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November 25, 2022
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American amateurs and pornstars sucking the dicks of black & white strangers, and swallowing their cum. Revamped website with 410+ models in 1400+ videos.

Review by Wayne Gregory


  • Among the best (and biggest) gloryhole sites available
  • Exclusive, original content
  • High video quality, new updates are 4K & 60 fps
  • Many interviews with the models
  • The new website is nice, great usability


  • No real photos, just screen caps from the videos
  • 4K only began to be added recently

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Gloryhole Secrets offers exclusive, authentic-looking scenes featuring a mix of amateurs (mostly in older videos) and well-known pornstars (in the newer videos) on their knees orally servicing anonymous men. We're reviewing the site after a big, recent change: the website is now operated by Gamma Entertainment.

I'm a big fan of glory hole scenes and have had memberships at all the popular sites. As with any porn niche, some sites are better than others. I am happy to report that, even before being asked to review Gloryhole Secrets, it was in my top three favourite glory hole sites. I first joined Gloryhole Secrets 10 years ago and liked it then. I've been a member there a few times in the intervening years, but I was happy to be given the opportunity to check it out again because there have been some big changes. However, I think it's reasonable to say that if you are a fan of glory hole porn, then Gloryhole Secrets is well worth checking out.

Gloryhole Secrets dates to 2009, though it approached scenes differently then than it does now. Back when Gloryhole Secrets first began, and continuing for a few years, the scenes featured mostly amateurs with the occasional lesser-known porn star shooting as well. By 2016, the site began shooting mostly porn stars with the occasional amateur. This recipe of mostly porn stars with the occasional amateur continues today.

Before I dive into the particulars of Gloryhole Secrets, let me give some background information for readers who aren't familiar with the genre. Gloryholes in the real world are usually located at adult video or bookshops. Some of these shops will have a back room, with the walls painted black and dim lights, where a patron can go and watch porn. Many years ago, each booth had a separate machine into which the patron had to put money to watch. More modern set ups are controlled from the front desk where a patron pays a fee and then goes to watch the movie in a booth. For readers under 50, this won't make any sense. Why would somebody go to a store to sit in a private booth to watch porn when it is readily available on the internet? The easy answer that question is that these booths pre-date the internet by a generation or two.

Very few actual adult video stores with these private viewing booths still exist, and those that do tend to have only men. I highly doubt that the percentage of willing mouths that ever appeared at the receiving end of a glory hole was attached to a woman. While some women would certainly have this anonymity as a fantasy, only a very few would be willing to try it in real life.

In my opinion, based on many years of subscribing to gloryhole sites, I think the attraction as a porn genre is partly this anonymity and possibility that any of us could go into one of these booths and have a beautiful woman give us head. Porn is about fantasy, and this is just another kind of fantasy.

When it comes to gloryhole sites, whether they are stand-alone, like Gloryhole Secrets, or whether they are bundled as a sub-site or channel in a larger network, they tend to fall into one of three broad classifications. The first, and most rare, are those sites that use an actual adult video store and booths to film. I'm only aware of one site that did this, and this site doesn't do that consistently now. While using an actual glory hole in an adult video booth adds to the authenticity of the scene, it also adds to the complexity. Shooting porn in a publicly accessible venue certainly brings risks, not the least of which are legal risks.

The second category of glory hole sites are those that are staged in a controlled environment but are shot in a way to preserve some of the authenticity of a real adult video booth. Gloryhole Secrets falls into this category.

The third category of glory hole sites are those that have a staged set up but don't even attempt to create the authenticity and feel of a real adult video booth. Unfortunately for fans of this genre, most sites use this model.

Gloryhole Secrets, and a handful of other sites, use a staged site which gives complete control and eliminates most legal risks, but still keeps some of the seedy atmosphere by the way the setting is created and the scenes filmed. One of the easiest ways to replicate a true adult video booth is to have the set painted black. Gloryhole Secrets does that. The glory hole set at Gloryhole Secrets is three-sided with the camera being placed at the open side. With proper lighting, which Gloryhole Secrets has perfected, the viewer gets the sense of the action occurring in a dark private booth at the back of an adult video store, but the action is also properly lit so we can see it.

One last comment on gloryhole sites generally, and I hope I don't burst anybody's fantasy bubble with this. It is highly unlikely, and probably not possible, that the true glory hole fantasy is on display here. The true fantasy is that any guy can walk into an adult video store, rent a booth, and get a blowjob. The reality of porn is that things like contracts, STD testing and personal hygiene are all only going to be properly controlled when the producers know exactly who the males are. The penises poking through holes may not all belong to well-known male porn stars, but I think we can rest assured that even if these are lucky amateurs, they have been properly tested for STDs and have showered some time in the recent past.

Describing the scenes at Gloryhole Secrets, and this applies to most sites with glory hole scenes, is relatively simple. A model is in a “booth” with an opening in each wall. She drops to her knees and penises come through the opening and she gives the guy head until he comes. In most cases, she does a bit of cum play and then swallows it. Then she moves on to another penis sticking out of a different hole and the process starts over. This happens anywhere between six and 15 times in each scene.
In some scenes, though this is rare, the model will stand up and bend over to ride the penis sticking out of the hole. In all cases, however, the model finishes the guy off with her mouth.

Giving an accurate count of the number of unique scenes at Gloryhole Secrets is difficult, but I can give a close estimate. While there are just shy of 1450 scenes listed at Gloryhole Secrets, a reader should know that most scenes here are shot using two different cameras with each video being uploaded as an individual scene. Most scenes have a handheld camera close to the model's face as she's giving head and taking cumshots and a second fixed camera mounted on the wall above each glory hole looking down to capture the action. These are labelled as “POV” shots. While some may criticize Gloryhole Secrets for effectively doubling the apparent number of scenes they have to offer, I think this is an innovative idea and I like it. I'm not a huge fan of POV scenes, though I'm not completely opposed to them either. However, because Gloryhole Secrets gives me a choice between a regular handheld camera and a stationary POV camera, I can choose which one I prefer. Or, as I've done many times here at Gloryhole Secrets, with models I especially like, I'll download both versions of the scene.

Also throwing off the scene count a bit is the fact that there are over 130 interview scenes available. Back when Gloryhole Secrets first started, the interviews were conducted as part of the overall scene but more recently, the interviews have been longer and are uploaded as a separate scene. So currently, a scene with a specific model will, in most cases, generate three distinct files available for download – interview, hand-held, and POV.

Further adding to the difficulty in giving an accurate file count is that there are currently approximately 130 cumshot compilation scenes available. While some readers may object to having so many compilation scenes on the site, I like the idea. While I certainly prefer watching the full scenes, considering that glory hole scenes are more cumshot focused then standard B/G scenes, it allows viewers the option of just seeing cumshot after cumshot and nothing else.

And speaking of cumshots, while Gloryhole Secrets didn't do this originally, it adopted a practice used by a few other glory hole scenes, which is to keep a “cumshot counter” on the screen so the viewer has a running tally of how many loads the model has swallowed. I was pleased to see that they added this feature.

If pressed to give an educated guess on how many individual scenes are here at Gloryhole Secrets, keeping in mind that an individual scene can have as many as three different videos available to watch or download, my best guess would be somewhere around 600 scenes. Keep in mind that the earlier scenes had the interviews embedded within the main scenes themselves so that makes coming up with an estimate a bit more difficult.

Scene length varies, particularly with older scenes where the interviews are incorporated in the main video, but the average length for each scene is around 40 minutes.

I mentioned above that the proportion of amateur models to professional porn stars has shifted over the years at Gloryhole Secrets. In scenes shot over the past few years, the models are almost exclusively well-known porn stars. Gloryhole Secrets lists 412 models as having scenes on the site.

While I included these in my scene estimate, there are a few scenes here that are not exclusive. Since I can't sort for these non-exclusive scenes, this is an estimate as well. There appears to be approximately three dozen scenes from a site that used to be called POV Wars. That site is currently still active, though operates under a different name. I've been a member at POV Wars before and liked it, so I was pleased to see a few of their scenes here at Gloryhole Secrets. These scenes aren't a direct fit with the glory hole genre though. There are no glory holes, but each scene features a model pulling a train by having one guy after another come onto the set to fuck her. These are great scenes and I suspect that any subscriber to Gloryhole Secrets will be happy to have access to them.

There is also at least one scene from another innovative glory hole site called Porta Glory Hole. As the site name indicates, it is a glory hole site but its innovation is to have two Porta Potties joined together with a glory hole cut through the shared walls. I only found one scene from this other site but I'm hoping as I continue to browse through Gloryhole Secrets, I might find a few more.

Perhaps the biggest change to Gloryhole Secrets since the last time I was a member here is that it has since been taken over by the adult industry giant, Gamma Entertainment. Gamma has been buying up and otherwise affiliating itself with many different sites over the past few years. While there are risks in having so many sites controlled by one company, there are also some distinct advantages. Perhaps the most important advantage for Gloryhole Secrets now coming under the Gamma umbrella is that the site stands a much better chance of surviving in a difficult market.

GloryholeSecrets—like all Gamma sites—is well laid out and easy to use. There are multiple tags and search functions that work well. As such, Gloryhole Secrets is very easy to use and it's very easy to find scenes featuring things you like.

All scenes are available for streaming and downloading. Whether you opt to stream or download, you will also have a wide range of optional resolutions. I was pleased to note that the same resolutions are available even on the oldest files, though the bitrates are a bit lower for the older files. I'm not sure if Gamma remastered some of these, but if they did, members will certainly appreciate this. More detailed information on available resolutions and bitrates is listed in our Videos box.

If there is one negative regarding file resolutions, it's that the 4K option only started being added in late 2022. As such, there aren't many 4K files available. It does appear, however, that all new uploads will be available with 4K for both streaming and downloads. They've also been shooting with a 60 fps framerate for a while, making the movements smooth in the videos.

There are multiple updates every week. On some days, there are multiple updates and on some days, there are no updates. However, Gloryhole Secrets is currently updating with between 15 and 20 new uploads each month. Keep in mind, that this number is somewhat inflated given that all new scenes have three separate uploads – the interview, POV camera, and hand-held camera. However, even taking this into account, there are enough new scenes added monthly to make Gloryhole Secrets a great value for your porn dollars.

Gloryhole Secrets also offers pictures, but they are screen caps generated from the videos, rather than real photos. While each scene has up to three videos, there is only one picture set per shoot. Staking out the average number of images per set is more difficult though. Old picture sets can have up to 250 images, but new ones tend to have 15-20. Pictures are available either as singles or as a downloadable ZIP file.

As with every other Gamma-owned or gamma-affiliated site I've been a member at, downloads and streaming are fast. With downloads, I had no issues with pauses or failed downloads. Also, as with all other Gamma sites, download managers are permitted. With streaming, I had no issues with stuttering or buffering. Keep in mind however, that your own internet connection plays a critical role in your own experience with speeds.

In each review, I try to paint a balanced picture for readers who may be considering subscribing to the site being reviewed. In the Gloryhole Secrets' case, however, there aren't any downsides or negatives worth mentioning. Some people may criticize the choice to have separate interviews and two different camera angles as separate scenes, but I think these are positives. Providing members with choice is always a good idea.

So who should consider joining Gloryhole Secrets? The obvious answer to that question is someone who is into or just curious about glory hole scenes. Glory hole scenes, as I noted above, are quite different from standard B/G porn but they are also quite different from what is normally found at most blowjob sites. Glory holes are mostly about oral sex, but they are also about anonymity and sex in a seedy (simulated) public venue. There's just something nasty (and fun) about glory holes that isn't replicated in most other genres.

If you're considering a subscription, I have some good news. Gamma is upfront with the available memberships. Too many sites these days hide the fact that their basic membership is streaming-only and a member who joins expecting to be able to download soon learns that they have to pay an additional fee to do so. I'm not opposed to those additional fees for downloads, but I am opposed to sites that aren't upfront about it. I appreciate that Gamma is upfront and transparent about the levels of membership they offer.

Gloryhole Secrets is among the best glory hole sites available on the internet today. If you've made it all the way through this review, it won't be any surprise to you that I highly recommend anyone take a serious look at it and give serious consideration to joining. Gloryhole Secrets is one of the largest gloryhole porn sites, and it offers some of the best gloryhole videos available on the internet. They create scenes with an authentic feel. For those who enjoy watching blowjob videos, and especially if you like watching swallowing, this site has a lot to offer. Further, Gloryhole Secrets is a large site and its well laid out and easy to use. Its use of tags and a search function makes a great site even better. As I said above, even at full price, Gloryhole Secrets is a great value. But when you join through us here, you get a nice discount that turns this into an exceptional value.


1175 scenes (on Feb 3, 2023)
Avg. length
40 mins
type resolution bitrate info
mp4 3840 x 2160 px 4K 15100 kbps
mp4 1920 x 1080 px FULLHD 6000 kbps
mp4 1280 x 720 px HD 3000 kbps
mp4 960 x 544 px 1900 kbps
mp4 720 x 400 px 1200 kbps
mp4 640 x 356 px 1000 kbps
mp4 480 x 270 px 700 kbps
mp4 320 x 178 px 450 kbps
Didn't include the interview videos (132), behind the scenes videos (6), and the compilation videos (130) in the number above.
300 GB / day download limit for the download memberships. (This is a very high limit.)


434 (on Feb 3, 2023)
Photos / gallery
resolution zip files
1920 x 1280 px HQ
Pictures are screen caps generated from the videos, not real photos. New picture updates only have 15-20 pics.


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