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November 2005 (estimated)
September 24, 2015
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September 24, 2015
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Review by John Woole, September 24, 2015


English girls walk around in stilettos, stockings, and sexy skirts. Non-nude fetish content, some girls pose in lingerie and heels though. 1000+ videos and photo galleries.


  • Huge library
  • Truly focuses on stiletto fetish
  • Two updates per week


  • No nudity (if it's a problem for you)
  • Mediocre video quality. Photos look okay, but resolution could be higher
  • Poor user interface, no sort & search features, no tags/keywords
  • Older photo sets only accessible through the model directory
  • Oldest 50 video links broken

Does a woman wearing high heels, stockings, and a tight skirt excite you? Stiletto Girl is one of the biggest and oldest high heels fetish sites on the net. It has about 1100 original photo galleries, and 1200 videos.

The model library has 86 amateurs from England. Many of them are real stunners, but their natural, average looking women are very seductive in their stilettos too. The age varies too, there are girls around their 20s, as well as sexy ladies in their thirties and forties.

The content is softcore, teasing in nature. The girls and women on this site don't go nude, the furthest they go is bra, panties, and stockings. Most of them just walk around in their stilettos in the park, and the videos and photos focus on their shapely legs and feet.

Video quality is not very good. The newest videos are 640x480, which is just below DVD resolution. It's strange that some earlier videos were higher in resolution (see our video resolution table). I think it's possible that much of the newly added content was recorded years ago. Anyhow, I haven't run into any video that looks really good, every video is mediocre looking on this site.

The photos generally look good, but a higher resolution would be nice here too. There's a bit more skin on some of the photos that are taken indoors, some girls pose in lingerie and high heels.

You can expect 2 new updates a week, photos or videos randomly.

The user interface is very basic. They just have simple update log of photos, videos, and a model library. The video update log goes back to the beginning. The photo update log is not as good, they only show the newest updates. If you want to find the older galleries, your only option is to go through the model library. And many of the older photo gallery have no ZIP files.
There are no search & sort features. There is also no video player on the site, you have to download the movies to watch them. At least most of the videos are in MP4 files, which is a good format that all devices can easily play. The links of the oldest 50 videos are broken so those can't be watched currently. (They would probably be pretty bad quality anyway.)
The site is not particularly optimized for mobiles, but if you don't mind tapping the small links with your fingers, everything works correctly.

I only recommend Stiletto Girl to real high heels fetishists. If you are a fan, you will probably accept the mediocre quality, and be very happy with the HUGE library of content that's truly just about stilettos and legs.

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