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October 2012
December 7, 2015
Data Revised
May 11, 2016
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Experience another life, wake up next to your porn star girlfriend in a beachside villa. What is your first choice—get her to give you a morning BJ, or have breakfast with her? Over 350 POV sex games. Now with mobile & tablet support!

Review by John Woole


  • Very exciting games in which you are the hero
  • Each game is free to start
  • Great POV sex with the hottest porn stars from USA and Europe
  • Previously unlocked games will remain yours forever
  • New games added every week


  • SD quality, HD is not available

Every once in a while we get to review a porn site with a unique concept. Life Selector is quite exceptional even between those sites. The idea is that you get to live someone else's exciting (sex) life through little story-based sex minigames.

This is our second, updated review of Life Selector. There is an important reason for the update—Life Selector now supports mobile phones & tablets! They added Android support first, and now it works on iPhones & iPads too.

In one of the games, you wake up tired to the sound of the alarm in your beautiful home. Your girlfriend, August Ames is already up, and she comes to greet you. After that little video, you have to make a choice in this mini-game. You can either hang out a bit more in the bed with August, which will lead to a good-morning kiss on your dick. Or you can opt to get up, and continue the day, and have breakfast with her in the sunlit kitchen.

Each game is a story/game mixture with different possibilities, with pre-recorded video scenes. There's no difficulty in them, you cannot fail the games or anything like that. It's a laid back, entertaining experience. I might even call it luxurious—in many games you play a rich guy at a beautiful place, surrounded by beautiful girls, who you have the choice of fucking. You just have to make small decisions between the videos. You are offered a few choices, and you decide how the story evolves by clicking on one of the choices with your mouse. (Or tap on it with your finger, if you're on a mobile or tablet). The stories often start with seductions, but soon enough you'll have to make other kinds of difficult choices. Do you want to bang the girl in a cowgirl position, doggy-style, or have her give you a kiss on your dick?

There are no downloads on this site, the games have to be played on the website. Membership itself is free and doesn't expire, and everything that you unlock remains yours forever. You don't have to worry about losing access. You can come back to the site at any time, continue where you left off, or re-play your saved games. Playing the same story with the same decisions is free forever, but if you want the story to go a different way, you have to unlock those scenes too.

The standard rate is $9.95 for 100 credits, which lets you play 1-2 stories till the end. It all depends on the length of the particular games, and whether you go back to the beginning of them to try the alternative choices. If you buy credits in bulk you can get much better rates.

I felt that the site was quite fair with the pricing. If these were movies that you bought at a pay-per-view clips store, you'd be paying similar sums, and you wouldn't get the whole POV sex game experience on there. Of course if you're used to porn networks with thousands of videos, those are obviously a better deal if you're just comparing the dollars/minutes value. However, what you get on, is something else really. I also appreciate it that the games' beginnings are free. Not every decision in the story costs credits either, and some decisions buy you multiple sex positions, like a handjob, blowjob, a doggy-style sex scene, plus the cumshot.

The scenes are really well done, they are recorded by experienced crews, like 21Sextury's. The model lineup is truly first class too. They have 621 girls, including the biggest porn stars from both the USA like Dillion Carter, Ava Addams, Puma Swede, Brooklyn Chase, and Mia Malkova, as well as from Europe, like Blue Angel, Aletta Ocean, Amirah Adara, and Cindy Hope. They do well in the teen and the MILF departments both. :-)

The site has grown nicely since our last review. It has 351 games currently. 231 of them are marked as a Full Shows. Those are the longer stories that can be well over half an hour in video footage. Many stories have multiple girls in them, not just one.

The stories are original and quite various. In many of them you play an alpha male, you can live the adventurous sex life of a rich man, the boss of a company, a teacher, an attorney, a rock star, or a pilot. In other scenes you're an average guy, like a gardener who gets lucky and finds himself having sex with Sandy, Jenna Presley, and also Puma Swede the same day! The games are a bit like Japanese visual novels, except that it's real sex videos here.

One of the specialties of Life Selector are the girlfriend experience sex games. There are many stories in which you hang out and get to have lots of sex with your beautiful girlfriend who loves you. I found these stories lovely. Of course everything is recorded POV-style, the whole thing is seen from your perspective. By being the one who controls the story, the whole thing feels quite real.

The site caters to a wide range of tastes. Check their keywords on the left, you can choose from things like Big Tits, Anal, MILF, Blowjobs, Kinky, Voyeur, Small Tits, Solo, Foot Fetish, and BDSM. Yes, there are also some wilder games with BDSM, including bondage, latex, spanking, and rougher sex, starring the stealing secretary, the burglar girl, or the slutty maid who's caught red-handed by the wife. Don't expect truly dark scenes, these are still light, entertaining scenes that fit in with the rest. They're nice for those who require a little more dirtyness to get turned on. Also, Foot Fetish fans will surely be satisfied. Lots of games have an option to steer things in this direction, with nice footjobs!

The site and the games worked very smoothly for me. Navigation is nice, you can filter the games using multiple keywords and categories. You can list all games of a particular girl or porn star too. It's easy to re-visit games, and you can also save the games to your favorites.

I tested the new Android and iPhone support too. They did a great job, the site is super smooth on both. It works out of the browser on Android (I used Chrome Mobile). On iPhone, Life Selector has you download a small app, and then you're ready to go. (The iPhone app is basically a special web browser, it doesn't look like a porn app if you don't load Life Selector in it.)

Unfortunately the site still hasn't added HD. Quality is decent, but there's room for improvement. The videos shown in the game are 640x360, so they're around DVD quality, even if the bitrate is good. Because these are interactive games and not just regular videos, the experience felt nice, but a quality upgrade is still overdue.

Life Selector is a really exciting website, with awesome, relaxing POV porn stories/games that you get to be the hero in. Quality could be a bit better, but I was quickly lost in the world of beautiful surroundings and locations, trying to score with hot porn stars, and having fun hanging out with the girlfriends.

The games are free to start, so you should definitely give them a try! Unlocking the full games will cost you some dollars, but the whole billing system is clear and straightforward. They also accept PayPal and PaySafeCards. Overall the site is quite generous, I never felt that I was being ripped off, and it's great that you can revisit the games later at any time. There's also a discount for the x3guide readers, a special 525 credit package for $15.95, which is a great starter kit. Now with the mobile support, you may even seduce a few girls at work. ;)


351 scenes (on May 11, 2016)
Avg. length
35 mins
type resolution bitrate info
mp4 640 x 360 px 1750 kbps


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Membership is free, only credits cost money. You have to buy credits to play each episode of their interactive sex games. The games have pre-recorded porn video scenes. x3guide readers get a discounted deal for the 525 credit package.

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