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Final Score: 74/100

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September 26, 2015
September 26, 2015
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October 4, 2015
Mobile & Tablet
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Review by John Woole, October 4, 2015


Super hot, fresh girls who enjoy getting fucked. Hard sex, the kind you have with your girlfriend if you're both really horny. Titty squeezing, ass slapping and dirty talk. Great interludes with dancing and ass-shaking.


  • Fresh super hot girls who enjoy sex and aren't jaded yet
  • Great wild sex
  • Perfect Full HD quality
  • Nice bonus sites
  • Friendly special price


  • Small collection still (the bonus sites are big though)
  • Full HD quality is download-only, can't stream Full HD
  • Photos could be higher resolution

New Girl POV is a brand new site that has fresh cuties in hardcore POV sex. I was immediately excited when I saw their website. The girls and scenes looked super hot. Also their slogan is "New Girls Fucked Hard & Spanked POV Style", which was quite appealing to me. A good ass slapping can really amp up sex! ;)
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As you can imagine I check out a lot of porn every day. The videos on New Girl POV were refreshingly original even to me. The guy holding the camera is really good. He dominates the girls in a way that excites them. He is nice and bossy at the same time. He teases the girl a bit, strokes her face, puts his finger in her mouth. He squeezes her boobies and pinches her nipples. The sex is hard, but not the usual hardcore porn kind. It's the kind of hard pounding you give your girlfriend when you're both really horny.

In the spanking department I expected a bit more. There's a lot of hard doggy-style fucking with some ass slapping, but I haven't seen any longer spanking sequences. There are other great things though, the guy rubs the girls' pussies, massages their asshole during sex. He also talks dirty to them. He tells them that he's the boss and they need to suck his dick. Once again it's the kind of bedroom talk you'd have with your horny lover. It's not humiliation, just hot role-playing. I also liked it that he kisses the girls during sex. The scenes often end with the cum going into the girl's mouth.

The scenes have a little prelude in which the guy meets the girl, strips her and teases her a bit. There are also short interludes. The girl's great ass is recorded from behind while she takes the guy up to the bedroom. They do some dancing and ass shaking for the camera too. These could be cheesy, but they are not. They are very sexy and well done here, like in a music video. The videos are recorded from a POV perspective, so it can feel like it's you who's fucking the girl. There are short parts in which the sex is shown from a non-POV angle. I actually liked these, I don't need the scenes to be 100% POV. I imagine some people do though.

Video quality is excellent, the Full HD scenes look perfect.

I felt that the photos were secondary to videos on this site. There is a photo gallery for each update. It's mostly just solo nudes of the girl, great pics. These galleries are often quite small small though. The photos look good, but it would be nice if a higher resolution was available too.

The user interface is very simple and easy to use. The site also works great on mobile phones. There is no search engine, but it's not a problem yet as the site is quite small. One thing I missed is the ability to play Full HD vids in their online player. It only plays the lower resolution files. Those look decent too, don't worry. If you want the perfect Full HD experience, you have to download the vids though. These files can be quite big, 4-5 gigabytes each. Fortunately downloads are fast.

The only real downside of the site is the number of scenes. New Girl POV currently has 12 girls, although at least each movie is long. Most of them are over 40 minutes and I've also seen one that's over an hour long. The site gets updated every 10 days, that's 3 new girls per month.

As you can tell I really loved the videos on New Girl POV. You need to see these! The crew seems to be great at picking fresh young girls who are beautiful and not jaded yet. The result is hard fucking which the girls also enjoy a lot. I think part of it is that the girls find the guy attractive, so they pretty much have sex with him as if they were a couple.
The site does not have too much content yet. Luckily the membership gives free access to some other big sites with great exclusive content, and we also have a discounted price for it. Those things considered the membership is totally worth the price.

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12 scenes
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45 mins
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1536 x 1024 px


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