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August 2, 2015
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Exciting CFNM photostories, CFNM stories illustrated with images. English school girls, teachers, nurses, and office coworkers make guys strip. They look at their dicks, tie them up, abuse them, stroke their willies and even suck on them.

Review by John Woole


  • Very original, exciting stories
  • Multiple girls in most scenes
  • Huge amount of content
  • Updated every week


  • The pictures are screen caps from the videos of CFNM TV
  • Image quality is not great
  • Many updates only have text for each episode, not for each pic
  • Design could use a revamp
  • Sets are not downloadable as ZIPs, also known as Adventures in CFNM is a photostory CFNM site. If you're looking for videos from the same company, check out our CFNM TV review. has clothed-female-naked-male photo sets, but that's not all. As it is a photostory site, they add 1-2 sentences of text to every image. So as you look at the images you also learn what's going on in the girls and guy's heads, and what they say to each other. Or to put it differently, they're CFNM sex stories illustrated with nude pictures. Unfortunately this does not apply to all sets, but definitely to a good amount of them. Others have a short paragraph only for each episode, not each picture.

Adventures in CFNM is a British site, and they use that to their advantage. Many sets have English students in student's uniforms. One particularly long-running story plays in the imaginary school called St Dunstan's, with over 150 updates. There is lots of classroom CFNM action, field trips, school parties and proms, gym room abuse, and so on. The guys are often muscular, and the girls are amateurs. They have a nice mixture of pretty and average looking girls and women.

There are lots of other exciting CFNM stories & topics too. They have airport strip searches done by hot lady officers, auditions where the women order the guy to get naked, the "humiliated for money" series, and many stories that play in an office. The horny girls and women get the guys to strip, look at their dicks, and often give it a little stroke too or put it in their mouths. There are a good number of femdom sets too. There's bondage, spanking, and some girls literally walk over the guys. There are also a number of scenes in which the girls put a dildo up the guy's ass, for fun!

The number of galleries is really amazing considering that everything is exclusive here. There are close to 1400 sets now. The site adds 1-2 photostories per week. Most updates are an episode of a longer story, with 40-50 pics.

I was not satisfied with the image quality. It seems to me that these pictures are screen caps from the videos of their other site, CFNM TV. (We've reviewed it earlier, it's linked below, under similar sites.) Resolution could be higher and many images are blurry.

The design could use a big revamp, and the user interface is not very modern either. At least in the newest sets you can use the keyboard arrows or tap the mobile screen to go to the next image, that's a good thing. It's a bit annoying though that the text appears after the image, making the image move down a bit after a split second.
There are no ZIPs to download the whole sets. Even if there were, the story text would not be included. It would be better a better solution if they included the story text in the actual images.
The site is not particularly designed for mobiles. If you get past the fact that some links are small, it works pretty good though. has very original CFNM content, and a lot of it. If you're looking for high quality photography, it's surely not a good choice. However if you're looking for CFNM sex stories illustrated with real actors, this site is very exciting. The images add a whole new dimension to stories. If you don't like reading but find the content interesting, I recommend you check out CFNM TV, it's linked under this review.


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