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Final Score: 71/100

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May 2007 (estimated)
June 28, 2015
Data Revised
July 2, 2015
Mobile & Tablet
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This site is part of the Perfect Gonzo network. Signing up Cum For Cover gives access to the whole network.

Review by John Woole, July 2, 2015


Blow bangs, hot European chicks masturbate in front of 4 guys before blowing all of them and receiving multiple facials!


  • Hot European chicks
  • Great, unique movies
  • Nice Full HD video quality
  • Photos are very enjoyable too
  • Free access to the whole Perfect Gonzo network


  • Hardly ever updates (the network does though)
  • Site not optimized for mobiles (but it works)
  • Some of the older scenes are only DVD quality
  • Photos could be higher resolution

Cum For Cover is a facials & blow bang site by the Perfect Gonzo team. They are known for their exclusive Full HD vids that feature beautiful European porn stars & actresses. Cum For Cover is part of the Perfect Gonzo network, and signing up gives automatic access to all of their websites.

Cum For Cover is not a simple blowjobs sites. Most scenes start with a beautiful European babe masturbating in front of 4 horny nude guys. She gets herself hot & wet, then she sucks off all of them. There's some face fucking too. All scenes end up by the guys ejaculating on the girl's face—it's wild!

This is pretty much an archive site currently. While there was an update just this month, the previous one was in 2013. The site is still worth exploring as it has a library with exceptional unique scenes, and a lot of them are Full HD. Fortunately other sites in the network do update, so as a network member you'll get 2 new scenes every week. All scenes—including Cum For Cover ones—have both a movie and photos. Many video sites just slap on some mediocre photos as an extra, but it's not the case here. Photography is great and very enjoyable as on all of the Perfect Gonzo sites.

Video quality is nice, about half of the scenes are Full HD. This site launched many years ago, so it's expected that the older scenes are lower resolution. I'd say that the older half of the movies are about DVD quality, so they are absolutely still watchable.
Photo quality is good too. As I said I was happy to see that they paid attention to creating great photos.

The user interface is very convenient on desktops & larger devices, it's easy to browse the content of both this site and the whole network. The site is not optimized for mobiles, but everything works. The only issue is that sometimes it will be difficult to click the small links with your thumb.
Both downloads & streaming work great. The streaming player can only play the two lower resolution files of the movies, although those look great too. The HD & Full HD files you will have to download, or an alternative is letting your browser play the files directly from the download link. This alternative solution worked very smoothly for me even on the Full HD files.
The crew carefully tags all scenes with keywords, so the search features work great. You can also save the best scenes to your favorites.

Cum For Cover has some of the best blow bang videos on the net, with hot babes. Even if it has hardly grown as of late, its great library is worth the price if you're into these scenes. You won't really be left without updates either, as the network will give you 2 long exclusive movies every week. Go check it out!

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80 scenes
Avg. length
32 mins
type resolution bitrate info
mp4 1920 x 1080 px FULLHD 9150 kbps
mp4 1280 x 720 px HD 5150 kbps
mp4 960 x 540 px 3150 kbps
mp4 448 x 336 px 1150 kbps


Photos / gallery
resolution zip files
1500 x 1000 px


Taken from Camster

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Trial membership will only let view all photos, but only 1 video, so a full membership is recommended.

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