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Final Score: 63/100

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February 1, 2004
June 1, 2015
Data Revised
August 17, 2015
Mobile & Tablet
Content Updates
Never (stopped updating)

Review by John Woole, August 17, 2015


The site of a teen babe with a natural body and perky tits, who'll tease you by stripping outdoors and masturbating.


  • Lia is very sexy and charming
  • Hot, exciting sets that tease the viewer
  • A good amount of content


  • No updates anymore
  • Quality is mediocre
  • No streaming video player
  • No search and sorting features

Lia 19 is the site of a teen babe whose site is ran by the same crew that manages FTV Girls. Lia is a blonde hottie with a sexy slender natural body and small/medium tits with perky nipples. She flaunts her naked body in beautiful locations, and masturbates for the camera too.

Lia 19 was started over 10 years ago. It has a good amount of content, but unfortunately it is not updated anymore, so think of this as an archive site. The videos are short but fun, Lia poses at a lot of exotic beautiful locations, at beaches and by the sea—the whole site has a summer theme to it. There are also quite many vids in which Lia pleasures herself with her fingers or a sex toy, and some light girl-girl vids with kissing, titty licking, and cuddling. There are a few HD vids, but most of the library is a bit below DVD quality. They're enjoyable if you got a thing for Lia, otherwise another site might be a better choice.

As you could expect from an FTV site, all the sets have great photos too. Many start out as a teasing softcore sets, but most have great shots of Lia's naked body too. The backgrounds are great. And even though most photos are only about 1000 pixels wide, they look decent.

The website's design is before the mobile era, but it's simplicity makes it quite easy to use on mobiles, as long as you have a media player installed that can play DivX or WMV files (WMVs are the better quality ones). I did miss the streaming video player from the user interface, and there is no categorization, search, or any kind of sorting options either.

Lia 19 is a very simple archive site with medium quality videos and a bit better looking photos. The content is excellent though. Lia smiles a lot and has a sexy, irresistible charm to her, and there is a large amount of very exciting sets. If you like a natural teen girl to tease you with upskirts, pose naked in public, and pleasure herself in her bed, it's worth considering. If HD quality is important to you, I recommend you check out FTV Girls or Danielle FTV from the same people.

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306 scenes
Avg. length
8 mins
type resolution bitrate info
wmv 640 x 480 px 2050 kbps
avi 352 x 256 px 675 kbps


Photos / gallery
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1600 x 1064 px
1200 x 798 px
1052 x 700 px


No webcams on this site

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