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Final Score: 83/100

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April 2002 (estimated)
November 21, 2015
Data Revised
January 4, 2017
Mobile & Tablet
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Review by John Woole, November 24, 2015


ZENRA has subtitled Japanese maniac AV. Apart from normal hardcore JAV, they also touch on many Japanese fetishes, and help you understand them with in-depth reviews and English subtitles. Lots of exclusive flicks.


  • Original, exclusive, rare JAV flicks
  • Lots of different fetishes and weird movies as well of normal JAV hardcore
  • They help you understand the movies with articles and subtitles
  • Good quality in general
  • Two new 2 hour long movies every week


  • 10gb daily download limit
  • Exclusive movies only downloadable with VIP membership (3 months)
  • Navigation & search should be improved
  • Many movies are not HD just DVD quality

ZENRA's full name is ZENRA - Subtitled Japanese Maniac AV. It is a website with JAV porn, but it's certainly not an average one. While it has regular hardcore JAV flicks, it also has "maniac porn". The term "maniac" in Japanese porn means extreme porn, unusual scenarios and fetishes, be it shocking public sex, girls in spandex, horror movie porn, or big orgies.

The other notable thing about ZENRA is that they help you understand the movies. They add English subtitles to their JAV flicks. My experience is that if you don't speak Japanese, this is a big deal. The movies are way more enjoyable if you understand what the girls are saying. The other thing is that with each update comes a long, professional review of the movie. It tells you about the actresses, the making of the particular movie, about the niche or fetish that it represents, and how they're regarded by the Japanese. I found these stories really interesting, understanding the movies also adds a lot to the experience.

It's quite hard to describe the content of ZENRA, it has so many kinds. The best I could do with a few words is "hardcore and mixed fetishes". It has amateur JAV and busty AV stars, massage & spa & bathhouse porn, lesbian encounters, BDSM, weird movies like Japanese horror porn, public nudity & public sex including Chikan movies, group sex, clinics, bukakke & cum eating, Japanese MILFs, Tekoki (Japanese CFNM), cosplay, bizarre clothing including full-body spandex & masks, bizarre body part licking, and femdom.
I'm sure that I've missed a few genres. :-) If you only like vanilla JAV hardcore, don't be discouraged, there's plenty of that on the site too.

If you're familiar with the JAV porn studios, here are some of the names that will appear on ZENRA.net: OTK Collectors, Fetish-Japan, Virtual Wave, GUTS, Dreamroom, RASH, Tokyo Zentai Club, RADIX, Epicurean. The site has a mixture of censores & uncensored content. This is normal and good—many great titles are censored, and it would be a shame to exclude them only because of that. Some of the movies can be found elsewhere too, but they also have a lot of EXCLUSIVE TITLES that can't be found on any other English porn sites.

Movie quality varies, but it's generally good and enjoyable. Many new movies are 720p HD or Full HD resolution, but not all. Of course one should consider that some of the really exciting maniac flicks were recorded before the HD era, and it's better to have them than not.

The usability could be improved a bit. If you're a big downloader, you may reach the daily download limit of 10gb per day, which is 5-8 full movies. The exclusive movies can only be downloaded by VIP members. This is a status that can be achieved by being a member for three consecutive months or buying a 3-month membership package. Streaming of all movies is unlimited for all members though, and it's only a few of the oldest updates that have no streaming option.
The site's navigation could be improved too. It's not horrible, but I didn't find it that comfortable somehow, opening links in a new window can be annoying. It does categorize movies, but a better search engine with the ability to selecting search keywords would be nice. I also miss a model library, and the ability to browse updates by studio. It would also be nice if they offered full-length movie downloads too in addition to scene downloads. Each movie only has one of the video formats that we listed in the Videos box of the review, you don't get to choose.
If you're using a mobile phone or tablet, the same issues apply, but otherwise the design works pretty well on mobiles & tablets. It's definitely usable.

The update factor is pretty good. There are two new movies per week, but those are full-length movies often over 2 hours in length, and of course they come with subtitles and an in-depth article.

ZENRA.net is one of the most original JAV sites out there for English speakers. They put a lot of work in the subtitles and movie reviews, I found them invaluable. The site lots of very original, exclusive, rare flicks. This is the perfect place to discover the twisted world of the JAV world. I will say that the navigation has room to improve and the download limits may be annoying to some people, but if you can get past those, this site is a true gem. If you aren't on a tight budget, I'd consider choosing the three-month membership to be able to download the movies labeled as "Exclusive" too.



269 DVDs
Avg. length
120 mins
type resolution bitrate info
mp4 1920 x 1080 px FULLHD 4600 kbps
mp4 1280 x 720 px HD 3100 kbps
mp4 720 x 480 px 1800 kbps
mp4 640 x 480 px 1600 kbps
The $29.95 membership is streaming-only, the others can download 10GB per day. (Streaming playback also counts towards the limit.) Movies marked as "Exclusive" can be watched in the online player by all members, but they are only downloadable by VIP members (maximum 20GB/month of the exclusive titles).


No photos on this site


No webcams on this site

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Recurring Memberships:
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One month $29.95 rebills at $29.95 / month
One month $39.95 rebills at $39.95 / month
3 months $99.00 rebills at $99.00 / 3 months
Non-recurring Memberships:
length price rebills
3 months $109.00 no rebills
The $29.95 membership is streaming-only. The 3 month memberships give VIP access right away. The monthly membership becomes VIP after two rebills.

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