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December 19, 2004
October 23, 2015
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October 23, 2015
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Review by John Woole, October 23, 2015


An English site that truly focuses on leather boot fetish. Pretty British girls pose in boots and lingerie, or naked in long boots! Also some masturbation, sole licking, and femdom action.


  • A huge collection
  • True focus on leather boot fetish
  • Original, exclusive sets that you won't find anywhere else
  • Leather fetish bonus sites
  • Fair price


  • No real new updates lately, just old scenes being readded
  • Some good quality scenes, lots of medium quality, and low quality too
  • No hardcore content
  • Very basic design, no search features at all
  • Hard to download photo galleries

Leather fetish websites are not too abundant. Girls in Leather Boots focuses on an even narrower fetish, leather boots, with all original content. You get free access to two other leather sites as well, a general leather fetish one and a leather gloves one.

Girls in Leather Boots is an English site, and they have about 70 English models. They are mostly young and pretty, it's quite nice.

The site is truly huge when it comes to picture galleries. They're hard to count as the photo galleries can only be reached through hand-made pages. Many girls have lots of photo galleries with them. My estimate is at least 800 photo galleries for this site. Most of the photos are sexy posing ones, but there are many nudes too, and some with full pussy shots as well.
Roughly 175 of the galleries feature 2 girls, and 32 have two girls and a men in them. Multiple models don't have sex, but posing together in leather, some light boot domination and Femdom mostly.
Most of the images have an amateur fetish feel to them. I found many a bit too plain, but there are many exciting ones as well. You'll definitely find many great ones in such a big collection. Quality is medium, unfortunately resolutions aren't too high, most of them are just 1000x664 pixels.

The number of videos is 287, this number is verified. The girls pose in the boots in sexy clothes, lingerie, or naked except for the boots. They put on their boots or take them off. I've also seem some sole licking. Some girls also masturbate, but it's not too common. I liked it that quite a few of the models talk to the camera and tell you how sexy they feel in the boots. Some will even talk dirty to you.
They started adding HD files in 2014, those are good quality. There are only about 20-25 of these videos unfortunately. There are many okay looking DVD resolution videos between the rest of the files, as well as a fair amount of lower quality vids.

The site's update log says that there's a new update every 9 days—a video most of the time. Unfortunately after checking the quality of these updates, it seems like they're just readding old stuff and labeling it as new.

The user interface is very aged. There are no search and sorting options. At least it's very easy to download all videos, and downloads are fast too. Pictures are harder. Most galleries don't have a ZIP file. There is no embedded video player, you have to download the vids to watch them. The site also works properly on mobiles and tablets.

Apart from the great bonus sites you also get a bunch of leather boot fetish text stories, and some old galleries from Raif's World, which was a past project as I understand.

There are numerous downsides to Girls in Leather Boots, but the bottom line is that it has a huge archive of great leather fetish sets. They're all original and exclusive. The discounted price is pretty good too for this big amount of content. The other sites you get access to are a great bonus. If you're a true fan of leather boots, you should check it out for sure!

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287 scenes
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4 mins
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mp4 1280 x 720 px HD 9000 kbps


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1200 x 800 px
1000 x 664 px


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