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Final Score: 87/100

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October 2008 (estimated)
June 1, 2015
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August 7, 2015
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Review by John Woole, August 7, 2015


Danielle is busty & curvy girl next door. She tells fans about her life, has real orgasms on video while masturbating, and fucks some guys and gals on camera!


  • Danielle enjoys running her site
  • Exiting home videos with real orgasms
  • Good amount of content
  • Good quality
  • New updates every week


  • Mobile navigation could be improved a bit
  • No search options
  • No streaming video player
  • Would be nice to have MP4 video format in more resolutions

Danielle FTV is the personal porn site of Danielle Delaunay, a busty & tastefully voluptuous natural beauty who's also a very popular model on FTV Girls. Her website is a mixture of amateur content recorded by Danielle herself, and professionally made scenes shot by the FTV crew.

Let's start with the professionally shot content! The site currently has 232 professionally shot photo galleries, and 246 movies. The majority of them are solo, Danielle shows us her beautiful curvy body, and masturbates with various massagers and dildos, which she often inserts in her ass too. I was really happy to see that while these scenes are professionally recorded, Danielle acts naturally in them and doesn't fake anything. And she has a lot of real orgasms too! :)
There are a good amount of sex scenes with different guys too, around 50. These are also the amateur home video kind, with hot blowjobs, titty fucking, sex, and even some anal! You can see that Danielle really enjoys these scenes. ;) The fact that Danielle uploads candid vids of meeting these guys and talking to them before the sex scenes makes them even more personal and exciting. There are some girl-girl scenes too.

As for the other kinds of content, there are lots of those too. There are 50 candid photo galleries, and 50 candid videos. There are 19 galleries with selfies taken by Danielle with a mobile, and 20 photo galleries of Danielle taken by various guest photographers. The biggest section is Video Log entries, with 541 videos. It is a really personal thing, Danielle answers member questions every week in these videos, talks about her life and discusses the photoshoots in 3-10 minutes. (I did not include these in the regular video count as they're a bit different.) There used to be a webcam section, but that's not active anymore. There is a forum for members in which Danielle does answer posts actively.

About the quality. The professionally shot new videos come in Full HD quality, and they look nice. The photos not available in the ultra high resolution of FTV Girls, but they definitely still look good. The candids are a bit lower quality than the professional scenes, but I don't see that as a problem, they look alright for their purpose.

The site has a nice looking design that's easy to understand. There are no big issues, but the navigation has room to improve. There is no proper search and keyword categorization. The videos are geared towards downloads, there is no streaming player. Also they should switch the lower resolution videos from the current WMV format to MP4, as it's supported by more players now. An alternative, smaller photo size would be nice to have too for people with slow internet. Also, while everything works on mobile phones, it's hard to navigate as the links are too small to touch on a small screen.

The site gets at least one new professionally shot scene every week, either a movie or a photo set. Danielle also adds a Video Log video at least once a week, sometimes twice.

Danielle FTV is a fine example how a model's site should be run. It has lots of amazing, good quality content, regular updates, and real interaction with Danielle. She really is the girl next door porn babe, you can tell that she enjoys doing this, and she appreciates her fans as well. If you like Danielle, I can safely recommend you to join her site, you won't be disappointed!

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mov 1280 x 720 px HD 8000 kbps
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wmv 640 x 480 px 1070 kbps


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1800 x 1200 px


No webcams on this site

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