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Final Score: 89/100

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October 1999 (estimated)
May 19, 2015
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May 20, 2015
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Velvet Ecstasy review by John Woole, May 20, 2015 (full review)


Real couples and amateurs in nasty hardcore action—deep throating, anal, bondage, lots of rimjobs, bondage & fetishes. Now in Full HD.


  • Original, refreshing amateur hardcore
  • Real couples who enjoy sex
  • Lots of fetishes & nasty action
  • Nice quality in the last couple of years
  • Reasonable price


  • Could use a new design & user-interface
  • Older content is not that great quality
  • Embedded video player: can't stream HD files, only a lower resolution
  • Embedded video player: hard to fast forward

Velvet Ecstasy is a real oldschool amateur hardcore site, it opened its doors back in 1999. Don't let the design scare you, there's some good stuff in here. It is a truly amateur site that has scenes of real couples having sex, but also scenes with paid models. Amateur sex does not mean vanilla, lovey-dovey stuff - there's fucking & sucking here with all kinds of kinky acts here like deep throating, anal, facials with full glazing, bondage, fisting, creampies, lots of rimjobs, squirting, threesomes, shaving & smoking fetish, foot fetish.

I like it that they have a honest approach, they divide different kinds of scenes on their website. Let's talk about exclusive scenes first, those are the main subject of this review. There are a lot of scenes. The main categories are Real Couples Hardcore, Amateur POV, and Nude Pics. The Nude Pics is a pictures only section with amateur women posing & masturbating naked. The other two sections have hardcore scenes with both movies and photos. I was really happy with the content. If you like true amateur hardcore with real amateurs who love dirty sex, you'll enjoy them. There's lots of dirty talk, hard fucking & sucking, pussy licking, anal, rim jobs, bondage and all kinds of fetishes - take a look at the categories we listed. I also appreciated it that the couples often talk a little about themselves before getting to it.

Quality was a pleasant surprise, Velvet Ecstasy started adding Full HD videos in early 2014. Before then, back to early 2013 they have plain HD files which also look good. If you go further back, you'll have 640x480 WMVs, which fall under the watchable category for me.
I was quite happy with the photos too, the last couple years they've been adding high resolution ones which look great. Before 2013 the resolution drops to 1600x1200. Those photos are still great looking, the issue with those is that you can only easily view & download the low resolution versions.

As for the bonus content, they add guest sets from many other paysites, although much of that content is free on the web. There are some plug-in feeds too with streaming content, although those are quite dated quality-wise.

The updates seem to be a bit unpredictable, but the site does keep growing steadily. There has been 20 exclusive updates in 2015 so far, and 51 in 2014, so they keep the one update per week tempo on average. All exclusive updates have a full video and a photo set.

The user-interface could really use a lift. The design is not optimized for mobiles, but at least the video formats are compatible, so you'll be able to watch everything.

Velvet Ecstasy was a surprise to me, it's a hidden gem inside the oldschool design. If you like true amateur hardcore, real couples, and nasty hardcore action you should really check it out.

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1185 scenes
Avg. length
27 mins
type resolution bitrate info
mp4 1920 x 1080 px FULLHD 6000 kbps
wmv 1280 x 720 px HD 3150 kbps
flv 640 x 360 px 4150 kbps
mp4 480 x 270 px 900 kbps
30gb maximum daily download.


Photos / gallery
resolution zip files
3456 x 2304 px HQ
2560 x 1920 px HQ
1600 x 1200 px


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