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March 2004 (estimated)
September 7, 2016
Data Revised
September 7, 2016
Mobile & Tablet
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Few times a week


The naked feet of perfect looking European models. Sexy, non-nude shots. Ultra HQ photography and Full HD videos with over 250 models.

Review by John Woole


  • 100% focus on the feet
  • Gorgeous European babes with makeup on, sexy dresses, and perfect pedicures
  • Huge amount of updates, and 2 new ones every week
  • Amazing ultra high quality photos
  • Videos are Full HD


  • Usability issues, sometimes you have to hit refresh for the updates to load
  • Vids could use some more creativity and variety, and some speech
  • Cannot change the streaming video playback resolution, only Full HD is available
  • The pic viewer doesn't work on mobile (but the photo ZIP downloads do)

Today we're reviewing an old school foot fetish site. Noemi's World was started in 2004, and they're still going strong. There are two updates every week.

The site focuses strictly on the feet. Beautiful European babes show their feet, and the photographers and cameramen capture them perfectly. There is no nudity here. There are pantyhose, socks, stockings, and sexy lingerie though—and lots and lots of bare feet.

The girls are truly beautiful here, perfect tens. They have a massive model database with 255 girls. The models are tall, slender, wear sexy dresses and lingerie, have the full makeup and perfect pedicures. Sometimes they wear heels or sandals, but they soon take them off so that you can get a better look at their feet. It is a delight to view such shapely long legs, the perfect feet, bare toes, and the sexy painted toe nails (the red are my favorites!).

Noemi's World is both a pictures and videos site, and it has massive archives. Over 450 videos and 890 photo galleries at the time of the review.

The photos are amazing on NoemisWorld. They're very well shot, and ultra high quality. It's high-end glamour style photography, basically like a Playboy for foot fetishists. The sets are creative and stylish, and there are lots of super sexy close shots of the feet. The lovers of long legs will be satisfied too. I was happy to see that the photos are great quality, even if I go back multiple years in their archives. The online photo viewer is very convenient on PCs. You can press the keyboard arrow buttons or click with your mouse to jump to the next pic. Zipped photo gallery downloads are also available, in two resolutions.

The videos are 100% focused on the feet, and they have an amateur feel to them. The girls lie on the bed relaxing or using their phones. They fiddle and play with their feet, rub them together. The whole thing is recorded by the camera up close, you get great closeups of the feet. Video quality is nice, you can download these vids in 1080P Full HD. (Some sites have a bit better looking Full HD, but these are not bad at all either.) It seems to me that most of the content is HD on the site. The oldest vids aren't, but those are enjoyable too.

The site had introduced a new design in 2015. I will say that it is a great fresh look. I wasn't satisfied with the usability though. I find the interface slow, sometimes I had to hit refresh a few times for the updates to load. Also, I expect the member areas to show the dates for each update. That's missing here. Also, it's not comfortable to browse many hundreds of sets on a single page, they should split them on multiple pages.
On the Tags page you can select a number of fetish keywords to list sets, such as Barefoot, Pantyhose, Socks, Kneehighs, Soles, HD, Sexy Big Feet, French Pedicure, Red Toenails, Sheer Pantyhose, and Black Pantyhose. I had issues on this page too, the list often wouldn't load.
Don't get me wrong, the site is still usable. You can get by and download everything, and the download speeds are good. But these little things can be annoying when you join the site for the first time, and you want to explore their whole library.

I also tested the site on a mobile phone. The new design shows up very nicely, and it's convenient to use with your fingers. There are some drawbacks though. They only offer the Full HD version of the vids on mobile. While they're not huge files (200-300MB), they could still offer a smaller resolution alternative. The other thing is that I couldn't open the photos in my mobile browser. Downloading the photo ZIPs works fine on mobile too though.

Even with the usability issues, Noemi's World is an exceptional and unique foot fetish site. Especially if photos are your thing. The girls look amazing, and the photographers really know how to shoot exciting photos of the legs, bare feet, toes, and soles. The payments are handled by CCBILL, so can you be sure that cancellation will be easy. The site also offers a combined membership, which includes their three sites, Noemi's World, Feet & Jeans, and Sexy Foot Clips, at a better price than if you subscribed to them individually.


452 scenes (on Sep 7, 2016)
Avg. length
5 mins
type resolution bitrate info
mp4 1920 x 1080 px FULLHD 6400 kbps
mp4 640 x 360 px 1625 kbps


891 (on Sep 7, 2016)
Photos / gallery
resolution zip files
5000 x 3333 px UHQ
2000 x 1333 px HQ


No webcams on this site

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Recurring Memberships:
1st period price rebills
One month $21.95 rebills at $21.95 / month
Non-recurring Memberships:
length price rebills
One month $24.95 no rebills
3 months $49.95 no rebills
You can also choose a network-wide membership on the join page. It gives access to Noemi's World, Feet & Jeans, and Sexy Foot Clips.

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