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February 2009 (estimated)
August 2, 2015
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August 6, 2015
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Review by John Woole, August 6, 2015


Pretty European girls punish guys by fucking them in the ass with a strapon.


  • Exciting stories with talking
  • 2-3 girls in each scene
  • Good navigation & fast downloads
  • Great bonus CFNM & Femdom sites


  • Rotates content
  • Video quality is just okay
  • Photo resolution is low
  • Photos are not viewable on the mobile version of the site

Girls Abuse Guys is a site with a rare femdom genre—pretty girls punish guys by fucking them in the ass with strapons. The site is part of the Pure CFNM Network, and if you decide to sign up, you automatically get access to a bunch of CFNM (Clothed Female, Nude Male) porn sites.

Girls Abuse Guys has 89 scenes, most of them featuring 2-3 European models who abuse a single guy. It's pretty nice that each scene has a little fun story, like the girlfriend and her porn clerk friend punishing the porn addict boyfriend, two whores fucking the ass of a client who refuses to pay, or three sexy female guards abusing the guy prisoner. Most of the girls are Central or Eastern European, so their English is not too great, but I still much prefer videos with broken English to no talking. The girls talk down to the guy, strip him, and fuck him with strapons, occasionally finger his ass and wank him off. This is partly a CFNM site, the girls don't always strip down, and even if they do it's often toplessness only.

Each scene has both videos and photos. Unfortunately the available video and photo resolutions are not high. I would say that the videos are watchable quality since this genre is quite rare. As for the photos, their resolution is just too low. If you have an older monitor or phone, they are okay, but on today's displays they're not really enjoyable in my opinion.

The site seemingly adds a new scene twice a month. However, by looking around on the net for historical data and judging by the resolution of the videos & photos, it seems like the site rotates old content and adds it as new. So basically you shouldn't expect truly new Girls Abuse Guys content in here. You won't be left without new scenes though, as some other sites that you get for free as part of the Pure CFNM Network add genuinely new scenes in Full HD.

The navigation is nice, playback is smooth and downloads are fast. The scenes are perfectly categorized, and there is a model library. It's also very easy to switch between scenes from Girls Abuse Guys, from another site in the network, or scenes from all sites in the Pure CFNM Network. The mobile version of the site is very convenient, although a bit limited in features, pictures can't be viewed on the mobile site.

Girls Abuse Guys doesn't have the best quality and there are no new movies, but the bottom line is that the content is just really exciting if you like to see guys being fucked by pretty girls. That together with the bonus sites which have real, new, Full HD updates, it's a good deal.

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89 scenes
Avg. length
17 mins
type resolution bitrate info
mp4 820 x 460 px 3100 kbps


Photos / gallery
resolution zip files
800 x 533 px


Taken from Live Jasmin

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