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June 12, 2014
November 21, 2016
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November 21, 2016
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Review by John Woole, November 21, 2016


British and European babes seduce guys, blow them, and get a facial. Some of the girls even masturbate with the cum on their faces!


  • Nice taboo stories
  • Focus on the cumshot, slowed down footage and 2 camera angles
  • Amateurs and known babes in pretty makeup
  • Nice Full HD quality videos, both to download and play online
  • Decent collection size, grows with a new scene every week


  • No real photos, just automatically generated screen caps
  • Mobile site is SD-only

Cum Perfection is all about girls getting messy cumshots on their faces. On most sites, the facial is just a short part of the videos, but on here, it's the main thing.
British and European girls are all glammed up, ready to blow a cock and get their faces messy!

At the time of this review, the site is about 2.5 years old. They have a nice amount of content already, 219 scenes. They add a new video every week. That number includes both Cum Perfection (159 scenes), and the bonus content from Cum For Chloe (60 scenes). Cum For Chloe was the site of the British blondie, Chloe Diamond, also focusing on blowjobs and cumshots. It's a recent site actually, it just didn't live very long. I believe she stopped updating her site in early 2016, then the owners merged it into Cum Perfection, and you get full access to it. (It was a bonus site before too, and together the sites were called the Spunk Network.)

Most of the CumPerfection videos have a little story or are built around a taboo fantasy. There is a little acting, with conversations and seductions. For instance, Sade Rose calls a dildo salesman to her home. The guy shows him the inventory, but he gets quite shocked when Sade tries them in front of him. In another one, Rebecca Brooke goes to the male locker room. She wants to find the lazy guy who's supposed to be doing the workout exercises that she gave him. She finds him in a towel, he has had a shower already. The horniness quickly makes her forget her anger. She gets on her knees and starts sucking the guy's cock.
There are also several exciting stories involving bosses, teachers, students, nurses, stepmoms, cheating wives, and cuckolding. The main focus is on the facials, but there are are a good amount of videos with cum eating and swallowing too. The dirtiest ones are the bukkake videos, with many men wanking on the girl's face.

About the action itself. Most of the scenes have blowjobs, only every 5th scene or so has fucking. They include some POV angles (videos recorded from the guy's perspective), but it's only a part of the videos. The girls suck and devour the dicks until the cum covers their faces. It's great that this site gives you slowed down footage of the money shot. In the new scenes, they show you the cumshots from two angles. And the camera lingers too, and will often give you a detailed closeup shot of the girl's cum drenched face.
That is not what I liked the most though. Many scenes don't end with the money shots. Some girls will masturbate themselves to orgasms while the cum is still on their faces. Super dirty! Some of the videos also have a little backstage interview afterwards. They ask the girls if they like cum, and what the scene was like for them.

The girls are English and European babes. Many are just pretty amateurs, but you'll also recognize some girls, like Stella Cox, Tina Kay, Victoria Summers, and Tina Blade. I love it that the girls have glamour makeup, pretty clothes and lingerie on. The blowjobs are definitely hotter like that. It's quite a sight when they get a lot of cum on their faces and it ruins their makeup. ;)

I am happy with the video quality. Almost all of the scenes are available in up to 1080P Full HD, and they look good. You can also choose 720P HD and 480P SD. All three versions are available both to download and to watch online.
I haven't mentioned the pics yet. They're not really significant this site. There are no real photos, just screen caps from the videos, automatically generated. They look mediocre.

The navigation of the site is nice, clean, and fast. They also did a good job adding keywords to the scenes, and you can also browse their girls in the model index.

I also tested the site on my mobile phone. The good news is that the site is fast and comfortable on mobile. What I didn't like is that you can only play/download the 480P SD videos on your phone. And in the case of the downloads, you can only download the vids in segments, there is no option to download the full videos in one file, like on a computer. (A workaround is requesting the desktop version in your mobile browser's menu.)

If your thing is facials, Cum Perfection is a site that's definitely worth visiting. The site has a good amount of new, exclusive videos in nice HD quality. The slowed down cumshots and the girls' masturbation afterwards are super hot.
Go ahead and explore the site, you can browse their whole list of updates without subscribing. The payments are handled by the ever-reliable CCBill, so cancelling is easy. (But there are multiple non-recurring membership options also.)

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