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December 1998 (estimated)
May 2, 2017
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January 14, 2019
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Review by John Woole, June 26, 2017


Possibly the biggest amateur mature site. From 30+ MILFs to 50+ ladies. Amateur American housewives in solo nudes & masturbation mainly. Also some hardcore & lesbian updates. Great HQ photography, and Full HD videos. Well over 20.000 updates in total.


  • Gigantic collection (19.000+ photo sets, 6000 videos)
  • Covers many subgenres and categories
  • HQ photography and Full HD videos
  • Multiple updates every week
  • Great price (even more so with the discount available here)


  • The website could use a redesign and reorganization
  • Too many hairy updates (for those not into it anyway)
  • Hardcore & lesbian section not as strong as the solo, especially as of late
  • On mobile phones, zooming in required to navigate (but otherwise the site works good)

Aunt Judy's is probably the biggest amateur mature/MILF site out there. They focus on the MILF next door & mature next door kind of women—from the early 30s to ladies over 50.
They have over 2000 models, the majority of them are American and white—but there are also some black, Asian, and latina models, as well as some ladies from Britain and Russia.

Aunt Judy's is an oldschool site that was started in 1998. It's been growing ever since, with multiple upgrades in the quality over the time. Currently they add at least 2 HQ photo galleries and 1 Full HD video every day.
The size of the site is gigantic. They have over 19.000 photo sets, and about 6000 videos. On this site, photography is at least as important as the videos.

It's hard to give accurate numbers of the categories here, but here's a rough breakdown:

  • Solo Nudes are the main thing here. My estimate is over 16.500 photo sets and over 5000 videos. Includes both teasing/lingerie sets, but there are even more graphic nudes with spreading & closeups.
  • Masturbation is small in comparison, but still a big amount, 780 photo sets, 265 videos. (Growing steadily, quite many new videos in this genre lately.)
  • Hardcore (as in male-female sex) is similar, with roughly 1100 photo galleries, and 300 videos.
  • Lesbian library is a bit smaller, with around 200 photo sets & 70 videos.

There are also some specific fetishes and themes that have a bigger presence.

  • Hairy MILFs and Mature women. 4600 photo sets, 800 videos (yes, really)
  • BBW: 600 photo sets, 190 videos
  • Foot Fetish: 350 photo sets, 12 videos
  • Office Gals and Teachers: 740 photo sets, 65 videos
  • Kitchen / Housewives: 490 photo sets, 35 videos
  • Sports: 440 photo sets, 12 videos
  • Watersports: 50 photo sets, 39 videos
  • Archived Webcam Shows: 14 one-hour long webcam shows, available to download and watch (they don't do these anymore, last one was in 2013)

In the solo nude sets, the girls tease you in their clothes at first. Many are in normal clothes, and many in sexy lingerie and stockings. Then they get rid of them, and shows themselves fully nude. There are softer sets too, but I found that most go quite explicit towards the end. There is a lot of bending over, leg spreading, pussy spreading, and pussy closeups. Or in other words, they have that amateur style rather than glam. They show you every little detail of the models' bodies, without any airbrushing.

In the masturbation scenes, the girls use their fingers and sex toys. I saw some hot vids in this genre. The camera spends a bit too much time on the pussy for me, but that's a matter of taste. The short video interviews before the sets are quite nice. It's lovely to get to know the gals a bit before seeing them in action.

It's a bit trickier to find the hardcore sets. Go to the Advanced Search page, and select 'Hardcore' or 'Action' in the Subject box. A heads up, most hardcore vids are from years back and not HD. With hardcore photo sets the situation is better. The older hardcore photos look great, and they add new hardcore galleries as well. (Although some of those might have been shot earlier.)

The huge amount of the hairy sets needs an explanation. Aunt Judy's has been run by ATK for some years now. One of their main sites is ATK Hairy, with hairy gals. When they release a hairy set with a girl who's a MILF or Mature, they'll also add her to Aunt Judy's. Those who like a natural bush will love this. The others will probably have to skip a lot of sets. Especially when it's not just the pussy that's hairy… But don't worry, there are lots and lots of shaved ladies too :-)

Let's discuss the quality. The photos look awesome. They're available in three resolutions, the highest one is 3000px. You'll find great looking sets even towards the earliest parts of the archives.
As for the videos, they're available in up to Full HD. Quality varies more here, probably because of the different productions sources. Overall it's pretty good. Browsing the past few years I found a mix of great looking and decent looking vids. (Of course the 10+ years old ones are not as good looking, but that's normal.)

Let's talk about the website and the usability. It's got that oldschool look, it could use a new design. But functionality wise, it's decent. The speeds are great—the website itself, the download speeds, and the online video playback are all fast. The categorization is a bit weird at first. There are overlapping categories and keywords. That said, you'll find that the search features are quite powerful after you get familiar with their system.
I also tested the site on a mobile phone. The site is not particularly optimized for it, you have to zoom in to be able to tap some small buttons. But if you don't mind that, everything can be viewed and downloaded without any issues on mobiles.

If amateur mature women & MILFs are your thing, you definitely need to visit this site. It has so much stuff, you can spend days exploring it. The price for such a collection is nice. The billing is handled by CCBILL, which is a reliable merchant that makes it easy to cancel the subscription.
Check out their free samples, they give you a very good idea of what's inside.

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