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September 2015 (estimated)
November 29, 2015
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November 30, 2015
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Review by John Woole, November 30, 2015


Turn your 3D Smart TV or 3D Monitor into a porn machine. Sexy European models show their naked bodies, pose in front of you, spread their legs and masturbate in 3D movies. The 3D photos are also viewable using cheap red-and-cyan 3D glasses.


  • Awesome 3D experience
  • Super sexy European babes
  • Great striptease and teasing scenes
  • Good quality
  • Downloads are inexpensive


  • Would be nice to have some scenes in which the girls talk
  • Only a few updates per month
  • No keywords for the scenes
  • No all-access membership option

I've had my Samsung Smart TV for a while. It supports 3D, and we'd watched a few 3D movies on it. It was be a fun experience, but the novelty faded after a while. Little did I know then yet that there was one more glorious use of a 3D TV. The 3D Porn offers nude babe & masturbation movies and photos in 3D, on a pay per scene basis.

So to do the review, I downloaded some scenes off The 3D Babes. I could have used a pendrive to play them on my TV, but I rather shared them over my Wifi since I had that setup already. I sat on the couch, put on the 3D glasses that came with the TV, and I was ready to go.

The experience was shockingly good. My initial skepticism was blown away by the beautiful girl who was almost real on the opposite side of my living room. It's spectacular when the girl pushes her ass out right in front of you and you can almost touch it. They did a great job of considering the needs of the 3D viewers in many scenes. I have a slight preference towards hardcore content, but the teasing, stripping, nude posing content works really well in 3D. It feels like the girl is putting on a show just for you. It's so exciting to watch her while she spreads her legs and masturbates right in front of you.

There can be no complaints about the models of The 3D Babes. They only select the sexiest European babes, like Ashlea Louise (aka Danielle Maye), Lia Taylor, Cindy Hope, and Chloe Toy. The girls tease you by showing you every inch of their naked bodies, but in many scenes they also pleasure themselves towards the end using their fingers or a dildo.

Let me talk about the Photos as well. Each downloaded photo ZIP has two formats. The oldschool Anaglyph format can be viewed without a 3D device, using a cheap pair of red-cyan glasses. The MPO format 3D pics are for 3D TVs and monitors. My LG WebOS-based SmartTV played these MPO files flawlessly. They are awesome nudes and the 3D effect is there. I prefer the videos though, but each to their own. :-)
(The only little annoyance with pics was that I couldn't share the pictures over my home network using DLNA like the videos. So I had to use a pendrive to load the pics on the TV. That's not the format's or the website's fault though. The DLNA sharing solution is not ready for such exotic formats I believe.)

A small technical note about the video and photo resolutions that we listed. When dealing with SBS 3D files, you have to consider that the file's resolution will be the double of the perceived resolution. To put it simple, the video files have a Full HD resolution, but the picture will be less detailed than on a regular 2D Full HD movie.

As I said The 3D Babes has a pay-per-scene system, they use CCBill, which is a reliable merchant. You buy credits, and then you can use the credits to buy the scenes. I was afraid that this would be an expensive way to watch the scenes. I was relieved to see that it's not the case at all. Currently a video is $1.25 and a photo set is $0.65, and you can get them even cheaper if you buy credits in bulk.
After you buy a scene, you get the download link in email. Be careful with the downloads, each download will only work two times.

The site is easy to use on both PCs and phones. The only thing I missed was some keywords for the scenes. It would help us know beforehand what happens in the scene, and help with searching as well.

If you want to experience porn that's more real and lifelike, and have a 3D TV or monitor, you need to see this site. The videos are really great, it has first class nudes and masturbation content with really sexy babes. The other option would be virtual reality porn, but for that you need to wear virtual reality headset. Sometimes it can be more comfortable to just sit on the couch, put on the light 3D glasses, open a beer, and let the girl on the TV seduce you. I encourage you to try it, the price of a single video is low and it is absolutely worth it. Don't be scared off by my technical mumbo jumbo here either. If you have a 3D TV, playing the files is as simple as copying them to a pendrive and plugging it into the TV.

Enter The 3D Babes


22 scenes
Avg. length
14 mins
type resolution bitrate info
mp4 1920 x 1080 px FULLHD 10200 kbps


Photos / gallery
resolution zip files
3985 x 2800 px UHQ


No webcams on this site

Prices & Billing

We don't have pricing infos for this site.
This site doesn't have regular memberships, it uses a Pay-Per-Scene system. You can purchase credits which can be used to download scenes. Current price is $1.25 per video and $0.65 per photo gallery.

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