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April 2010 (estimated)
August 19, 2015
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October 17, 2017
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Review by John Woole, August 29, 2015


2 American porn starlets sensually satisfy a men and each other! Beautiful Full HD threesomes, and free access to the whole Porn Pros Network.


  • Hot American teen starlets
  • HQ, sensual threesome action
  • Great looking Full HD videos and photos
  • The site works great on desktops, tablets, and mobiles too
  • Free access to all Porn Pros Network sites


  • No stories for the scenes
  • Full HD files have to be downloaded to be played

Teen BFF is an FFM (girl-girl-man) threesomes site from the Porn Pros Network. It has hardcore content, but more on the sensual / erotic side rather than nasty hardcore. As it is a Porn Pros site, buying a membership will grant you automatic access to all of the sites in their network.

The site has been around for a while now, and it has nice size library with over 200 original scenes. The site still grows, they add 2-4 new Teen BFF scenes every month. There can be no complaints about their girls—they have really beautiful American teen starlets such as Alexis Adams, Alex Mae, Dakote Skye, and Keisha Grey.

All of the scenes have a video, screen caps of the video, and a real photo gallery as well. As with some other Porn Pros sites, the early videos are a bit different in style, those are dirtier hardcore threesomes. Those are only a minority on the site though, most vids are shot in the newly popular style of classy, clean, erotic hardcore porn. That does not mean that they don't have two beautiful girls sucking the dick at the same time, wild threesome sex, and facials. The action is still passionate and wild, it's just a bit more sensual, there is more kissing for instance. The scenes usually start with kissing and undressing in fact. I missed the stories and conversations a bit, they don't have those here. Nonetheless the videos and photos are high-end threesome hardcore content.

The newer videos are 1080p Full HD (61 scenes at the moment) and they look nice. But the older vids look good too, almost all videos in the library are available in 720p HD. The photo resolution could be a bit higher, but I was still mesmerized by them. They're very clear and great looking pictures. I've said this before, but my props go to the Porn Pros photographers, they do a really good job at capturing the girls' sexiest moments.

The user interface is nice, it's easy to use on both desktops and mobile devices. It's simple to browse the content of the whole Porn Pros network or just a single site's. You can sort scenes in a numerous ways, save the best ones in your favorites, check the scenes of a girl that you like. There's a text search, and you can also look up scenes by categories, such as anal or creampie. The minor problems I found are that when viewing photos, you can't use keyboard arrows or tap the screen to go to the next image, and that the downloaded filenames video are not descriptive. Also the streaming video player will only play movies in up to 720p HD resolution, so you if you want to watch the 1080P Full HD version of the videos, you have to download them. Fortunately download speeds are great!

If you want to see young American porn starlets in hot, sensual threesomes with some lesbian action and kissing included, I highly recommend this site. Not only they have HQ content, but the bonuse sites are also excellent, you get the whole Porn Pros network with an insane library and 3 exclusive updates a week. And at the current discounted x3guide membership price it's a greal deal!

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222 scenes
Avg. length
26 mins
type resolution bitrate info
mp4 1920 x 1080 px FULLHD 7500 kbps
wmv 1280 x 720 px HD 6700 kbps
mp4 1280 x 720 px HD 3800 kbps
mpg 852 x 480 px 2100 kbps
mp4 852 x 480 px 1950 kbps


Photos / gallery
resolution zip files
1500 x 1000 px


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