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July 8, 2015
September 22, 2015
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March 13, 2016
Mobile & Tablet
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Review by John Woole, March 13, 2016


Virtual reality porn with Canadian porn stars and tattooed amateurs from Quebec. They let you download the scenes now.


  • Downloads are possible for all scenes now (not just streaming playback)
  • Exclusive VR porn scenes, some of them are quite long
  • Nice close shots in the POV sex scenes
  • Can also experience VR without having to install any apps
  • A bunch of bonus sites (non-VR)


  • Bitrates vary a lot, many movies are below 5000kbps
  • Only one format & resolution for each update
  • Many older vids only have a 1920x1080 resolution
  • Distracting loud music during some scenes
  • Video colors are not too vivid

VR Sexperience is virtual reality porn site from Canada. The company AD4 also runs a bunch of non-VR membership sites too, and you'll get access to the whole AD4X porn network if you sign up VRSexperience.

This is the second, updated review of VR Sexperience. We have noticed that a number of positive changes. All of the videos can be downloaded now, which I am very happy about. You don't have to use their web players anymore if you don't want to.
The other nice changes are the higher video resolution for the new videos, stable weekly updates, and a lowered membership price.

If you aren't familiar with virtual reality porn, don't worry. Basically you'll need a VR headset, which can be as simple as a cardboard headset to put your smartphone in. You'll experience POV porn scenes in a very realistic way. You can move your head around and focus on the part of the action that you want to see. If you want more details about how the technology works, read our VR Porn FAQ.

VR Sexperience's library is decent now, 22 videos isn't too bad in the VR porn world. I was satisfied with the lengths too, they even have some movies that are over 40 minutes long. Their girls are horny amateurs and busty Canadian porn stars. Many of them have tattoos too, and some have bright red hair. You might even call what you see here "alt porn". If you're into that, you'll definitely be happy with these VR videos.

As for the action, I'd say they have three main categories. One of them is hardcore fucking, with you as the guy, POV style. They're getting better and better, there are nice immersive close shots in the new videos. I particularly liked the happy ending massage scene.
The second category is voyeur stuff. Voyeur as in you're in the same room as the men and women fucking & sucking each other, including lesbian scenes. The third category is solo teasing/masturbation, with a stripper feel to them—in fact they even have footage recorded at a real strip club.
I found the scenes hot and exciting. What I didn't like too much is the aggressive bumping background music in many scenes, but at least they seem to be toning that down now.

Let's see the quality. The videos are good looking I'd say, and I'm happy to see that the newest vids are 2880x1620 instead of 1920x1080. The bitrates are still quite low compared to some other sites. The colors are also a bit dark. Now that is partly due to the nature of their scenes for sure, but still, I'd like to see some scenes with a light, vivid picture. Also, an alternative smaller resolution file would be nice to have for older mobiles.

As I said everything is downloadable now, but the streaming options are still available too. They have a generic VR player (KRPano) that works in all modern browsers, and also an Android-specific player. (The Android player also runs in the browser.)
It's pretty cool that you can just press play in the browser, put on your VR headset, and start watching without any installation or application setup. This is done by using the WebGL capabilities of the modern browsers. iPhones and Oculus Rift are also supported (you can use the WebVR browser).
These streaming players are pretty awesome, but they miss the HUD that some player apps have (eg. AAA VR Cinema), which let you fast forward movies without using your hands. Until that feature gets added, I prefer to download the movies.

I'm still not satisfied with the site's design and navigation, although it did get a bit better. It's not such a big deal though, you can quite quickly download all the movies they have. At least the interface works smoothly on mobiles, which is important for a VR site.

As I said the updates seem to come steadily now, there is one new video per week.

VR Sexperience has gotten a lot better since our last review. It still has room to improve, however if you like their big tits, Quebecer amateurs, and alt-style content, I can recommend getting a membership now. Check out their free tour to see if it's your cup of tea. Members also get a nice bonus; the password works on AD4's other non-VR porn sites as well, such as AD4X and BrunoB, they're all included with the membership.

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22 scenes
Avg. length
27 mins
type resolution bitrate info
mp4 2880 x 1620 px FULLHD 5900 kbps
mp4 1920 x 1080 px FULLHD 7000 kbps


No photos on this site


No webcams on this site

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