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Final Score: 54/100

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June 2009 (estimated)
May 8, 2015
Data Revised
May 8, 2015
Mobile & Tablet
Content Updates
Never (stopped updating)
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Review by John Woole, May 8, 2015


College girls get interviewed & fucked by Team Skeet. Not updated anymore.


  • Hot sex with hot babes
  • Free access to the great Team Skeet network
  • Only $17.87 with the x3guide special price


  • No updates
  • Video & photo quality just okay
  • Only a low-resolution video can be played in the site's web player
  • Slow user interface

Her Freshman Year is a site dedicated to college girls, operated by Team Skeet. The cameraman does interviews with college girls in a room, POV casting style. After some conversation, the girl poses naked and eventually has to suck the interviewer's dick! As a Team Skeet site, its membership gives free access to all other sites in the network.

Unfortunately Her Freshman Year is discontinued, the last update was in 2011. There are 20 girls in total, most of them pretty hot. You'll recognize several, such as Tanner Mayes or Madison Ivy (she was quite new in their scene!). The scenes are nice with hardcore fucking. Quality is okay, 720P HD resolution is available, although they don't look as good as today's scenes due to a lower video bitrate. Also, their streaming player plays a lower bitrate format only, so you'll have to download the MP4/WMV files for proper quality.

Pictures are enjoyable, but resolution could be higher, and some of the longer sets felt as if the pictures were just shot in a row without much thought. The live girls section has cams from Streamate, so they won't be reviewed here.

About the user interface. When you log in, you get into to network portal of Team Skeet, where you see all updates from all sites. You can quickly switch to a single site's updates though, by clicking the Sites tab.
The interface can be a bit too much at first. After a bit of getting to know it it's still ugly, but it's logically built and feature-rich, which is a lot more important. There are many tags (keywords) for each scene, so you can quickly find the stuff you like on their huge network. You can also save the best scenes to your personal favorites section. Overall the site is well-built, my only complaint is that the site reacts quite slowly to clicks - hopefully this is a temporary issue. Luckily there are no problems with download speed.

There are some good scenes here, but some competitors offer more sincere scenes and a lot more content, look up Exploited College Girls or Girls Do Porn, or Team Skeet's other site called Teens Do Porn. If you're interested in a Team Skeet membership anyway - which is a great deal by the way - the Her Freshman Year scenes can be a nice bonus.

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20 scenes
Avg. length
36 mins
type resolution bitrate info
wmv 1280 x 720 px HD 3350 kbps
mp4 1280 x 720 px HD 2600 kbps
mov 960 x 540 px 2000 kbps
wmv 960 x 540 px 1200 kbps
wmv 640 x 360 px 740 kbps
flv 640 x 360 px 740 kbps
mpg 480 x 272 px 1600 kbps


Photos / gallery
resolution zip files
1050 x 700 px


Taken from Streamate

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