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October 2003 (estimated)
September 8, 2015
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September 8, 2015
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Review by John Woole, September 8, 2015


A southern guy picks up TRULY amateur women and fucks them in the ass in front of the camera. Lots of BBWs and older women, gapes and anal creampies.


  • REAL amateurs
  • Average looking women (if you're into that)
  • Dirty home videos with lots of anal
  • Lots of movies, and they are long ones too
  • Unique videos that you won't find anywhere else


  • No HD resolution, videos are average looking
  • Videos have to be downloaded to watch
  • The newest scenes are available on VHS/DVD first
  • No search features

Dirty Director is… dirty. The site is ran by a guy called Zack, who loves dirty anal sex. He picks up all kinds of amateur southern girls to fuck in front of the camera. By amateur I really mean amateur here. It must be the first time for many of the women on the site. There are lots of older women here, BBWs, and ugly chicks too. Zack is not picky when it comes to fulfilling his dirty desires. ;-)

I should mention that Dirty Director started out as a VHS/DVD order site, and they still continue to do that. The newest movies listed on the main page of Dirty Director are VHS/DVD only. They do become downloadable to the paying members of the internet website eventually, but only a few months later. The site adds two new scenes every month.
If you want to see which scenes are available for download with the membership, check out the Join Page. It has a very clear, full list. Members also get 50% off the VHS/DVD orders, which is nice if you like to own a physical copy.

The movies are recorded in a real amateur manner. They feel like anal home videos. If you're into them you'll appreciate the vids here. Zack likes to use various sex toys and accessories like enemas. The action is dirty hardcore with a lot of ass fucking, gapes, insertions, ass to mouth, deep throating, anal creampies, and so on. There's a good amount of threesomes too. These women are not experienced porn stars and often a bit older, so the pace of the movies is often slower than in retail porn—and that's fine.

Each video is available for download as both a full-length WMV file, and in a few smaller WMV segments in lower quality. The quality of the full scenes is a tiny bit below DVD quality. They're enjoyable & watchable, especially considering that this is quite unique amateur content, but it would be nice for the site to upgrade to HD still. There are pictures for each scene too, but they are just some screen caps from the videos, they're nothing special.

The interface is really basic, it is basically just a list of scenes, each with video download links and pics. The videos are download-only, you can't watch them streamed. I appreciate it that Zack describes every scene and tells us about the women in it. I did miss a search feature and clickable keywords/tags to be able to find stuff quicker. The site works decently on mobile phones and tablets too, just make sure to have a media player app installed that plays WMVs.

Dirty Director focuses on a pretty rare niche, and it is very good in it. Even if the quality and the navigation are basic, the uniqueness of the content makes up for it in my opinion. It has a really great amount of videos, and they're long too. If you want to see TRUE amateurs, hairy BBWs and grannies, chubby chicks and average looking gals getting ass & mouth fucked, you'll totally want to be a member of this site.

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