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Final Score: 77/100

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January 7, 2014
November 12, 2015
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April 2, 2019
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Review by Anne McDonald, December 23, 2015


Experienced girls cast new starlets and teach them how to have sex on camera. Threesomes with wild, beautiful, passionate sex. Part of the Nubiles Network.


  • Original threesome castings that are quite long
  • Really beautiful American porn stars, and pretty, natural looking starlets
  • Great quality Full HD videos and HQ photos
  • Smooth members' area experience on all devices
  • Free access to the whole Nubiles Network


  • Only one new castings scene per month (but the network updates often)
  • Not a huge number of castings yet
  • Not always the first porn scene of the casted girls I think

Nubiles Castings is part of the Nubiles Network, and it delivers the same high quality and beauty as their other sites. This castings site of theirs focuses on showing the ropes to beautiful 18-20 year old newcomers. Instead of the classic casting couch fucking, this site follows a different approach. They have girls introducing other girls into the world of porn, showing them how to please a man on camera.

Nubiles Casting features behind the scenes sexiness, which will include coy expressions and shy actions, when the qualms rush through of uneasiness. Until they're quickly replaced by fornication pheromones. A bit of a touch here, a flick of the tongue there and suddenly the red light on the camera means anything but stop!
There's a great amount of nudity found from this installment, as clothing slides to the floor, legs lift high into the air. There are sets of hardcore delight featuring missionary, doggy style and reverse cowgirl sex positions, which is never too far from the woman manning the camera, who will usually join in to make these scenes thriving threesomes.

For instance, dating back a couple of months I found a set housing Jessa Rhodes and Jaye Summers, a duo of desire, two hot babes that certainly know how to play well together. They tag team a straining shaft and are sure to apply oral sex until all of the wrinkles have stretched into smoothness. One grips the root while they both lick the tip, switching off and sharing the taste of semen pre-cum.

Video quality is great. Video formats range from lower resolutions up to a Full HD vids, which illustrate clarity and purity in skin tones. The higher tier of niceness will bring things in to a, “almost in the same room” type of presentation.

Photo galleries are a prime example of how well the erotic minds of this network work, both the photography and the quality are superb. There are 3 size choices for browser viewing, a ZIP option, and full screen crispness that make you want to say, “Oh-la-la!”. They won me over with the flawless softness of their nude bodies as they twist, turn and show their flexible side through threesome excitement.

The updates don't come too often unfortunately, there has been one new castings scene per month, as of late. The thing is that they do update the Nubiles Network many times a week, but some of their sites get more updates than the others.

Nubiles Casting is certainly not your regular kind of castings site. I recommend it if you love natural beauty, threesomes, and it excites you to look a bit behind the scenes. The fact that it is girls orchestrating the castings here make the whole thing a bit more erotic. Don't worry though, nothing will be hidden or censored, there's real fucking going on here. It is a great fit for the lovers of tasteful hardcore porn, and if you have a girlfriend or wife, maybe even she will watch it with you. ;-)

To sum it up, the content is delicious and passionate, and the quality is very high. The site could update more though. Fortunately the other sites in the network deal will serve you fresh content multiple times a week.

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67 scenes
Avg. length
40 mins
type resolution bitrate info
mp4 1920 x 1080 px FULLHD 11000 kbps
mp4 1280 x 720 px HD 4800 kbps
wmv 1280 x 720 px HD 3600 kbps
mp4 960 x 540 px 1900 kbps
mp4 640 x 360 px 1000 kbps
mp4 480 x 270 px 400 kbps


Photos / gallery
resolution zip files
5760 x 3840 px UHQ
2000 x 1333 px HQ
1200 x 800 px


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