thing you have to decide is whether the three videos per day download limit is acceptable to you. I'd say it's annoying but one can live with it—streaming is unlimited, and even with the limit, you can download every scene in one month if you want to. The site also supports Paypal payments via one of the most trusted billers, Epoch. So you don't have to worry about not being able to cancel your membership.


54 scenes (on Oct 13, 2021)
Avg. length
40 mins
type resolution bitrate info
mp4 3840 x 2160 px 4K 22000 kbps
mp4 1920 x 1080 px FULLHD 7500 kbps
mpeg-ts 1920 x 1080 px FULLHD 2500 kbps
mp4 1280 x 720 px HD 3500 kbps
mpeg-ts 1280 x 720 px HD 1500 kbps
mp4 852 x 480 px 1800 kbps
mpeg-ts 852 x 480 px 600 kbps
Plus 25 behind-the-scenes videos.
Unlimited streaming. Video downloads are limited to 3 scenes per day.


54 (on Oct 13, 2021)
Photos / gallery
resolution zip files
4800 x 3200 px UHQ
1600 x 1066 px
1024 x 682 px


You can watch the same cams by visiting Streamate directly.

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One year $99.95 rebills at $99.95 / year
To pay using a PaySafeCard, select the 3 MONTHS or 12 MONTHS membership. Choose Epoch/Paypal as the biller. Click JOIN NOW. The next page will have the PaySafe option if available in your country.
Unlimited streaming. Video downloads are limited to 3 scenes per day.

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